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Enduro 2013 EICMA Gas Gas EC 125 R

Little surprise on the side of the EICMA with a motor bike of which one did not intend more to speak for some time: Gas Gas EC 125 R. We unveiled that it is 2-time small seemingly evolving in-depth. The first information on EC 125 R is that it is here …

News motor bike Enduro 2013 with the EICMA: Gas Gas EC 125 R is of return!

As a result, 125 EC R remained a little on the bench of key, with a stopped production during two years. Good news for the year 2013 is that the business begins again! The Spanish engineers are working on the case of small Enduro and reveal us in Milan about a motor bike largely given on level.
One notes the arrival of a new framework steel, similar to that of last EC 250 and EC 300, and of a back tallies complete out of rigid plastic, which differs to him from that already employed. For the suspensions, Gas Gas always trusts Marzocchi for the fork, which proposes here its last model with double cartridge, and Ohlin’s takes care of the shock absorber.The new rods appear if progressive system is preserved.

News motor bike Enduro 2013 with the EICMA: Gas Gas EC 125 R is of return!

New engine, equipment in rise

If we do not have all information concerning the modifications of the engine, It announces an entirely new block to us. Besides that it is noted about a cylinder Athena which equips the news 125 EC. The panoply of equipment is rather well packed: draw axes, fluid clutch, handlebar Rental Twin Wall, sole driving, and translucent tank, pot Factory of the most beautiful effect… the small Spanish advance of solid arguments.

News motor bike Enduro 2013 with the EICMA: Gas Gas EC 125 R is of return!This motor bike of Enduro of small-engine car will thus make its return very soon since Gas Gas envisages an arrival of its new model 2013 within one month in the concessions. Side tariff, one does not know yet what it for France but in Italy, will have to be counted 7 600 €€ will be. And let us underline on the way that Gas Gas EC 125 will exist only in version R… for Racing!

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