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Grizzly EPS 2019 Yamaha Utility ATV Review Specs Price

The Grizzly EPS is among the powerful and highly reputed Utility ATV’s that are not only famous for looks but appearance as well. The new Grizzly EPS 2019 Yamaha Utility ATV is one of the best utility quad bikes that are famous for its power. The rugged, easy-to-use Grizzly EPS is the best performing ATV of its kind, with outstanding performance, all-weather comfort, and exceptional durability.

Grizzly EPS 2019 Yamaha Utility ATV – Features and Price

Grizzly EPS 2019 Yamaha Utility ATV

Key Features

Rebuilt for 2019, the Grizzly EPS 2019 Yamaha Utility ATV offers even more excitement without sacrificing an ounce of comfort, thanks to a new 700-Class engine with improved mid-range power and a smooth-running engine. Reduced fatigue, excellent handling, and track are all combined with Grizzly’s best speed-sensitive electric power steering (EPS). Yamaha’s class-leading transmission combines instant response with advanced features such as natural four-wheel engine braking to control confidence. And of course, the Ultramatic has proven to be the most reliable ATV transmission on the market.

With plenty of ground clearance and fully adjustable suspension, the Grizzly EPS is accessible on the terrain. In addition to long-term shocks, the wide-arched A-shoulders and full-body sliding plates ensure that the Grizzly EPS is ready to continue when you are.

Grizzly EPS 2019 Yamaha Utility ATV

Unlike other 4WD ATV systems on the market that charge the computer, the Yamaha On-Command system keeps the rider responsible by choosing between 2WD, 4WD limited-slip, and 4WD diff. Locking modes to guarantee that the Grizzly EPS delivers power continuously as needed.

New for 2019

By 2019, Yamaha engineers wanted to increase further the performance of the giant drill Grizzly EPS 2019 Yamaha Utility ATV, with more power available throughout the rev range. At the same time, the engines of the new engines have been redesigned so that, despite the increase in overall performance, it works even more smoothly than before.

Grizzly EPS 2019 Yamaha Utility ATV


The Grizzly EPS ‘Ultramatic transmission has an offset gearbox, a dual-range (Hi / Lo) drive with reverse gear, and is the most modern and durable CVT drive system. The automatic centrifugal clutch keeps the belt under constant tension, reducing belt wear, and the spoke clutch ensures the natural braking of all-wheel motors.

For the rider on the track, who is looking for excitement in every ride, the ideal engine should balance the high drilling force with a strong medium-range that provides immediate response. The Grizzly EPS 2019 Yamaha Utility ATV has a potent new 700-class engine for 2019, optimized for torque, powertrain and engine nature for aggressive recreational driving.

The three-position On-Command 4WD system allows you to switch between 2WD, limited-slip 4WD and entirely locked differential 4WD with just a touch of a button. The shift knob enables the engine to reach the maximum speed in differential lock mode, and the straight driveshaft arrangement eliminates U-joints to reduce friction, noise, vibration, and maintenance.

Grizzly EPS 2019 Yamaha Utility ATV

Eliminate mud and water thanks to the Grizzly’s high air intake layout. The design enhances power and torque while providing additional space for on-board storage and maintenance of the foam air filter without tools. To maximize traction, the Grizzly EPS features 26-inch, exclusively-designed Maxxis tires that provide precise handling and feedback.

To ensure clean performance, Grizzly EPS uses a stainless-steel exhaust system for many years and has a screen-type spark arrestor that delivers high power with minimal noise. The air intake of the specially designed, high-mounted drive system helps reduce the drive temperature and keeps water and debris from entering the control housing.

The slow-speed technical drive can generate a lot of heat for a liquid-cooled engine. So, the Grizzly EPS has a high-power radiator having fan support that provides plenty of airflow for maximum cooling efficiency – and is located high above the frame for optimal protection.

Thanks to four-wheel drive hydraulic disc brakes with unmatched braking power, powerful and even braking is standard in every Grizzly EPS. For secure handling of almost any terrain, the Grizzly EPS 2019 Yamaha Utility ATV offers an impressive 11.3-inch maximum ground clearance and a full-length composite sliding plate for low protection.

Grizzly EPS 2019 Yamaha Utility ATV


Independent dual-track suspension with 7.6” front wheel travel and 9.1” rear ensures excellent cyclist comfort even on the toughest tracks, thanks to 5-piece adjustable preload nitrogen-loading shocks.

With Yamaha Electric Power Steering (EPS), you can minimize fatigue and attack at any angle, the industry’s best balance of power steering assistance, and positive feedback for tracks. Under the seat, an optimized 4.76-gallon fuel tank ensures excellent mass centralization and handling.

The long, plush seat improves the rider’s comfort during long days exploring each track, and the rider has plenty of room to move during aggressive riding. By 2019, the Grizzly EPS will have a new instrument cluster with higher readings on all LCDs to ensure visibility.

Grizzly EPS 2019 Yamaha Utility ATV


The durable composite front iron protects against scratches and does not rust, while the injection-molded spray guards and CV joint protectors protect against stones and debris. Durable, large-diameter steel shelves with a durable wrinkled-finish can pack a total of 308 pounds (110 pounds. Front, 198 pounds. Rear). The three storage compartments on board keep things safe.

LED technology uses less energy, creates brighter and sharper lighting, and provides durability for life. A halogen works light mounted on the handlebar provides additional illumination that moves with the rider’s input for excellent visibility. As with other Yamaha and Side-by-Sides, the Grizzly EPS 2019 Yamaha Utility ATV has been assembled in the US to meet Yamaha’s stringent standards ATVs of durability and reliability.

Grizzly EPS 2019 Yamaha Utility ATV

The Grizzly EPS is designed in coordination with a wide range of accessories to ensure perfect fit and function for nearly any type of ride. You can also charge devices with a standard 12 V power supply. The center-mounted two-inch receiver for heavy-duty trucks is standard on the Grizzly EPS and can carry more than £ 1,300.

Grizzly EPS 2019 Yamaha Utility ATV – Price

The 2019 Grizzly EPS is available at the price of $9,899.

Grizzly EPS 2019 Yamaha Utility ATV – Technical Specifications


Type 686 cc liquid-cooled SOHC 4-stroke
Bore x Stroke 102 mm x 84 mm
Compression Ratio 10.0:1
Fuel Delivery Yamaha Fuel Injection (YFI), 44 mm
Transmission Ultramatic V-belt having all-wheel engine braking; H, L, N, R, P
Final Drive On-Command 3-way locking differential; 2WD, 4WD, closed 4WD; shaft


Front Suspension Independent double-wishbone; 5-way preload adjustment, 7.6 inches travel
Rear Suspension Independent double-wishbone with anti-sway bar; 5-way preload adjustment, 9.1 inches travel
Front Brakes Dual hydraulic disc
Rear Brakes Dual hydraulic disc
Front Tires AT26 x 8-12 Maxxis® MU05Y
Rear Tires AT26 x 10-12 Maxxis® MU06Y

Grizzly EPS 2019 Yamaha Utility ATV Specs


L x W x H 81.5 inches x 48.4 inches x 49.3 inches
Seat Height 36.1 inches
Wheelbase 49.2 inches
Turning Radius 146 inches
Maximum Ground Clearance 11.3 inches
Fuel Capacity 4.8 gallons
Wet Weight 701 lb
Rack Capacity 110 lb (front) / 198 lb (rear)
Towing Capacity 1322 lb

Grizzly EPS 2019 Yamaha Utility ATV Specs


Warranty 6 Month (Limited Factory Warranty) – 10-Year V-Belt Limited Warranty

Grizzly EPS 2019 Yamaha Utility ATV Specs


The rugged Grizzly EPS 2019 Yamaha Utility ATV has earned a solid reputation by being the toughest ATV in the world. By doing light work of hard work, Grizzly gives you time to appreciate your surroundings. Its new compact body has an LED flash and a halogen working light for more reliable illumination. It also has 26-inch tires for more excellent traction and endurance.

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