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Freeride E-SX 2017 KTM Best Electric Powered Dirt Bike

It was impossible before to have a dirt bike with zero emissions and no noise pollution. After the great efforts and efforts of KTM engineers, they have launched the dirt bike with no contamination. The new Freeride E-SX 2017 KTM is fantastic dirt bike that requires electric power to run; it does not need gasoline that ends up in a lot of emissions. This electric powered dirt bike is extremely impressive and is economical and environmental friendly as well. The electric motor of the new Freeride E-SX 2017 KTM has an output of 16 kW and has a torque of 42 Nm. The power pack of this bike can be recharged completely in 80 minutes only.

Freeride E-SX 2017 KTM

Freeride E-SX 2017 KTM – Specification and Pictures

Powerful Drive Package

The all-new Freeride E-SX 2017 KTM has an impressive electric motor that consists up of permanent magnet synchronous motor in a new disc armature design. This power plant is compact and slim, and it can generate the torque of 42 Nm with the first twist of grip. The electric motor ensures the automatic power delivery. This motor can deliver the peak power of 16 kW and can supply the continuous supply of 11 kW of power. The liquid cooling system of this bike is working well that gives the best output even at high temperature. The new Freeride E-SX 2017 KTM has no clutch and shifting system, the rider just twists the race and enjoy the ride. The power pack of this KTM Bike consist up of 260 volts and has weighed only 28 kg.

Freeride E-SX 2017 KTM motor

This power pack gives the pleasure riding of one hour. But don’t worry, the recharging process of this bike is very fast. It only needs 50 minutes to charge 80% and 80 minutes to charge full 100%. The new Freeride E-SX 2017 KTM allows a fixed transmission ratio to be used. There is no need of clutch in this bike. Rider just needs to twist the throttle and ride this great bike. The electric motor, battery, and the power electrics are completely dust and waterproof. So this bike is prepared for the toughest off-road trips. The new power electronics convert the throttle actuation into the controllable and sports propulsion. This multi-functional instrument is located between the steering head. The new seat allows the rider to choose between any three different ride modes. i.e. Economy, Standard, and Advanced. The external battery charger of the motor can be connected to any 230-volt power socket to charge this system. It can also be attached conveniently to the KTM power pack installed in this vehicle.

Freeride E-SX 2017 KTM motor

Revolutionary Vehicle Concept

The KTM Brand is setting the new standard concerning response, traction, performance, and handling. The series of Freeride is a development made in Austria. These electric bikes are made to have a best performance and quality. The new Freeride E-SX 2017 KTM dirt bike drive smoothly with its powered electric motor. The motor concept used in this bike opens up completely new fields of use in urban and suburban areas. This bike made the off-road and endured riding very smooth and full of fun.

Slender Bodywork

The bodywork of the new Freeride E-SX 2017 KTM is designed for the practical ergonomics, and it offers unrestricted freedom of movement to the rider. It has got the extremely slender seat and the spoiler line that has best contact points between the rider and the machine. It has got the modern graphics, and overall body of the bike is extremely lightweight. The levers of braking system are placed at the left and right of the handlebar. The rider can now apply brakes with the help of both hands instead of feet. The seat of this bike allows unrestricted freedom of movement. The seat offers minimally higher padding at the rear, and it provides the best riding comfort. This seat can be tipped up easily to gain access to the Power Pack system. This seat has the usual height of 900 mm that offers excellent riding experience. The wheels of the dirt bike are good. It has high-end GIANT alloy wheels with the CNC-machined hubs and the ultra-light aluminum spokes nipples, which are fitted with the new tires from Maxxis. The wheel has the TrailMaxx of (2.75-21) up-front and the MaxxEnduro (120/90-18) at the rear. Both of them offers excellent grip and great traction. The braking system of this bike has the lightweight wave disc brake that has the bolted brake calipers with the new four pistons attached at the front and two at the rear. The design of this bike is similar to the 2017 Freeride E-XC KTM.

Freeride E-SX 2017 KTM

Sporty Lightweight Construction

The all-new Freeride E-SX 2017 KTM comes with the best and lightweight frame design. This motor of the bike acts as the load bearing element with the additional support from the solid aluminum base plate. The chassis ensure the optimum stiffness and ultimate safety even on bigger jumps. This dirt bike has the light and extremely solid plastic sub-frame that has integrated grip that provides a sufficient hold. The new cast aluminum swingarm excels with the little weight and has been designed to support the new suspension system that contains the frame and springs with the targeted flexibility in the direction of oscillation.  The all-new Freeride E-SX 2017 KTM dirt bike has the new and high-quality CNC-machined triple clamps. The new WP of 43 mm of upside down fork with the 250 mm of suspension travel provides the excellent stability with the good damping. The new fork has the sporty setting with the PDS shock absorber from the WP, from which the progressive spring provides the superb protection from bottoming out. The new rebound and compression damping are adjustable.

Freeride E-SX 2017 KTM – Specs


Electric Motor Permanent magnet synchronous motor in a disc armature design
Rated Output 11 kW (15 hp) @ 5500 rpm
Max. Power 16 kW (22 hp) @ 4500 rpm
Torque 42 Nm
Cooling Liquid cooled
Traction Battery Lithium-ion KTM PowerPack (easily removed)
Rated Voltage 260 V
Transmission Single speed transmission
Primary Drive 1:2.4
Secondary Gear Ratio 11:48

Freeride E-SX 2017 KTM specs


Frame Design Perimeter steel-aluminium composite frame
Front Suspension WP upside-down Ø 43 mm
Rear Suspension WP PDS shock absorber
Suspension Travel (Front) 250 mm
Suspension Travel (Rear) 260
Front Brake Disc brake
Rear Brake Disc brake
Front Brake Disc Diameter 260 mm
Rear Brake Disc Diameter 230 mm
Chain 5/8 x 1/4.”
Steering Head Angle 67 °
Wheelbase 1418 ± 10 mm
Ground Clearance 320 mm
Sear Height 910 mm
Weight Ready to Race 108 kg

Freeride E-SX 2017 KTM Specs


The all-new Freeride E-SX 2017 KTM electric dirt bike is an impressive bike. This article provides complete information about this dirt bike. This bike is economical and has superb recharging timing. The chassis is lightweight and perfectly ergonomic. The seat offers maximum freedom of movement. The braking system is fully functional, and rider can operate both brakes using his hands instead of feet. The suspension system is impressive. This dirt bike is pretty impressive, and one should purchase and ride this bike.

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