2013 BMW F800GT Pictures, Review

News motor bike 2013: BMW F800GT, the sport tourism light weight

Pleasant surprise of this living room of Milan 2012, the news BMW F800GT 2013 could be a source of interest for the users of road motor bikes which do not find what they want today. Here, not of outrageous drift, true road which is announced full with useful arguments: protective careen-age rather powerful engine, weight contained, sufficient electronics, ABS of series…

News motor bike 2013: BMW F800GT, the sport tourism light weight

Sometimes, the manufacturers miss by marking it little. With the BMW F800ST, BMW held an excellent motor bike, road pleasant with an irreproachable behavior. But the compromise offered appeared to be suffered from a lack of versatility. Fine enough to face the city with the daily newspaper and sufficiently light in curve, BMW F800ST missed comfort because of a position too much in support and a protection right within the framework of the GT use.
In the same way, base reserved for the passenger could lead to the divorce while carrying capacity proved too low with the small BMW bags. For 2013, BMW corrects the shooting and makes leave the BMW F800ST by the small door. Place at BMW F800GT 2013!

News motor bike 2013: BMW F800GT, the sport tourism light weight

A new more protective careenage, but with fixed bubble

With the eye, it is obvious: BMW worked on the design and the protection of new the BMW F800GT 2013. Broader than the BMW F800ST in its high part, it goes down, seems it is  also low on the level from the engine, as if the new careen-age had in series of the deflectors of bottom of careen-age the ex-F800ST. On the other hand, one is astonished by the presence of a fixed bubble, whereas a good amount of competitors – Honda CBF 1000 F in particular – manually offer a protection “to map” thanks to an adjustable bubble.
Ergonomics was also re-examined, with the arrival of a new handlebar isolated from the vibrations, higher of 20 mm while the saddle loses 40 mm by reaching 800 mm. Admittedly, the lowering of the saddle was partially made to the detriment of the clearance of the back suspension which passes to 125 mm (against 140 mm with ST) It goes without saying to raise the handlebar while lowering the saddle and the footrests of 10 mm will involve a true change side ergonomics: the BMW F800GT 2013 should be relaxed.

News motor bike 2013: BMW F800GT, the sport tourism light weight

ABS of series, ASC and ESA in option

But BMW was not satisfied to graft a new careen-age and to change ergonomics on the BMW F800ST. The part cycles was re-examined to improve stability and in particular under the load. Thus, the oscillating arm was lengthened of 50 mm, which is consequent. The wheels are new and lighter. The BMW F800GT present of the momentary footrests lowered compared to the F800ST the back loop of the framework was reinforced to accommodate 11 kilos more in payload.
Thus, the BMW F800GT will be able to receive a kit two bags and a top puts carrying the load capacity useful to 83 liters (including 55 liters for the bags). Only the bag of right-hand side can accommodate a helmet because of the high establishment of the silencer, at left exit.
History to climb the coasts in charged duet, BMW got busy to instigate the engine. The parallel twin-cylinder of 798 Cm3 announces 90 horses with 8.000 rpm / min for a couple of 86 Nm with 5800 rpm / min that ‘is to say five horses better and no change of side couples. Let us hope that work on the line of exhaust and the cartography of injection made it possible to gum the hollow with low modes. On the other hand, the driving belt final, pledge of a reduced maintenance, was preserved. Some, in particular the large wheelers, will regret can be that the volume of the tank remains unchanged, with 15 liters.

News motor bike 2013: BMW F800GT, the sport tourism light weight

BMW F800GT 2013: Finally road relevant

Side embarked technology, ABS doubles the channel belonged to the equipment of series, but BMW F800GT will be able to receive an anti-skid ASC or the back suspension with electronic adjustment ESA in option. The heating handles, the computer of edge, the central crutch will also be available on a purely isolated basis or in the various packs from options. In end of a career, BMW F800ST was sold 9,990 €.
A tariff symbolic system, which will certainly increase for the news BMW F 800 GT, but there, remains margin so that this road news remains relevant on the market. Because everyone cannot treat to corpulent a GT barded of electronics of more than 1 000 Cm3 and to want to roll with comfort without passing by the box road trail. The news BMW F800GT 2013 could be one of the pleasant surprises of the year 2013 with a balance which one hopes for near to his predecessor while offering a versatility daily use/voyage more succeeded.

News motor bike 2013: BMW F800GT, the sport tourism light weight

BMW F800GT 2013, essence:

  • Road downward rolled average of the F 800 ST
  • Parallel vertical twin-cylinder of 798 Cm3
  • Power: 90 horses with 8,000 tr/min, couple: 8.6 DaNm with 5,800 tr/min
  • Final transmission by belt
  • Tally double aluminum beam
  • Integral careenage
  • Braking ABS of series
  • Height of standard saddle: 800 mm
  • Dry weight: 213 kg
  • Tank: 15 liters
  • Suspension postpones with electronic adjustment ESA in option
  • Anti-skid ASC in option
  • Control pressure of tires DRC in option
  • Rigid side bags in option, top put in option