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Super 8,125, Queen 3.0 EV And Candy 2.0 EV

In a week of Eicma of Milan, information as for innovations 2013 is already available. At Kymco, the final of people One 125, Super models 8,125, as well as electric Queen 3.0 and Candy 2.0, will be the stars of the Taiwanese stand.

Innovations Kymco 2013: People One 125, Super 8,125, Queen 3.0 EV and Candy 2.0 EV

This year with the living room of the Eicma two-wheeled vehicle of Milan, the Taiwanese manufacturer Kymco will present a salvo of innovations intended for the European markets. On their international site, Kymco announces that People One 125, presented the year spent, will arrive on our European markets in 2013. Will he be proposed in France? The importer Kymco did not decide that yet, but it should not be long however; not in Disseminating information on this subject.
For the time being, it is observed that this People One 125 is to some extent a low-fat version of People GTI, that is to say a scooter large-wheels (16 inches with front, 14 inches in the back), equipped with an engine 125 Cm3 4T, air-cooled and capped with a cylinder head with 2 valves. Its food is managed by an electric system of injection equipped with technology SAY (Drop System Injection), an innovation which would make it possible to reduce to the maximum requirements while carbonizing.
At the side of these large-wheels accessible, two electric scooters should make their appearance. It is Queen 3.0 EV and Candy 2.0 EV (or E-Queen 3.0 and E-Candy 2.0). The model Queen 3.0, said to be most prosperous, should present a generous gauge and a motorization of 3 kw. As for the scooter Candy 2.0, it should be more economic, but as a result less it would appeared quite powerful with its motorization of 2 kw.

Innovations Kymco 2013: People One 125, Super 8,125, Queen 3.0 EV and Candy 2.0 EV

Lastly, Kymco also announces a recasting of the super sporting scooter 8. If it preserves its motorization’s 50 and 125 Cm3, the scooter would present new forms, completely. Information for the date of marketing and the tariff of these innovations should follow. Remain connected!

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