KTM 2020 790 Adventure R Bike Review Price Specs

KTM 2020 790 Adventure R Bike

The KTM 790 ADVENTURE R is a severe journey-capable offroad motorbike suited for the most extreme getaways, developed from KTM’s offroad racing DNA. It combines the power of a twin with the lightness and agility of a single-cylinder offroad bike to offer up new riding options for the extreme explorer. It feeds a solid but small, smooth, dependable engine with an outstanding fuel range without sacrificing agility. Easy-to-use rider aids and sensible ergonomics let you access more extreme and remote offroad terrain.

KTM 2020 790 Adventure R Bike – Features and Price

KTM 2020 790 Adventure R Bike

Engine & Exhaust

The LC8c is the world’s smallest performance engine. The 790 Adventure R’s version was designed especially for severe offroad adventure riding: low vibration due to two balancer shafts, a 6-speed sequential transmission, and superior weight-saving engineering. The exhaust and muffler are both composed of stainless steel, and they were intended to be as compact and light as possible to assist mass centralization. For greater ground clearance, this small muffler is mounted as high as feasible.


The LC8c is the smallest high-performance engine available. It’s the ideal mix for severe offroad adventure, with 95 horsepower (70 kW), contemporary electronics, and a 6-speed sequential transmission, as well as an estimated 400 km fuel range. Two balancer shafts, which decrease vibration to a minimum on transport stages, provide a comfortable ride, and with long service intervals up to 15,000 km, a rider may ride for days on end without concern.


A particular effort was taken while constructing the KTM 790 Adventure R to make the air filter readily accessible for cleaning and maintenance while riding. To help with overall motorcycle packaging, the airbox is placed beneath the seat and the intake is located at the bike’s back. It implies that, besides providing simple access to the air filter, the seat and tank could be maintained low, and the bike could be narrowed where it matters most: the leg region. It has also enabled the centralization of electronics to keep the masses concentrated.

KTM 2020 790 Adventure R Bike


The LC8c engine must stay calm during a severe offroad adventure to retain its superior power and performance. Riding for hours in hot weather is feasible thanks to the KTM 790 Adventure R’s design and advanced cooling technologies.


An all-new revised stainless-steel exhaust system employs a new mid-exhaust sound damper to concentrate mass, allowing for a reduced muffler and increasing the exhaust system’s ground clearance. The sound – get ready for some high-octane action!


The KTM 790 Adventure R is prepared to take on any challenge. Its new tubular CroMo steel frame and lightweight steel trellis subframe are small but robust enough to withstand the elements. The new heavy-duty spoked 21-inch front and 18-inch rear wheels with METZELER Karoo 3 tires are specially designed for off-road riding capability, and a steering damper helps stability.

KTM 2020 790 Adventure R Bike


There are many factors with bike setup that may affect the bike’s performance while going offroad: rider weight, additional baggage, gasoline – it all needs to be considered before traveling offroad. The high-performance WP suspension on the KTM 790 ADVENTURE R is ideal for going farther off the beaten path. It can be modified to fit most riders’ particular preferences and riding circumstances, regardless of the terrain.

Wheels & Tyres

The new spoked 21-inch front and 18-inch rear wheels were designed especially for hardcore offroad adventure — heavy-duty, lightweight, and long-lasting; they are more than capable. To enhance offroad performance, they are equipped with METZELER Karoo 3 adventure tires.


The KTM 790 Adventure R’s general geometry was designed for light handling and comfort on long-distance exploration trips, as well as unrivaled offroad capabilities. Because weight and overall size were essential factors in the design, a tubular CroMo steel frame was utilized, with the engine serving as a stressed component. Compactness and lightness are at the forefront of all innovation and technological advances.


Twin 320 mm diameter brake discs with 4-piston, radially mounted calipers up front and a 260 mm diameter brake disc operated by a double-piston floating caliper in the back make pulling up the powerful 790 Adventure R on any terrain simple. In all riding situations, the front and rear brake combination offers an optimum balance of control and stopping force.

Fuel Tank

The 20-liter gasoline tank is at the heart of this new bike’s design. The main fuel tank volume is placed as low as possible for a variety of reasons, with lowering the center of gravity for improved handling; the motorcycle is narrow in the knee area when standing up, adding a lot of control when riding off-road; it allows for a straighter and lower seat, giving the rider more freedom of movement and aiding better accessibility; and it provides an exceptional fuel range of approximately 100 miles.

Ergonomics & Comfort

There are many flexible options on the KTM 2020 790 Adventure R Bike to improve rider comfort, with a higher or lower seat option and six handlebar mount positions. A low-slung gasoline tank reduces the rider’s center of gravity, enhances handling, and enables greater freedom of movement. The long-distance racing ergonomics are built for rugged riding, and the easy-to-access air filter makes changing it on the trail a breeze.

KTM 2020 790 Adventure R Bike


A tapered aluminum handlebar provides optimum control while maintaining a comfortable riding posture. The handlebar may be installed in six different locations for a total adjustment range of 30 mm, providing for a custom fit.


The KTM 790 Adventure R’s robust footpegs have been designed for better ergonomics and to fit street or off-road boots in a wide variety of situations, whether it’s all-day riding while standing or sitting. Rubber inserts may be removed from the footpegs.


The single-piece, offroad-style seat was designed to provide riders maximum mobility, lots of traction, and the comfort they need for extended days in the saddle. The KTM 790 Adventure’s two-part seat is also compatible with the KTM 790 Adventure R.


The low-profile windscreen on the KTM 790 Adventure R allows the rider to easily maneuver about the bike while standing and provides an unimpeded vision immediately in front of the bike, even when the screen is coated with mud. The 790 Adventure R may utilize the taller 790 Adventure windscreen.

Bodywork & Graphics

This all-new trip enduro design starts with a lightweight and compact enduro-oriented chassis. It continues with sleek yet impact-resistant bodywork that not only protects the motorbike but also lowers the total weight of the 790 ADVENTURE R, allowing it to be driven farther offroad. Its aggressive and bold KTM design was created in tandem with the new Factory Racing rally bike.

Trim Parts

The primary headlamp, taillight, and indicators on the KTM 790 Adventure R are all LED lighting. LED lights provide excellent visibility and lighting. Because they are small, they aid in reducing the total volume of the motorbike.

Software & Electronics

When you’re in a tight spot, ABS, MTC, and ride modes are available to help in various situations. MTC (Motorcycle Traction Control) is a lean-angle sensitive traction control technology developed by KTM that responds quickly if the rear tire rotational speed is disproportionate to the riding condition. Rally mode gives the rider greater direct control over the different functions, enabling him to customize the bike’s personality more freely. The slip may be fine-tuned by the rider to fit the state of the surface, the rider’s skill level, and the ride’s needs. The Ride-By-Wire technology converts the rider’s throttle instructions into the best throttle valve settings for the present riding scenario. The Ride-By-Wire technology converts the rider’s throttle instructions into the best throttle valve settings for the present riding scenario.

Accessories and Luggage

The KTM 2020 790 Adventure R Bike is ready to ride right out of the box, but the rider may customize it to meet your specific requirements. KTM PowerParts offers a wide variety of accessories to help you get the most out of your ride. All KTM PowerParts are designed especially for each respective bike, ensuring that KTM riders get only components that properly complement their ride and offer that crucial “factory fit” direct from the dealer.

KTM 2020 790 Adventure R Bike – Price

The new KTM 2020 790 Adventure R Bike is available at the price of $13,699 only.

KTM 2020 790 Adventure R Bike – Technical Specifications


Displacement 799 cm³
Power in KW 70 kW
Design 2-cylinder, 4-stroke, parallel twin
Bore 88 mm
Stroke 65.7 mm
Starter Electric starter
Lubrication Forced oil lubrication with two oil pumps
Transmission 6-speed
Cooling Liquid-cooled
Clutch PASC™ anti-hopping clutch, mechanically operated
EMS Bosch EMS, including RBW


Frame All-new Chromium-Molybdenum-Steel frame by using the engine as stressed element, powder-coated
Rear Suspension WP Xplor PDS shock absorber
Front Brake Disc Diameter 320 mm
Rear Brake Disc Diameter 260 mm
ABS Bosch 9.1 MP
Chain X-Ring 5/8 X 1/4″
Steering Head Angle 63.7 °


The new KTM 2020 790 Adventure R Bike is indeed the powerful adventure motorcycle in the adventure lineup. An aggressive styling and powerful engine make it ideal for those riders who want a beast as their riding partner.