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Kawasaki 2023 KLX110R Dirt Bike Review Specs Price

In the KLX110, a little bike means enormous enjoyment. It is the beginning of the journey. A pleasant and confident ride awaits you on the versatile KLX110 off-road bike with a low seat height, comfortable suspension, and an automated clutch. The Kawasaki 2023 KLX110R Dirt Bike and the slightly bigger KLX110R L off-road bikes can handle every kind of ride, from a comfortable ride for novices to the ultimate pit bike for more seasoned riders. The adaptable small frame and bouncy 112cc engine will provide plenty of enjoyment for any young rider.

The KLX110R/R L from Kawasaki provides riders with two options for beginning off-road riding: the standard KLX110R model, which has an automated clutch and low seat height, and the KLX110R L, which has a manual grip, more suspension travel, and a seat height that is over two inches higher.

Kawasaki 2023 KLX110R Dirt Bike

With two model options, the KLX®110R is an excellent motorbike for novice riders wishing to go off-road for the first time. Easy handling and maximum lifespan are provided with a 30mm telescopic fork, a single rear shock, and a high-tensile steel frame. To maximize the performance of the 112cc single-cylinder, four-stroke engine and let the rider keep their attention on the road, it also has an automated centrifugal clutch system that makes taking off and changing gears simple. The giant KLX®110R L motorbike has a more extended suspension travel, an additional 1.9″ of ground clearance, a four-speed manual clutch gearbox, and a greater seat height (28.7″ compared to 26.8″ for the KLX110R). A KLX model motorbike lets you go out and play with Kawasaki regardless of your size or ability level.

Kawasaki 2023 KLX110R Dirt Bike – Features and Specs

Engine Fueled For Fun

KLX110R bikes are equipped with a 112cc four-stroke air-cooled engine. While the KLX110R L has a manual clutch for learning extensive bike shifting methods, the KLX110R boasts an automated clutch with a 4-speed gearbox.

Perfect Fit Take a Seat

Off-road bikes KLX110R are lightweight and enjoyable for the entire family. Young riders will find the KLX110R’s low center of gravity and 26.8-inch seat height ideal. The KLX110R L has a greater ground clearance and a seat height of 28.7 inches for taller riders.

Kawasaki 2023 KLX110R Dirt Bike

Start the Fun With A Push

KLX110R bikes have an electronic start, which makes starting them simple and dependable better than Kawasaki 2022 KLX110R.

Off-Road Performance Built For Fun in The Dirt

The somewhat bigger KLX110R L off-road motorbike and the more approachable KLX110R can handle the duties of a compact moto machine for more experienced riders or a pleasant bike for novices. With the KLX110R series, go off-road riding like never before

The motorcycle has a 112cc SOHC single-cylinder engine that is simple to start using an electric starter. It is perfectly calibrated to provide power that is easy to use and meets the demands of beginning riders. It also has a spark arrestor approved by the US Forest Service, which allows entry to authorized public riding areas. A throttle limiting screw on the throttle housing will enable parents to restrict throttle opening so that novice motorcyclists may experience slower speeds. This feature adds safety and control.

Kawasaki 2023 KLX110R Dirt Bike

Despite abrupt variations in rpm, the Capacitor Discharge Ignition (CDI)(KP) guarantees accurate timing control. It also has an ignitor that only allows the engine to start neutrally to increase safety. Moreover, there is no maintenance needed for the CDI system. A 4-speed Transmission with gear ratios selected to maximize engine output is installed in the vehicle. A manual (KLX110R L) or automatic (KLX110R) clutch is available to riders. While the manual clutch mode (KLX110R L) gives a livelier riding experience and more control, the automated clutch model (KLX110R) frees riders to concentrate on riding.

The vehicle’s frame is made of high-tensile steel, which offers stability and longevity. A low swingarm pivot and a prolonged shock with model-specific damping and spring rates improve rear wheel travel and give a stiff ride. With a small overhang below the axle to avoid getting caught in ruts, the 30mm front forks are designed to go well with the robust rear end. Aluminum is used in constructing the top triple clamp to lighten it. KX style is also present on the gas tank, seat, shrouds, side panels, and fenders to keep the same appearance as previous Kawasaki off-road models.

Kawasaki 2023 KLX110R Dirt Bike

The manual clutch allows more rider control over engine power and accommodates sportier riding. To accommodate taller riders better, the R L variant has longer shock absorbers and front forks, improving wheel travel and seat height. All of these characteristics work together to create an off-road vehicle suitable for various riders, from novices to those looking for a more thrilling ride.

Kawasaki 2023 KLX110R Dirt Bike – Price

The new Kawasaki 2023 KLX110R Dirt Bike is available at $2,649 only.

Kawasaki 2023 KLX110R Dirt Bike – Technical Specifications


Engine 112cc, 4-stroke, air-cooled, SOHC 2-valve single
Bore x Stroke 53.0 mm x 50.6 mm
Compression Ratio 9.5:1
Fuel System Carburettor: Keihin PB18
Ignition Digital DC-CDI
Starting Electric and kick
Lubrication Forced lubrication, wet sump
Transmission 4-speed, return
Clutch Centrifugal, wet multi-disc
Final Drive Chain

Kawasaki 2023 KLX110R Dirt Bike


Frame Backbone, steel
Front Suspension / Wheel Travel ø30 mm telescopic fork / 110mm (4.3 inches)
Rear Suspension / Wheel Travel Single shock / 110mm (4.3 inches)
Rake / Trail 24.8-degree / 50mm
Steering Angle (L/R) 45-degree / 45-degree
Front Tire 2.50-14 4PR
Rear Tire 3.00-12 4PR
Front Brake Drum (90mm)
Rear Brake Drum (110mm)

Kawasaki 2023 KLX110R Dirt Bike


Dimensions (L x W x H) 1,560 mm x 650 mm x 955 mm (61.4 inches x 25.6 inches x 37.6 inches)
Wheelbase 1,075 mm (42.3 in)
Road Clearance 215 mm (8.5 in)
Seat Height 680 mm (26.8 in)
Curb Mass 76 kg (168 lb)
Fuel Capacity 3.6 litres
Warranty Six months
Kawasaki Protection Plus 12 / 24 / 36 / 48 months

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