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Honda 2019 CB650R ABS Powerful Sports Bike Review Specs Price

Honda has been exploring new prospects in the field of design and engineering. In 2018, the CB1000R and CB300R were given a new logo for Honda’s bare-metal motorcycle lineup. Under the “Neo Sports Cafe” design theme, it combines the inspiration of a cafe racer and an ultra-minimalist appearance. For the new aesthetics, there is still a distinct market segment to find expression: the competitive nude middleweight arena. For 2019, the new Honda 2019 CB650R ABS sturdy sports bike, which is previously known as CB650F, assumes this role with confidence.

Honda 2019 CB650R ABS Powerful Sports Bike – Features and Price


With Honda’s optional torque control system HSTC, the CB650R can give you peace of mind in harsh riding conditions. The system adjusts engine power to optimize rear-wheel torque, thereby reducing rear-wheel slip. You can turn it on or off using the switch on the handlebar. Smooth, almost seamless shifts and gear ratios match the way you want to ride: these are the two characteristics that make Honda touring so exciting.

Honda 2019 CB650R ABS Powerful Sports Bike

This Honda 2019 CB650R ABS sturdy sports bike comes with such an engine what Honda is best. The four-cylinder design makes it slide more smoothly and faster than most twins, and provides enough mid-to-low torque. It also provides enough power throughout the speed range. CB650R’s four-in-one exhaust system allows you to have power, style, and single roar at the same time.

CB650R adopts a dual-pipe air intake design, which aims to flush fresh, dense air into the airbox, thereby increasing horsepower. The change in valve timing and piston shape improves engine response, especially from idle to 8000 rpm, which is a significant advantage in urban environments. A multi-purpose bike like the CB650R needs enough cruising range, and a 4.1-gallon fuel tank can meet this requirement.

Silencers need to accomplish four things. They need to silence the engine without grabbing power, they need to help adjust the engine output, they need to sound great, and they are an essential element on any bike. The exhaust of the CB650R knocked it out of the park in all respects, and it sounds like only a four-cylinder inline can do it.

Honda 2019 CB650R ABS Powerful Sports Bike


Honda 2019 CB650R ABS sturdy sports bike looks unique because it is a brand-new design. The appearance of Neo-Sports Cafe combines pure sports bikes and bare sports elements. Sometimes less is more, and no matter where you ride, the CB650R will boldly declare its shape. The new aluminum wheels use “Y”-shaped spokes to help reduce unsprung weight. These lighter hoops have a more significant impact on handling than the figures alone.

It sounds like a big mouth, but it just means that the new CB650R has some great lines and looks flat. The double-layer candy paint of CB650R is coated with a nano-pigment transparent coating on top of the base coat. The aluminum flakes in the primer give the color a sparkling appearance-check it for yourself, and you will be fascinated.

Honda 2019 CB650R ABS Powerful Sports Bike

CB650R uses the same LED headlights as CB1000R. The border around the lights is black to emphasize a clear image. The LED lights are brighter and smaller than the traditional design, making a significant contribution to the fashion sense of the CB650R. Based on our CB1000R, the new LCD screen of Honda 2019 CB650R ABS sturdy sports bike features a digital speedometer and tachometer. It also includes a clock, odometer, trip meter, real-time, and average fuel consumption meter.


The front suspension of the CB650R showcases some leading technologies. The 41mm fork is equipped with Showa’s Independent Function Fork (SFF), which reduces weight, improves rigidity, and has excellent overall performance. The new aluminum lower three-in-one fixture makes the picture more perfect. The new CB650R has a substantial 310mm brake disc and is also equipped with radially mounted four-piston calipers. It results in a linear and easily adjustable high-quality sports motorcycle braking force.

Honda 2019 CB650R ABS Powerful Sports Bike

Compared with the previous model, the new auxiliary slip clutch reduces clutch operation by approximately 12% and reduces rear-wheel bounce during rapid downshifts. The new CB650R improves on the classic Honda design. The double beam frame combines the latest pivot plates, engine hangers, seat rails, and all other weight-reducing components. It is light and robust, laying the foundation for the excellent handling of the Honda 2019 CB650R ABS sturdy sports bike.


The handlebar of the bike has a significant impact on your relationship with the machine. We moved the CB650R bar 13mm forward and 8mm down (compared to the previous CB650F), and also changed the bending of the bar. Besides, the use of high-quality tapered section forgings can provide you with better front-end feedback. The 240mm hydraulic disc at the rear is complementary to the dual front discs and has sufficient braking power.

Honda 2019 CB650R ABS Powerful Sports Bike

One of the best rider-friendly aspects of the entire Neo-Sports Cafe design is how you sit on the CB650R. You are ready for an aggressive ride but still comfortable. You can check the surrounding situation. Your riding process can last for several hours, with almost no fatigue.

Honda 2019 CB650R ABS Powerful Sports Bike – Price

The new 2019 Honda CB650R is available at $9,199 only.

Honda 2019 CB650R ABS Powerful Sports Bike

Honda 2019 CB650R ABS Powerful Sports Bike – Technical Specifications


Engine Type 649cc liquid-cooled in-line four-cylinder
Bore And Stroke 67mm x 46mm
Induction PGM-FI with 32mm throttle bodies
Ignition Full transistorized
Compression Ratio 11.6:1
Valve Train DOHC; four valves per cylinder

Honda 2019 CB650R ABS Powerful Sports Bike Specs

Drive Train

Transmission Six-speed
Final Drive #525 Chain; 15T/42T

Chassis / Suspension / Brakes

Front Suspension 41mm fork; 4.25 inches travel
Rear Suspension Showa Single Shock; 5.04 inches travel
Front Brake Dual 320mm discs containing radial-mount 4-piston calipers; ABS
Rear Brake Single 240mm disc; ABS
Front Tire 120/70-17
Rear Tire 180/55-17

Honda 2019 CB650R ABS Powerful Sports Bike Specs


Rake (Caster Angle) 25.5degrees
Wheelbase 57inches
Trail 101 mm (4.0 inches)
Curb Weight 447pounds
Seat Height 31.9inches
Fuel Capacity 4.1gallons; including 0.8-gallon reserve
Miles Per Gallon TBD


Model ID CB650RA
Emissions The 2019 CB650R meets current EPA standards. The California versions meet the current CARB standards and may differ slightly due to emissions equipment.
Available Colors Chromosphere Red

Honda 2019 CB650R ABS Powerful Sports Bike Specs

Factory Warranty Information

One Year Included The transferable, unlimited-mileage limited warranty
Optional Extended Extended coverage was available with a HondaCare Protection Plan®

Honda 2019 CB650R ABS Powerful Sports Bike


The DOHC inline-4 of the 2019 CB650R is such a smooth and easy-to-use kit. It provides a lot of low-end pokes on city streets. Honda 2019 CB650R ABS sturdy sports bike has a neutral riding position, which is very suitable for everyday riders.

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