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KTM 350 Freeride And Husaberg 250 TE


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As you know, we were engaged on the last Endue of the Limousin. But for that, we chose two motor bikes and not by chance but after the reflection walls, it is duet KTM 350 Freeride and Huasberg 250 TE which left the batch. Was this the good choice? Here is our answer…

KTM 350 Freeride and Husaberg 250 TE, armed for extreme Enduro?

By deciding to go on board is one of the most insane races of planet – and without the hardest question of France – one nevertheless said oneself to have the motor bikes of our choice  that could be one more. And a motor bike quickly seemed obviousness after its test: the KTM 350 Freeride. Easy and light, Enduro general public Austrian could be a weapon under this kind of conditions.
One even thought of aligning oneself with two of these motor bikes, but due to the lack of availability, one had to re-examine our plan. Then which motor bike could one choose to mix with Freeride? Well one thought simple. Does Graham Jarvis, Master of Endures extremes, roll on Husaberg 2-time? Then too! Thus for Husaberg 250 TE goes KTM and Husaberg are ready to play the game, us here are armed.

KTM 350 Freeride and Husaberg 250 TE, armed for extreme Enduro?

Preparation of setting

It nevertheless was necessary to operate some modifications on the motor bikes. One passes the straps, protect-hands, protections of radiators and other equipment essential to you to any extreme Enduro. It is on KTM 350 Freeride that there will be the largest change. The tire before Trial will give up its seat to a Endure tire, of the cramps will be welcome in the movable descents.
As for the back tire, the bet was to keep the model Trial of series, very effective in the stones and on the roots, but much less in mud. One had however said oneself that by cutting the tire a little, that could do it: remove cramps so that mud is evacuated more easily and the turn is played. But as En’ Duet is a true race and than we were engaged without master key right, it was obligatory tire FIM.

KTM 350 Freeride and Husaberg 250 TE, armed for extreme Enduro?

KTM 350 Freeride: Then is it well this motor bike?

There will have been success in the pilot park of it: on one hand because we were one of the rare crews to be presented with two almost new motor bikes – “You will regret it the guy…” – in addition because KTM 350 Freeride pokes curiosities. A good amount of pilots came to see us to know a little more about this new motor bike. It wouldl have made speak about it, small Kate, but it is in conditions where one could be more real only when, tested if our choices were the good ones.
Well KTM 350 Freeride was left with honors. A side vigorous in mud every Friday evening will be a frightening referee to know if it has some enough in the belly. Because here, not of unclamping: we are in standard version. It is sure that it is not the lightning of war, but it makes the job without blowing itself too much.
In the many rises of En’ Duet, the KTM 350 Freeride was never taken at fault and was even seen more effective than much of other “true” endures. Round and easy, this engine is your friend. Only the very marked engine brake can be constraining, but here, without front brake, one rather appreciated it this engine brake!
On the side left cycle, it is necessary to be attentive because it has a low ground clearance, that touches quickly when it is necessary to cross log or stones. But this nuisance is compensated all the same by handiness and a lightness of most appreciable. It is fine and that threads everywhere: one could not have made much more adapted.
The fact that there is not that only one radiator contributes to this smoothness and one must say that placed thus, this last is exposed much less in the event of falls. The suspensions made their job, effective and comfortable. They were hardened a little all the same, but in the rapid that brews a little its catch. It is not cut for that, but with a piloting in run, that goes already quickly: the good stopwatch of special of selection is there to prove it.

KTM 350 Freeride and Husaberg 250 TE, armed for extreme Enduro?

Husaberg 250 TE 2013: Graham Jarvis was with us!

The test of the range Husaberg 2013 in Spain had already put to me the chip with the ear for the choice of the second motor bike. Well I had not been mistaken! It was necessary to make a choice between the 250 and the 300 TE. It is true that the force of the large 2-time offers advantages and can forgive a little more the pilot errors.
But during seven hours, it is necessary to be solid to hold the animal. They are thus the Husaberg 250 TE 2013 which gains the votes, the more so as the mill reveals an enormous potential quickly. We are not presence of one 250 violent one and explosive, far from there: its linear behavior makes wonders. And with regard to the force of the mill, it is solid too.
It would be necessary to be on the bad report to blow the Husaberg 250 TE 2013. On the second report one does not see what could stop it. Except the session of climbing in the throats of Roseville … Best, it is that one can insist on the same report, the motor bike takes the turns to be finished moreover it, it is enough to a minimum of dash and the Swedish motor bike releases its horses. Another very appreciated point, the clutch, the feeling is excellent and the flexibility of the order is a treat.
The frame also showed with the height… the good height! Husaberg 250 TE 2013 is swallower outstanding obstacles. The compromise between the comfort and the effectiveness of the suspensions is good, but some adjustments of the shock absorber are necessary. Reality plus is on the level of the fork: it gums roots and holes while preserving its precision.
A small reproach all the same: it was found a little broad, this Husaberg. Not on the level of the saddle, but hearing which give him a certain plumpness. We also met some preoccupations with a steering, a little just when it is necessary to make a half turn between two trees. But protections of radiators were there also for something.

KTM 350 Freeride and Husaberg 250 TE, armed for extreme Enduro?

Assessment: Each one its style!

At the end of this day of test being more true than the natural, we will thus draw some conclusions on this tandem from shock. Let us start with the KTM 350 Freeride. Did this motor bike cut for the leisure have its place in extreme Enduro? Well yes: its agility and its engine effectiveness were an asset of size on this Endue 2012. It is a little low, and the complete shoe is obligatory to save the casings.
But it is especially on the level of saddle that wedged. It is a small motor bike, with 77 meter, when it was necessary to unfold or raise the legs in the major ruts, that to require an extra effort of me. At the end of the day, believe me, that made (a point much that one had seen besides in our guide. If were to be remade in Freeride, I would not say not, far from there, but with a saddle with my size!
Husaberg 250 TE 2013 is exactly the kind of motor bike cut for these conditions. And one could check it. The choice of the 250 vis-a-vis the 300 seemed to us judicious, it has all that it is necessary where it is necessary, it is less exhausting over the length and it is not Thomas, who recently rolls on one 300 TE, which will tell you the opposite. It has rather good character this Samberg and its engine should be said turns like a clock. Intuitive orders, a fork which makes the difference… A hair less width on the level as of hearing would have been one more.

KTM 350 Freeride and Husaberg 250 TE, armed for extreme Enduro?

Except the disc before KTM 350 Freeride, we did not break anything, the two motor bikes arrived at good port without engineering problems, and we did not have to serve us as the toolkit. One like the other one makes water during the race, but to say it heats quickly under these conditions.
This play, Husaberg was perhaps shown a little earlier than the KTM: a fan would not have been of too. And its pot was not on arrival not as well as possible of its form but resisted better as one thought. One will also say large a thank you to our best friends, the electric starters, which did not release us!

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