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2023 Yamaha BWs 125 Scooter Review Specs

The sleek and economical BWs 125 scooter has an extensive feature set inside a small, lightweight body. With a fully automated V-belt transmission and a 125cc 4-stroke Yamaha Blue Core engine, the BWs 125 is an impressive light and sporty bike. There is enough space to carry anything you need thanks to the spacious storage compartments in the front and back. Convenient transportation at its best: the BWs 125 emphasizes comfort even while carrying a passenger, thanks to its large and soft riding posture.

2023 Yamaha BWs 125 Scooter – Features and Specs

2023 Yamaha BWs 125 Scooter


A small, dependable, 4-stroke Yamaha Blue Core 125cc engine powers the BWs 125, providing reliable and inexpensive performance. The variable valve actuator (VVA) technology produces power that extends into the top end, substantial torque at lower speeds, and linear acceleration by varying the valve timing at various rpm.


With two helmet hangers, the spacious under-seat storage box can accommodate a full-face helmet. The front storage compartment includes An electric USB port to charge your smartphone quickly while you’re out and about.

Modern Design

Robust asymmetric headlights with simply adjustable beams enhance view angles for various riders in the 2023 BWs125. This elegant LCD meter has multiple functions, including a fuel gauge, clock, oil change indication, trip meters 1 and 2, and an array of easily readable indicator lights.

2023 Yamaha BWs 125 Scooter


The 125cc Blue Core engine from Yamaha is a technical wonder. This four-stroke, liquid-cooled, single-cylinder powerhouse packs a lot of power into a small package. Its extraordinary 11.2:1 compression ratio may be attributed to its SOHC 4-valve head. Its longevity and efficiency are further increased using an aluminum alloy forged piston and DiASil cylinder.

One notable aspect is fuel economy since the fuel injection technology guarantees the right mixture for different circumstances and even makes cold starts simple. The 1.6-gallon fuel tank allows for a fantastic fuel consumption figure of 2.3 L/100KM (101 mpg), which reflects this economy.

The fuel tank emissions system, which has a charcoal canister to regulate gasoline evaporation and hence lower air pollution, clearly considers the environment. Furthermore, engine cranking compression pressure is minimized in large part by the decompression system. It ensures silent, seamless engine starts while reducing fuel consumption combined with a starting generator control unit.

The use of Yamaha’s variable valve actuator (VVA) technology indicates the engine’s adaptability. It generates strong torque at lower speeds, sustains power at higher rates, and accomplishes linear acceleration by varying the valve timing at various rpm ranges.

2023 Yamaha BWs 125 Scooter

The exhaust system, which has an upswept muffler with two exhaust catalysts, is also quite impressive. This design guarantees adherence to strict emission requirements in addition to helping to decrease air pollution. The engine’s capabilities are complemented by a fully automated V-belt gearbox and practical push-button electric starting, providing riders with a smooth and easy-to-use experience.


This Yamaha model is well-supported by a long-lasting suspension system featuring aggressive tread tires and a sturdy steel frame. It has remarkable adaptability, performing well on various roads and bringing style to your regular commute.

Rubber bushing linkage and a sturdy steel engine bracket are essential components that enhance the riding quality. This combination minimizes vibrations and guarantees a pleasant ride. Furthermore, the connection mechanisms are positioned strategically below the chassis to maximize the space available for the storage compartment.

The front suspension uses a telescopic fork with outer solid tubes for added robustness. Fork boots protect the heavy-duty 33mm inner tubes from dirt and abrasion. Meanwhile, the dual rear shocks on the rear wheel swingarm provide a substantial 3.1 inches of travel. Whether traveling on rough roads or metropolitan streets, this arrangement ensures a pleasant ride.

Superb handling is enhanced by using DURO tubeless tires with an aggressive block pattern and lightweight, freshly designed wheels. The braking system is similarly remarkable, with a 230mm rear disc and a 245mm hydraulic front disc that provide sufficient stopping force. The wave-shaped front rotor design gives the mixture a dash of modern flair.

2023 Yamaha BWs 125 Scooter

A unified brake system is installed for increased safety, enabling the front brake to be partially braked by the rear brake lever. Doing this keeps the front brake from working independently, improving overall control.

This Yamaha model puts the comfort and accessibility of the rider first, with an 8-inch wheelbase and a comfortable 9-inch seat height. The narrow seat shape improves the overall riding experience by making it more straightforward to flat-foot during stops.

2023 Yamaha BWs 125 Scooter – Technical Specifications


Engine 4-stroke, Liquid-cooled, SOHC, 4-valve, single
Displacement 125 cc
Bore and Stroke 52.0 x 58.7 mm
Compression Ratio 11.2: 1
Fuel Delivery Fuel injection
Estimated Fuel Consumption ± 2.3 L/100 km (101 mpg)
Lubrication Wet sump
Ignition / Starting TCI / Electric Start
Transmission Fully Automatic CVT
Final Drive V-belt / Spur gear


Suspension (Front) Telescopic upright fork with 3.2 in of travel
Suspension (Rear) Dual shock absorber with swingarm with 79mm (3.1 in) of wheel travel
Brakes (Front) Disc brake / 245mm / single disc with double-piston caliper
Brakes (Rear) Disc brake / 230mm / single disc with single-piston caliper
Tires (Front) 120/70-12
Tires (Rear) 130/70-12

2023 Yamaha BWs 125 Scooter

Critical Data

Length 920mm (75.6″)
Width 759mm (29.9″)
Height 1,151mm (45.3″)
Wheelbase 1,341 mm (52.8″)
Seat Height 785 mm (30.9″)
Fuel Capacity 7.3 litres
Wet Weight 128 kg (282 lb.)
Colour(s) Team Yamaha Blue
Matte Black

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