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Maxitest Motor Bike Yamaha TRX 850

Thanks to the maxi-test bikescatalog, who have enormous information on totality of the models in the market, and even most models run out since the beginning of the Eighties.

Maxitest motor bike, your opinions: Yamaha TRX 850, accessible to the common run from the pilots

On the principle of the Community exchange, the visitors fill of the forms on their motor bikes and deliver to us invaluable information as for their experiment, the reliability of their mounting and sometimes even of true extremely nice slice of life.

Today, among the many forms which we received, some were devoted to fire Yamaha TRX 850, twin parallel with the sauce wasabi. So at its time it appears that this machine was badly considered, under pretext that she plagiarized the productions Italians, today force is to recognize that with the reading of the maxitest that you left us, she has her batch of fans, her forum and that there exists even a petition for its return, in a more modern grinding it goes from is. Here some extracts of the maxitest on the Yamaha TRX 850 which drew our attention:

“This motor bike is brilliant, light, easy to lead, and it is gratifying because its piloting remains humanly accessible. At the beginning, I found that my Yamaha TRX 850 missed flexibility engine, but once equipped with released pots and of an air filter racing, it quickly found flexibility. Comfort, it is not its fort! But the motor bike is fine, with bracelets placed not too low. I adapted clamps of brake of Yamaha R1, to have more power.

In maintenance, it is to me less expensive than my R6, it uses less the tires, on the other hand, it is necessary to take care of its oil level which is not easy to observe. Frankly, considering the pleasure that it gives me, I do not regret my 3,000 €, even if I found it with the other end of UK on a well-known site of announcement”.

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