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Honda MSX 125 Grom ABS 2021 Minimoto Bike Review Specs Price

The first leisure motorbike was created by Honda in 1963 with the classic, small-wheeled Monkey bike and continued – reinvented for each generation – with the Dax, Ape, and the Monkey, which was itself reincarnated in 2018. The approach has struck a harmony with a new generation of youthful cyclists. They have been brought up in the internet age and share culture, worldview, and spirit that defies convention. They are known as ‘Generation Y’ in the United States, ‘Dek Neaw’ in Thailand, and ‘Street-Kei’ in Japan. They are naturally attracted to motorcycles and require their first two-wheeled mode of transportation to be thrilling but not too difficult, with a unique design and a decent price tag. Honda created the MSX125 (Mini Street X-treme 125) in 2013 to cater exclusively to such young riders.

The Honda MSX 125 Grom ABS 2021 Minimoto Bike (also known as the ‘Grom’ in Japan and the United States) is a genuinely worldwide product. The MSX125 joined the CBF125 in the top five best-selling 125cc motorbikes in Europe in its inaugural sales season. It has established itself as a solid favorite over the past several years, whether used for ordinary urban transportation or as a fully customized style statement by its target demographic.

Honda MSX 125 Grom ABS 2021 Minimoto Bike – Features and Price

Honda MSX 125 Grom ABS 2021 Minimoto Bike

Styling & Equipment

The previous MSX125’s design was a tiny mirror of Honda’s sport naked bikes’ contemporary looks at the time. The new MSX125 Grom for 2021 adopts a revised design approach.

The bodywork has a new sort of eccentricity to it, one that combines the modernity of the sleek LED headlamp, pared-down seat unit, and subframe with the retro of the super-compact side panels and tank covers. The MSX125 Grom is developed around flexibility and superficial modification, driven by customers’ constant attempts to make their bike distinctive – all of the bodywork connects with six bolts per side, a feature underlined by big bolt surrounds for another unique design touch.

In stark contrast to the blacked-out engine, exhaust, wheels, and swingarm, the gold finish on the USD front forks and brand new yellow shock spring stand out. The LCD digital dash has been modified to feature a rev-counter and gear position indication, as well as the speedometer, dual trip meters, fuel gauge, and clock, making it easy to see for its small size. The switches on each side of the display are used to reset the trip meters and clock, as well as to switch between the odometer and trip meter.

Honda MSX 125 Grom ABS 2021 Minimoto Bike


The MSX125 Grom is powered by a new 125cc two-valve air-cooled engine with a 50mm diameter and 63.1mm stroke and a 10.0:1 compression ratio. Peak power of 7.2kW and peak torque of 10.5Nm is reached at 7,250rpm and 5,500rpm, respectively.

The MSX125 Grom’s engine, like the previous version, is an excellent balance of energetic roll-on performance and handy, accessible all-around capabilities. The motorcycle is all about having fun with the throttle. Still, one essential addition that riders will like is the use of a 5-speed transmission (rather than a 4-speed) to spread the gears out further and allow for more comfortable, higher-speed riding. The top speed is from 92 to 94 kilometers per hour.

While the new 15T gearbox sprocket, 38T final drive sprocket, and 12-inch wheels provide quick around-town responsiveness and the ability to move slowly in high gear – ideal for threading smoothly through tight traffic – the manual clutch action still provides a full-sized motorcycle experience.

It’s also fuel-efficient, returning 66.6 km/l (WMTC mode) thanks to low-friction features including an offset cylinder and roller-rocker valve gear. PGM-FI technology ensures highly efficient combustion and works with the air intake and exhaust to provide a thrilling throttle feel. The airflow is dependable and silent thanks to a vast 2.5L airbox and a panel-type, wet paper filter with a 10,000-mile life. The muffler and the exhaust downpipe are now two independent pieces.

Honda MSX 125 Grom ABS 2021 Minimoto Bike

The MSX125 Grom has been homologated for EURO5, which has stricter engine pollution criteria than EURO4 as of January 1, 2020. Significant reductions in allowable carbon monoxide emissions, a 40% reduction in total hydrocarbon emissions, tighter misfire detection, and the adoption of a particulate matter restriction are among the criteria.


The well-proven chassis of the MSX125 Grom remains essentially unchanged in its 2021 makeover, and the original design priorities remain relevant: provide the foundation for a practical motorcycle that new riders could ride – and park – with ease in urban areas but be just as usable and enjoyable outside of town, and accept a pillion.

A steel mono-backbone frame ensures the Honda MSX 125 Grom ABS 2021 Minimoto Bike’s core strength. Every other element hangs clearly from the edge, thanks to the solid, square-section tube that connects the headstock directly to the brand-new swingarm pivot plates. The swingarm pivot and engine hanger plates have been fine-tuned for vertical/horizontal stiffness and flex, providing the ideal mix of comfort and confidence.

In addition, the frame construction allows for more efficient storage of PGM-FI-related components and electrical elements under the tank lid, as well as enhanced fuel capacity (6.0L). The wheelbase is a tight 1200mm, with a 25°/84mm rake and tail. The curb weight has been decreased to 103 kg. The MSX125 Grom is highly controllable because of its low 761mm seat height; its compactness makes it simple to load/unload, transport, and operate for motor home owners.

Honda MSX 125 Grom ABS 2021 Minimoto Bike

Front and rear suspension are of a ‘beyond class’ level. The 31mm USD fork decreases unsprung weight and improves damping feel throughout the stroke because of the pistons’ larger pressure-bearing surface (compared to a regular telescopic fork). Full-size top and bottom yokes improve handling and rider feel, while a lightweight and durable single rear shock drives a simple and sturdy H-shape, 50mm x 25mm steel box-section swingarm.

The 5-spoke (re-styled) 12-inch cast-aluminum wheels with broad 2.5-inch rims are essential to the MSX Grom’s design and function. The front 120/70-12 and rear 130/70-12 tires add to the car’s dynamic appearance and performance. Front 220mm and rear 190mm discs are worked by the hydraulic dual-piston front (finished in gold) and single-piston rear brake calipers. An IMU controls the ABS.

Honda MSX 125 Grom ABS 2021 Minimoto Bike – Technical Specifications


Type 2-valve air-cooled single cylinder
Displacement 125cc
Bore & Stroke 50.0mm x 63.1mm
Compression Ratio 10.0:1
Max. Power Output 7.2Kw @ 7,250rpm
Max. Torque 10.5Nm @ 5,500rpm
Oil Capacity 1.1 liters

Honda MSX 125 Grom ABS 2021 Minimoto Bike

Fuel System

Carburation PGM-FI
Fuel Tank Capacity 6.0 litres
Fuel Consumption 65.7km/l

Electrical System

Starter Electric Motor
Battery Capacity 12V 3.5AH
ACG Output 225W/5000rpm


Clutch Type Wet multi-plate
Transmission Type Five-speed
Final Drive Chain


Type Steel mono-backbone frame


Dimensions (L´W´H) 1,760mm x 720mm x 1,015mm
Wheelbase 1,200mm
Caster Angle 25⁰
Trail 81mm
Seat Height 761mm
Ground Clearance 180mm
Kerb Weight 103kg
Turning radius 1.9 meters


Type Front USD Front Forks, 31mm
Type Rear Mono shock, steel square pipe swingarm

Honda MSX 125 Grom ABS 2021 Minimoto Bike


Type Front 5 Spoke Aluminium Cast
Type Rear 5 Spoke Aluminium Cast
Rim Size Front MT 2.5-12
Rim Size Rear MT 2.5-12
Tyres Front 120/70-12
Tyres Rear 130/70-12


Type Front Single 220mm disc with the hydraulic dual-piston brake caliper
Type Rear Single 190mm disc with the hydraulic single-piston brake caliper

Instruments & Electrics

Instruments LCD digital dash with speedometer, twin trip meters, fuel gauge, and clock.
Headlight LED Headlight and Taillight


The preceding MSX125 mirrored Honda’s sport-naked motorcycles at the time. 2021’s MSX125 Grom gets redesigned. The MSX125 Grom has a 125cc two-valve air-cooled engine with a 50mm diameter, 63.1mm stroke, and 10.0:1 compression ratio. 7,250rpm produces 7.2kW and 5,500rpm produces 10.5Nm. The MSX Grom’s design and function depend on its 5-spoke, 12-inch cast-aluminum wheels with 2.5-inch rims. Front 120/70-12 and rear 130/70-12 tires enhance the car’s performance and look.

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