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Honda 2021 Super Cub C125 Minimoto Bike Review Specs

Since its 2018 return to the United States, the renowned Super Cub has won over admirers with its nostalgic appearance and amiable performance. The best-selling automobile of all time returns for 2021, showing that even 65 years after its introduction, you still encounter the most excellent people when riding in a Honda.

The machine revolutionized motorcycle riding in America and put the world on two wheels. The Honda Super Cub was the perfect motorcycle at the right time, and now it’s back in a modernized form, the right bike for the way we ride today. Sure, you’ll appreciate the traditional appearance, but below that timeless bodywork, there are several contemporary amenities. And what made it wonderful back then also makes it significant today: it’s inexpensive, functional, and the perfect size for a range of riders. But the actual reason the Super Cub was and continues to be so popular is that it’s so much fun. Continue, little Honda!

Honda 2021 Super Cub C125 Minimoto Bike

The Super Cub C125 has an S-shaped form that extends from the rear fender to the step-through area, inspired by Honda’s iconic Super Cub design. With the rider positioned upright and near the bottom fairing, there is excellent wind protection, yet the Super Cub C125 is still simple to mount and dismount. The open cockpit gives the rider an optimal vision of congested city streets, while the right side cover pocket provides storage for essential things.

Honda 2021 Super Cub C125 Minimoto Bike – Features and Specs


As with the very first Super Cub, the Super Cub C125 is equipped with an air-cooled, single-cylinder, four-stroke engine that is meant to be both fuel-efficient and silent. The diameter and stroke of the two-valve, SOHC 125cc engine are 52.4 x 57.9 mm, and the compression ratio is 9.3:1. It provides mighty, pleasant power over the whole rev range thanks to PGM-FI.

The engine incorporates a helical main gear and high-quality crank-journal bearing to reduce noise. Moreover, the engine has a high-quality shift-drum bearing, shift-arm rubber, and clutch-damping rubber material for optimal shift feel and minimized shift noise. A semi-automatic centrifugal clutch makes it simpler for novice motorcyclists to adjust to the sport while allowing expert riders to enjoy themselves.


A steel frame with technical rigidity characteristics for the engine hanger and head pipe provides a good mix between comfort and on-road performance. A rubber handlebar mount, seat mount, and step surface minimize vibration. The front of the high-density urethane seat with a thick cushion is small.

The front suspension stroke is 3.9 inches, while the travel of the dual shocks is 3.3 inches. The stopping power is provided by a 220 mm front disc and a 110mm rear drum, while the cast aluminum wheels are manufactured using a specific cutting method that allows for the use of tubeless tires; the front and rear wheels are 70/90-17 and 80/90-17, respectively.

For predictable handling, the wheelbase is 48.9 inches, while the rake and trail are 26.5 degrees and 2.8 inches. With a wet weight of 240 pounds and a seat height of 30.7 inches, the Super Cub is simple to mount and inspires confidence in urban riding.

Honda 2021 Super Cub C125 Minimoto Bike

The headlight form of the Super Cub C125 is identical to that of the first-generation Super Cub due to the adoption of space-saving LED lighting. The meter consists of a digital center panel displaying two trip meters and a six-segment fuel-level indication and an analog speed display around the perimeter. An intelligent key enables users to lock the seat electrically.


125cc Fuel-Injected Engine

Nobody can beat Honda’s reputation for engines, and despite its tiny size, the Super Cub is a behemoth in terms of performance and dependability.

Easy To Park

Due to its small size, the Super Cub is simple to park in the city and shopping malls and stores when not in use. Always make a place for a Super Cub!

Hydraulic Front Disc Brake

The Super Cub has a 220mm front disc brake that provides superior stopping power. Even normal front-wheel ABS is included.


Four-speed semi-automatic transmission

The Super Cub’s four-speed semi-automatic gearbox is shifted with the left foot, similar to standard motorcycles. The interesting aspect, though, is that there is no clutch to worry about; you just toe and go.

Electric Seat Opener

Need to unlock the seat latch to refuel? Simply push a button; the Super Cub’s lock is electrically operated.

LED Lighting

In 1959, traditional light bulbs may have been advantageous, but 60 years later, the Super Cub has an LED lighting system.

Smart Key

The Super Cub, like our flagship Gold Wing, has a simple smart-key ignition.

Honda 2021 Super Cub C125 Minimoto Bike


Step-through chassis

It is one of the primary design characteristics that contributed to the Cub’s initial popularity. The step-through design of the Super Cub features frontal bodywork to screen the rider from wind and road spray. It is convenient and makes it simple to mount and off the bicycle.

Low Seat Height

With a seat height of approximately 30.7 inches, the Super Cub’s seat makes parking lots and stoplights a breeze.

Multi-Function Digital Instruments

Retro and contemporary combine in the Super Cub’s instruments. The handlebar-mounted instrumentation includes a speedometer, odometer, A&B trip meters, fuel gauge, clock, and low/high beam indication.

Round Headlight

The circular headlamp of the Super Cub has a nostalgic appearance, but its LED performance is very modern and delivers exceptional lighting and visibility.

Underseat Fuel Tank

With its one-gallon gasoline tank and excellent fuel economy, the Super Cub is a practical vehicle. The tank filler is located behind the seat, making it simple to reach.

Handling’s Standard ABS

Our front-wheel Anti-Lock Braking System (standard on the Super Cub) may greatly assist when stopping under less-than-ideal situations, such as on slick pavement or other damaged surfaces. It’s an excellent feature whether you’re using your new bike for commuting or simply riding for enjoyment since it gives you more confidence while stopping.

17-Inch Cast Wheels

The machine-finished cast design makes these wheels simpler to maintain clean than typical spoke wheels, which are large enough to glide along effortlessly.

Front Suspension

The front telescopic suspension of the Super Cub is partly integrated with the top bodywork. It looks fantastic and functions far better than the original leading-link design.

Tubeless Tires

The Super Cub has tubeless tires, another entirely contemporary element.

Twin Rear Shocks

The original Cub and the 2021 Super Cub both use dual shocks. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, they perform an excellent job of smoothing out the road.

Honda 2021 Super Cub C125 Minimoto Bike – Price

An all-new Honda 2021 Super Cub C125 Minimoto Bike is available at $3,749 only.

Honda 2021 Super Cub C125 Minimoto Bike – Technical Specifications


Engine Type 124.9cc, single-cylinder, air-cooled, four-stroke
Bore And Stroke 52.4mm x 57.9mm
Compression Ratios 9.3:1
Induction PGM-FI with automatic enrichment
Ignition Fully transistorized
Valve Train SOHC; two valves per cylinder

Drive Train

Transmission Four-speed semi-automatic
Final Drive #420 Chain; 14T/36T
Clutch Automatic centrifugal

Honda 2021 Super Cub C125 Minimoto Bike

Chassis Suspension Brakes

Front Suspension 26mm telescopic fork; 3.5 inches travel
Rear Suspension Twin shock; 3.6 inches travel
Front Brake Single 220mm hydraulic disc; ABS
Rear Brake Mechanical drum
Front Tire 70/90-17
Rear Tire 80/90-17


Rake (Caster Angle) 26.5°
Trail 2.8 inches
Wheelbase 48.9 inches
Seat Height 30.7 inches
Fuel Capacity 1.0 gallon
Curb Weight 240 pounds
Miles Per Gallon TBD MPG


Model ID C125A
Emissions Meets current EPA standards. Models sold in California meet everyday CARB
Standards may differ slightly due to emissions equipment.
Available Colors Pearl Nebula Red
Factory Warranty Information One Year Included Unlimited-mileage, limited warranty
Optional Extended Extended coverage available including a HondaCare Protection Plan


48.9-inch wheelbase, 26.5-degree rake, 2.8-inch trail. The 240-pound Super Cub is easy to mount and inspires confidence in urban riding. In 1959, conventional light bulbs were helpful, but the Super Cub used LEDs. The Super Cub’s 30.7-inch seat makes parking lots and stoplights easy.

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