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Harley-Davidson’s 2020 Let’s Ride Challenge

Milwaukee, WI (July 29, 2020) For over 117 years, the two-wheeler experience is part of Harley-Davidson’s global social group and partial journey of spiritual relaxation. Now, more than ever, Harley-Davidson is showing the power of riding with a long-running challenge and the brand has proudly announced the Harley-Davidson’s 2020 Let’s Ride Challenge.

Through ride-related activities, participants received Late Ride Challenge entries for a chance to win two-wheeled community and spirit-celebrating prizes, including custom drawings and additional awards for the Harley-Davidson Low Rider S motorcycle in 2020.

“More than making machines, Harley-Davidson is an unpleasant pursuit of escape,” said John Bukai, general manager of brand marketing. “Let’s Ride Challenge Harley Davidson invites you to explore the adventures of riding a social distance to free the soul for all riders in these troublesome times in Chile.”

Harley-Davidson’s 2020 Let’s Ride Challenge

Let’s Ride Challenge:

Harley Riders can earn entries by participating in the following:

  • Join the Let’s Ride Challenge to gain five entries
  • Join the Let’s Ride challenge by using the Harley-Davidson app and path miles
  • Ride 0 – 600 miles to gain five entries
  • Ride 601-1200 miles to earn an extra five entries
  • Demo Harley-Davidson® motorcycles
  • Demo a Harley-Davidson® bike for five entries
  • Payoff 2nd demo ride for an additional five entries
  • Income Harley-Davidson Riding Secondary school New Rider Course of instruction and acquire to ride to gain 15 entries

Harley-Davidson’s 2020 Let’s Ride Challenge

Ride Epic Rides:

As part of 2020 Let’s Ride Challenge, Harley-Davidson has organized rides for enthusiastic members of the Harley-Davidson community and dealerships to provide alternative ways to get out of the garage and start riding again.

There are three types of rides to discover through dealerships or the app while promoting safe and socially far rides.

  • Short Rides: Maybe it’s been a minute since the last ride around this block or seeing something new. These short rides help you adjust to your daily routine.
  • Day Ride: Nothing more than a full day of riding helps control the riding season. This day ride helps plan an epic day trip.
  • Overnight Ride: Take a ride to have fun what it means to walk on an open road, crossing no state lines. These riders will help you plan an epic trip during the trip responsibly.

We invite all riders and all skilled people to live on two wheels:

  • Ask your local Harley-Davidson dealership about fellows with motorcyclists to experience alternative ways to interact with the riding family and discover new rides.
  • Download the Harley-Davidson official app to plan a route and share it with friends, track a ride, and find an epic trip nearby.

Harley-Davidson’s 2020 Let’s Ride Challenge

Win a Brand new Custom Harley-Davidson Low Rider S Motorcycle:

This 2020 Low Rider S Motorcycle is custom-celebrating how the society and gathering of motorcycle rallies have influenced Harley-Davidson motorcycle creating by mental acts. The Custom Low Rider S motorcycle is inspired by the 1980 FXB Sturges and characteristic a combining of 117 Stage IV kits and Harley Davidson parts and accessories.

In improvement, each week it will indiscriminately select a winner to strengthen the Harley-Davidson All-purpose Merchandise and Yoder Smokers ™ Competitive Pellet Girl.

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