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Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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Metzeler Roadtec 02 Aims for Sustainable Sports-Touring Tires


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The new Metzeler Roadtec 02 attempts to merge the best features of sports and touring tires while also using environmentally friendly components.

The Metzeler Roadtec 02 is the German company’s newest sports touring motorcycle tire.

The Metzeler Roadtec 02 is an updated version of the predecessor Roadtec 01, with several enhancements over its predecessor.

Metzeler Roadtec 02 Aims for Sustainable Sports-Touring Tires

All of the changes Metzeler has sought are centered on making the bike easier. In particular, the German automaker has worked to improve its vehicles’ “dynamic performance” in rainy weather and on winding roads. The tire is an attempt to merge the features of touring and super sports tires, including long-lasting durability and excellent wet-weather performance. Therefore, Metzeler markets the Roadtec 02 as a “supersport touring” tire, particularly towards more extensive displacement motorcycles across various categories, including sports, touring, and naked motorcycles.

“Tire warm-up times have also been reduced,” Metzeler claims of the Roadtec 02’s new compounds. These modern chemicals are helpful in various slick situations, including low temperatures and rain. From this, we might infer that the compound rubber is more pliable than Roadtec 01.

Metzeler also emphasizes the eco-friendliness of the Roadtec 02, which is seen in the tire’s use of natural and recyclable components. Therefore, Metzeler states that the Roadtec 02 makes “substantial” less use of materials derived from fossils or minerals.

The marketing director at Metzeler, Francesco Pietrangeli, has remarked that Roadtec 02 will do a fantastic job representing the company’s core principles. As a way of life, riding motorcycles is, for us, inextricably linked to exploration. We’re conversing with the motorcycle rider who rides year-round, rain or shine. But also to the dreamer who always looks for new experiences to share with others. Without sacrificing our second core value—quality: travelers know they can count on high-quality tries to keep them dry and comfortable no matter the weather. Roadtec 02 flawlessly exemplifies all these virtues while also being environmentally conscious by relying less on materials derived from fossil fuels and minerals and more on those of natural or recycled origin.

In January of 2024, you should be able to purchase a set of Metzeler Roadtec 02.

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