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2013 Triton 125 Kansas and Mirage Price

This is a great New Year Gift to the People of France. A brand new motorcycle is available in France: Triton – Distributed by RMD Motors, Triton proposes two models 125 Cm3 of the custom type at prices in the low average of the category i.e. less than 2,000 Euros. Thus let us give you the details of this new patch anti crisis.

News motorcycle 2013: The Triton 125 Kansas and Mirage with less than 2,000 Euros!

For a good amount of initiates, Triton is not an unknown factor, far from there. Since this mechanical bike Which HAD bacchanalians its hours of glory in the Sixties, Originated in association Between a Triumph engine (“Sorting”) and a framework of Norton (the “tone”), famous Feather-bed, or “feather bed”. The manufactures of this great bike had thus found the magic receipt to associate the better of the “two worlds”, that is to say what was done best in England at that time, before Japes cross Chanel…
Here is the minute of Mister Cyclopedia, because since the ground considerably turned, the new brand Triton seeking for its part to produce customs of small-engine cars in Asia and to export them inter alia on our premises bound for the initial motorcyclists or of the amateurs seeking a price, preferably quite low. In other words, the Triton is small utility motorcycles made up in customs to ensure the small daily courses or leisure.

News motorcycle 2013: The Triton 125 Kansas and Mirage with less than 2,000 Euros!

Chrome for Kansas, black for the Mirage

The mechanics of new the Triton is identical on the two models: they were one-cylinder a Triton 125 Cm3, four times, cooled by air, developing 9.8 horses with 8,500 tr/min.
Electric starting is seen compensated by the presence of a kick, an increasingly rare food product is also observed but in phase with the rustic simplicity of these engines. The cycle’s parts are very close between the Triton Kansas and Mirage: disc of front brake, back drum, classical suspensions, and rims with sticks.

News motorcycle 2013: The Triton 125 Kansas and Mirage with less than 2,000 Euros!

The principal changes relate to the preparing. The Triton Kansas 125 is purified and proposes its chromium’s, the completion aluminum of its engine, while Mirage 125 revealing a completion black (black checkmate) of the engine (with a preparing in figure of the cylinder head of the same color) and more typified equipment custom that is the saddles with nails and sissy bar.
Side selling price, count 1,590 € including all taxes for the Triton Kansas 125 and 1,890 € for the Triton Mirage 125.

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