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KTM 2020 50 SX Off-Road Motorcycle Review Price Specs

KTM 2020 50 SX Off-Road Motorcycle is a real KTM, suitable for young MX riders between 4 and 10 years old. It is a certified off-road vehicle that is similar to larger relatives and offers high-quality parts. It makes KTM 50 SX the best choice to enter the MX field. The bundle was created according to the needs of young people, with a motor that can deliver consistent and controllable force, and has a programmed grip, perfect for riders just starting. It also includes the latest WP XACT front fork, with advanced AER innovation, fully customizable rear suspension, fresh design, and the ability to entertain quickly.

With KTM 2020 50 SX Off-Road Motorcycle, young motocross bikers can take off. Fully-fledged bikes are very suitable for entering the world of cross-country motorcycles and making great strides in sprinting. The KTM 50 SX, like its larger counterparts, is equipped with top-quality market segments. The bike has been planned for young riders from the beginning, but there is little controllable. It highlights the stable force transmission ability. The programmed grip is very suitable for beginners with two wheels. It enables growing motocross riders to focus on the basics and learn the necessary skills quickly.

KTM 2020 50 SX Off-Road Motorcycle – Features and Price

KTM 2020 50 SX Off-Road Motorcycle

Main Feature

This bike is equipped with a full-size SX series and READY TO RACE appearance. The new high-quality cast aluminum rear rocker arm has better flexibility, improves stability, and simplifies the chain replacement process. The WP XACT 35mm gas spring fork is very lightweight and can be effectively customized for various rider sizes and track conditions. The innovative fully movable XACT rear suspension with PDS (Progressive Damping System) can coordinate the display of WP XACT front forks. The 3-axis motor plan keeps the drive rod near the center of gravity of the bike.

The car body imitates the full-size line of the SX-F, making the 50 SX more compact, ergonomic, and easy to take care of. The Formula’s front and rear hydraulic brakes combined with the lightweight WAVE ring are groundbreakingly criticized, and it can control any ability level. The decentralized multi-plate programming grip enables reasonable tightening and can adapt to track conditions within minutes without equipment. Ultra-lightweight, dark anodized aluminum edges are used in conjunction with MAXXIS tries to maximize grip.

KTM 2020 50 SX Off-Road Motorcycle

Engine and Exhaust

A long ago, the KTM 2 stroke destroyed the MX orbit, which is undoubtedly the fastest in the realm today. Due to long-term continuous events, these motors are the benchmark for execution and innovation, with an ideal combination of strength, weight and control. Through high-tempo RPM shouts, KTM 2 strokes continuously deliver exciting top music.

KTM design just likes to find ways to reduce weight. The improvements made on the 2019 KTM SX models come from the thinnest and lightest off-road vehicles and will be respected in 2020. In the fierce battle, READY TO RACE ergonomics gives you an advantage on the track, enabling you to ride more passionately and seek more.

KTM 2020 50 SX Off-Road Motorcycle

The body is obtained from a full-size SX model. It provides an impeccable ergonomic design, with a focus on the idea of contact points and the most significant development opportunities for the rider. Similarly, the sophisticated structure of the front bumper and the rear fender is the leading example of smart planning, ensuring maximum robustness and high quality.

KTM 2020 50 SX Off-Road Motorcycle – Price

The new 2020 50 SX is available on $4,349.

KTM 2020 50 SX Off-Road Motorcycle

KTM 2020 50 SX Off-Road Motorcycle – Technical Specifications


Type Single-Cylinder, Two-Stroke
Bore x Stroke 39.5mm x 40mm
Displacement 49cc
Fuel System Dell’ Orto PHBG 19 BS
Lubrication Premix 60:1
Transmission Single-Gear Automatic
Starter Kickstarter
Primary Ratios 33:61 Straight Cut Reduction Gear
Clutch Centrifugal Clutch (Adjustable)
Final Drive 11:40
Cooling Liquid Cooling
Ignition Selettra 2p D36

KTM 2020 50 SX Off-Road Motorcycle Specs


Frame Central Tube Frame, Chrome Molybdenum
Sub-frame Steel
Handlebar Aluminum Ø 22mm
Front Suspension WP XACT USD Ø 35mm
Rear Suspension WP XACT Monoshock
Suspension Travel Front/Rear 205 mm / 8.07 inches; 185 mm / 7.28 inches
Front/Rear Brakes Disc Brake 160mm / 160mm
Front/Rear Rims 1.50 x 12inches / 1.60 x 10inches
Front/Rear Tires 60/100 x 12inches / 2.75 x 10inches
Chain 1/2 x 3/16inches
Silencer Aluminum

KTM 2020 50 SX Off-Road Motorcycle Specs


Steering Head Angle 24 degree
Triple Clamp Offset 22mm
Wheelbase 1,032mm ± 10mm / 40.6 ± 0.4inches
Ground Clearance 252 mm / 9.92 inches
Seat Height 684 mm / 26.9 inches
Tank Capacity, Approx 2.3 L
Weight 41.5 kg

KTM 2020 50 SX Off-Road Motorcycle Specs


With the 2020 KTM 50 SX, young motocross riders who are READY TO RACE can take off. The KTM 2020 50 SX Off-Road Motorcycle is ideal for entering the world of motocross and taking your first steps in racing. Like its bigger bikes, the KTM 50 SX is equipped with high-quality components. The bike is easy to control and has a very stable power delivery.

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