How to Ride a Bike during Pandemic


Biking has always been a source of fleeing from the tiresome routines of modern life. Many people find pleasure in traveling to the far off destinations to keep themselves composed in their hectic fields of work. Moreover, biking may help people get out of the panic currently they are in due to the COVID-19 situation. So, in this article we will let you know about How to Ride a Bike during Pandemic.

No doubt we, the riders, would love to sit behind the handles and travel to the far off places of the planet on our motors, it is things like gatherings, racings and, drinks that give the ultimate pleasure to our hearts and souls.

Unfortunately, this time the conditions are different. None of us has ever seen times like these before. It is a complete novel situation for the whole world and we can just pray for the good health of everyone around us and speedy recovery of those who have been struck by the pandemic.

As the whole world deals with this crisis, we at Bikes Catalog are also playing our part to the best we can in reducing the detrimental effects of this pandemic on people’s minds and their daily lives. We, with our team of experts, are looking at the alternatives to help our customers and provide them a way to announce themselves from the effects of this pandemic. Since long, biking has been a pathway to one’s free world where he can enjoy the scenery of natural beauty and self-meditate. In the past, people used to be friends with their rides who would be their companions through thick and thin. Similarly, in the modern world bikes are great and faithful companions to their masters and have been helpful in their self-pursuit.

We all know that this pandemic has brought havoc to every aspect and the field of human life and the motorcycle industry is no exception. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, all the racing competitions have been either delayed or called off.

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There is no denying that the motor industry has not yet liberated itself from the destructive impacts of the 2008 crisis and now it has fallen into another pit dug by the novel coronavirus pandemic. And this time the situation is even less promising as the impacts are too strong to fade away. As the crisis started the motorcycle manufacturing plants went shut entirely in China. The situation becomes grave with time and now the dealerships throughout the world are out of business. There is no doubt that some companies moved to a complete online dealership system but so far that does not seem to be very successful because they are afraid and limited to their homes.

Due to this pandemic, Ford and GM have stopped factory production of their models in the United States. In fact, at the moment the majority of the manufacturing companies have stopped production of their products because of almost zero demand. In addition to that, increasing restrictions by governments on these sectors, to control the spread of the pandemic, is also a huge barrier in front of these companies.

Ducati is shut as is Harley-Davidson. However, following the social-distancing guidelines, Indian is still in the business. Companies like Yamaha, KTM, Husqvarna, and GasGas are shut. Ducati, however, has reopened some of its stores in March.