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Kawasaki 250 Estrella 2013 Review

Would the fashion of the vintage and the classical motorcycles be about to make a triumphing return Possible, and Honda CB 1100 besides could play its role to play in this return.

Maxitest moto, your opinions: Kawasaki 250 Estrella, retro at the city as in the countryside

At all events, the retro motorcycles often have the dimension in Maxi test at the bikescatalog, with the vibrant image of Kawasaki 250 Estrella. A small motorcycle diffused of 1994 to 2000, and which – as it is often the case for the 250 Cm3 on our premises – knew a discrete career. Here is the opinion of a maxi tester to be used to carry out a Maxi test.
“I found it on the Net with a dimension of very high occasion: typically 2 800 € for 26,000 km… but, good, I wanted it, this motorcycle is just an amazing one. Downtown, or with the countryside, it is happiness! An anti stress on two wheels: comfortable with the suspensions, with a flexible engine, sufficient to roll to 90 km/h and to have the possibility of exceeding.
I put an adaptable pot found on an English site; it makes an in top form noise. It is better than Royal Enfield; because reliability is with go, even if I forget to make it turn for one month. On the level maintenance, all is easy to even make oneself and it consumes 3.5 l/100 km (note: 4.92 l/100km on average according to the census of Maxi test) and it costs me only 102 € as an insurance for a year… My daughter passes the license; therefore, I will keep it for her. This small Coffee will remain in the family.”

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