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Harley-Davidson 2017 Street 750 Review Specs Price

The all-new Harley-Davidson 2017 Street 750 is one of the best bikes with the incredible design of Harley-Davidson Company. The bike has the fantastic design with excellent suspension and braking system. The chassis of the motorcycle has provided maximum reliability and is modified for urban mobility. The optional ABS brakes are fully functioning. It offers plenty of styles and has the powerful engine that delivers excellent torque and incredible acceleration. The new Harley-Davidson 2017 Street 750 gives rider to tune option of paint to compliment the silver engine fins and the wheel pinstripe. The fun of the ride starts when the traffic light turns green. The review of Harley-Davidson 2017 Street 750 with specification and price are written below.

Harley-Davidson 2017 Street 750

Harley-Davidson 2017 Street 750 – Specification and Price


The new Harley-Davidson 2017 Street 750 comes with the powerful engine of 749 cubic centimeters of authentic, liquid-cooled system. Liquid cooling simply means it maintains the temperature and performance of an engine. The response to the progressive throttle of the engine is impressive. Since this is the driving force behind Harley-Davidson Company, it is built for maximum satisfaction of the rider. The engine has 60-degree cylinder with four valves per head. The engine delivers plenty of torque and acceleration. Rider just turns on the ignition and feel the power and roar of this unreal driver. The new Harley-Davidson 2017 Street 750 comes with the 6-speed transmission which provides great and smooth gear shifting. It provides easy to stay in the powerband when the rider is changing speeds and riding through traffic. The sixth gear is very helpful when a rider is running on the highway.

Harley-Davidson 2017 Street 750 Engine


The new Harley-Davidson 2017 Street 750 bike comes with the incredibly lightweight and compact frame. The frame is redesigned for urban mobility. Every inch of the frame is designed according to of the demands of navigating the urban landscape. It has the narrow and nimble profile of about 60.4 inches of wheelbase that keeps the handling of bike easier. The quick moves and turns are made possible in this model, and the engine is liquid cooled so rider should not need to get worried about the temperature of the engine. Rider feels confident when he is in the saddle. The bike comes with the low weight and low center of gravity. The new Harley-Davidson 2017 Street 750 provides the excellent riding position to the rider. This bike features slightly-forward mid-mount foot controls for the best riding position that will keep the rider comfortable but confident enough to face the traffic and city roads. It is the fact that the low speed is the test of every rider, so the rake and trail angles on its front end of the motorcycle are optimized for low-speed maneuverability. So now the rider should not need to get worried about riding in low speed or riding on any obstacles. The 2017 Street 750 comes with the two-up seat with the footpegs for the passenger. So rider can enjoy the long ride with someone who is close to him. The seat height of the bike is just 28 inches off the ground, and the frame is narrow which makes the reach of the rider very easy. The new bike has the low center of gravity, and it gives an easy reach to the ground so rider should not need to get worried about the maneuvering at low speed.

Harley-Davidson 2017 Street 750


The all-new Harley-Davidson 2017 Street 750 comes with the incredible ergonomic design with quite an impressive chassis color combination. The design of the bike is upgraded to keep the palm of the rider onto clutch levers. The shocks of the motorcycle are specially tuned according to the requirement of the vehicle. The shocks are also upgraded for the weight of the vehicle, a geometry of the frame and according to the position of the rider. This upgraded design results in a shape of smooth ride and outstanding handling.

Wheels and brakes

The new Harley-Davidson 2017 Street 750 comes with the excellent combination of wheels, tires, and brakes. The bike has the wheelbase of just 60.4 inches which only means the bike allows for tight turning radius and quick response to the rider. Now with the upgraded settings the U-turn is not a problem. The bike also has the 17 inch of front wheel which is paired with the 15-inch wheel in the rear. This combination is another example that this motorcycle has been developed by keeping the demand of urban society in mind. The bike features the single disc brakes with the dual piston caliper for maximum braking power.

Harley-Davidson 2017 Street 750

Other features

The all-new Harley-Davidson 2017 Street 750 bike comes with the best features of all time. The bike has incredible handlebars that have the 3.5 inches of electronic speedometer installed in it. The speedometer provides the complete information to the rider with odometer, trip meter, and the LED indicator lights. The speedometer has the hot coolant light in it just to make sure that rider is keeping the jugs running at the nice even temperature. Quick turns and quick moves are easy when you are riding the Harley-Davidson 2017 Street 750. It has the pullback handlebar and the light front end that make for a smooth sweep from the lock to lock.

Harley-Davidson 2017 Street 750 – Price

With all above exciting features with the powerful engine and incredible chassis. The all-new Harley-Davidson 2017 Street 750 comes with the price tag of $7,549 only.

Harley-Davidson 2017 Street 750 – Specs


Engine  Type Liquid-cooled, Revolution X™ V-Twin
Bore 3.35 inches
Stroke 2.6 inches
Displacement 46 cubic inches
Compression Ratio 11:1
Fuel System Mikuni Single Port Fuel Injection, 38mm of bore

Harley-Davidson 2017 Street 750 Engine


Exhaust Black Two- into one exhaust
Wheels, Front Type Black, 7-Spoke Cast Aluminum with the Machined Rim Highlights
Wheels, Rear Type Black, 7-Spoke Cast Aluminum with Machined Rim Highlights
Brakes, Caliper Type 2-piston floated front and back


Length 87.6 inches
Seat Height, Laden 25.7 inches
Seat Height, Unladen 28 inches
Ground Clearance 5.7 inches
Rake (steering head) (deg) 32
Trail 4.5 inches
Wheelbase 60.4 inches
Tires, Front Specification 100/80 R17
Tires, Rear Specification 140/75 R15
Fuel Capacity 3.5 gallons
Oil Capacity (w/filter) 3.3 qt.
Weight, As Shipped 455 lb.
Weight, In Running Order 489 lb.

Harley-Davidson 2017 Street 750 Specs

Drive Train

Primary Drive Gear, 36/68 ratio
Gear Ratios (overall) 1st 14.272
Gear Ratios (overall) 2nd 10.074
Gear Ratios (overall) 3rd 7.446
Gear Ratios (overall) 4th 6.006
Gear Ratios (overall) 5th 5.037
Gear Ratios (overall) 6th 4.533


Engine Torque Testing Method J1349
Engine Torque 44.5 ft-lb
Engine Torque (rpm) 4,000
Lean Angle, Right (deg.) 28.5
Lean Angle, Left (deg.) 28.5
Fuel Economy: Combined City/Hwy 54.5 mpg

Harley-Davidson 2017 Street 750 Specs


Lights (as per country regulation), Indicator Lamps High beam, low fuel warning, neutral, turn signals, low oil pressure, engine diagnostics
Gauges 3.5-inch electronic speedometer with high-beam, neutral, low oil pressure, turn signals, engine diagnostics, low fuel warning, blade key ignition, fork lock, and locking gas cap


The review with specification and price of newly launched Harley-Davidson 2017 Street 750 is covered under www.bikescatalog.com today. This article provides complete detail and information about this incredible bike.

Harley-Davidson 2017 Street 750

It is an excellent bike with great features newly launched by Harley-Davidson Company, so be the first to purchase his Harley-Davidson bike before it gets too late and enjoy its ride with your friends and don’t worry about the handling and cornering, a motorcycle is excellently responsive in this case. Leave your comment about this bike here.

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