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KTM 2019 50 SX Dirt Motorcycle Specs Review

The KTM 2019 50 SX Dirt Motorcycle is a true KTM for young MX motorcyclists ready to race. It is an original dirt bike that, like older siblings, is manufactured with high-quality components. It makes the KTM 50 SX the first choice as a stepping stone expedient to the MX world or for the first step in racing the ladder. To the young man’s mind, this package has an engine that conveys consistent, controllable power, including an automatic clutch that is ideal for novice hypnotists. This model features the revolutionary WP AER 35 front fork, fully adjustable rear suspension, ultra-cool graphics, and the ability to make fun, go faster.

KTM 2019 50 SX Dirt Motorcycle – Features and Price

New Generation of 50 SX

KTM is domineering the battle. In the world championships for the last ten years, the Austrian brand has been a constant performer in the fight for competition supremacy. The 9th title of Tony Cairoli’s FIM Motocross World Championships last season, as well as the 1st for the star of the show, the 450 SX-F KTM, was a real highlight. The Paul’s Jonas MX2 world championship continued the dominance of the orange brand in the classroom with nine wins in 10 seasons for the KTM 250 SX-F, while the 2017 Supercross AMA 450 title was won at the hands of Ryan Dungey before his retirement. KTM has also enjoyed racing wins in both the 250 SX and 450 SX classes this season.

KTM 2019 50 SX Dirt Motorcycle

To continue to add to these extraordinary achievements requires strong motivation, a commitment to racing development, and investment in KTM’s talent development programs. It creates the best platform for the KTM 2019 50 SX Dirt Motorcycle range, as these world-winning technologies have been tested in the heat of battle before being available in serial manufacturing machinery. The 65 SX and KTM 85 SX mini-cycles provide a solid base for young people to go into the adult ranks where the KTM 125 SX, KTM 150 SX, and KTM 250 SX 2-stroke, along with the KTM 250 SX-F, The four-stroke KTM 350 SX-F and KTM 450 SX-F four-stroke engines provide the sharpest weapon in each class.


All models in the KTM 2019 50 SX Dirt Motorcycle range have received significant engine reviews compared to previous models. The KTM 250 SX-F and the KTM 350 SX-F enjoy a newly designed DS clutch, while all 4-strokes boast refined transmissions and a Keihin engine management system with a more refined gold body and package. Improved electronics. The KTM 125 SX, 150 SX KTM, and KTM 250 SX all provides revised carburetor settings, including a new transmission and new clutch in each of the other upgrades. In addition to engine refinements in all models, the highlighted KTM 450 SX-F enjoys a newly developed SOHC cylinder head for minimum weight and improved mass centralization, a new rod with a shorter valve shaft, and surface-enhanced along with a low guide friction chain with a DLC coating.

KTM 2019 50 SX Dirt Motorcycle


For the 2019 model year, all the adult models receive a generation-changing update with KTM engineers aiming for a further weight reduction that once again places a clear benchmark in each class. In fact, in the higher-capacity 450cc segment, the KTM 450 SX-F is much lighter than its rivals. All KTM 2019 50 SX Dirt Motorcycle models feature a redesigned frame for improved rigidity, handling and stability on-line, longer subframes, a revised rear axle seat axle, and new bodywork for enhanced ergonomics with more freedom of movement. A whole new look of 2019 KTM 50 SX Mini Dirt Bike with new compliments on a newly formed and new fuel tank site. An original air filter box offers improved air filter protection and better airflow for the two shocks and four shocks that contribute to more energy-efficient delivery and improved performance.

The new radiators offer efficient cooling with improved positioning for mass centralization. At the same time, a stronger lithium-ion battery for the E-starter is in harmony with the built-in harness installed for a compact electrical system. An updated triple clamp for improved handling of new suspension compliments, while a newly developed dual-purpose dual stand is another feature of the new range.

KTM 2019 50 SX Dirt Motorcycle – Technical Specifications


KTM 2019 50 SX Dirt Motorcycle Specs

Type Single Cylinder, 2-Stroke
Displacement 49 cc
Bore/Stroke 39.5/40.0 mm
Starter Kickstarter
Transmission Single gear automatic
Fuel System Dell’Orto PHBG 19 BS
Lubrication Premix 60:1
Primary Ratio 33:61 Straight Cut Reduction Gear
Final Drive 11:40
Cooling Liquid Cooling
Clutch Centrifugal Clutch (Adjustable)
Ignition Selettra 2p D36

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KTM 2019 50 SX Dirt Motorcycle Specs

Frame Central Tube Frame, Chrome Molybdenum
Subframe Steel
Handlebar Renthal, Aluminum Ø 22mm
Front Suspension WP AER 35 USD Ø 35mm
Rear Suspension WP Monoshock
Suspension Travel Front/Rear 205 mm / 8.07 inches; 185 mm / 7.28 inches
Front/Rear Brakes Disc Brake 160 mm / 160 mm
Front/Rear Rims 1.50 x 12 inches / 1.60 x 10 inches
Front/Rear Tires 60/100 x 12 inches / 2.75 x 10 inches
Chain 1/2 x 3/16 inches
Silencer Aluminum

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KTM 2019 50 SX Dirt Motorcycle Specs

Steering Head Angle 24 degrees
Triple Clamp Offset 22 mm
Wheelbase 1,032mm ± 10 mm / 40.6 ± 0.4 inches
Ground Clearance 252mm / 9.92 inches
Seat Height 684 mm / 26.9 inches
Tank Capacity, Approx 2.3L / 0.61 gallons
Weight (without fuel), Approx 41.5 kg/ 91.5 lbs

KTM Experts recommend the use of Safety Gears during ride.

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Unique key features

  • The WP AER 35 air fork is ultra-lightweight and readily modifiable for different rider sizes and tracking conditions.
  • Fully adjustable PDS suspension to match WP AER 35 fork performance.
  • Good Graphics to match full-size SX bikes.
  • A 3-axis engine design keeps the crankshaft close to the center of gravity of the bike quickly treatment along with space for an enhanced cane valve angle for the first performance.
  • Bodywork that mimics the full-size SX-F line giving the 50 SX a slim profile to shine ergonomics and treatment.
  • KTM 2019 50 SX Dirt Motorcycle front and rear hydraulic brakes from Formula combined with WAVE lightweight discs are sturdy with feedback that gives control to every skill level.
  • A multi-disc automatic clutch gives manageable acceleration and can be adjusted to track conditions in minutes without tools.
  • Incredible lightweight and anodized aluminum straps match MAXXIS tires for the highest grip.

KTM 2019 50 SX Dirt Motorcycle

Final Words

KTM 2019 50 SX Dirt Motorcycle is the first step in the evolutionary ladder for off-road enthusiasts. It’s probably best described as a diminished version of what you see driven by professional KTM factory racers around the world. The 2018 KTM 50 SX Dirt Bike is a scaled-down version of the larger SX models in the KTM lineup. It offers the same kind of board-wide adjustment for rider comfort and overall performance. The AER 43 fork can be adjusted to fit a wide variety of motorcyclists, and the two different frame mount positions help balance the car when drastically changing fork settings.

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