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Comparative motorcycles Kawasaki Z800 vs Z750R

In the beginning of 2013, a Kawasaki Z drives out some another, new Kawasaki Z 800 fascinating the changing of Z 750, raises waited and strategic of the ex-best sale French motorcycle. Here thus on motorcycle-station an ultimate arm wrestling enters the last Kawasaki Z750R and the news Kawasaki Z800. Evolution or revolution, Answers here, measurements weightings and passages to the driving on the bench support.

Comparative motorcycles Kawasaki Z800 vs Z750R: What of the mouth?

For Kawasaki, Z750 is a goose that lays the golden eggs, having succeeded in marking the spirits as of its arrival in 2004 thanks to a services ratio/rolled/all the more unbeatable price as the direct competition was long much in arriving (Yamaha FZ8 in 2010 and Suzuki GSR 750 in 2011).
What to understand why Z corners are at the top of the sales of the motorcycles of more than 125 Cm3 from its exit in France. Kawasaki Z 750 evolved in 2007 and practically thereafter, except the version R launched in 2011 like a last-ditch struggle.
We thus expected such a revolution – new engine, news part-cycle – with the arrival announced in 2013 of its replacing. But if the esthetics of the roadster mid size of reference at the very least evolved, one cannot say as much the data sheet of it.
Then, for better measuring the traversed way, we decided to oppose the news of Kawasaki Z800 2013 to Kawasaki Z750R 2012, since the 800 is supposed to replace the version R while Z800e takes over of Z 750 standard.

Comparative motorcycles Kawasaki Z800 vs Z750R: What of the mouth?

Of sleeve with Gang Nam Style!

With the handlebar of Kawasaki Z800, I find Midi who already began the photographs of details of Kawasaki Z750R. One time is not habit; our motorcycles of test are lent to us by their owners, quasi new and fitted their pneumatic tires of series.
On the level of the style, any possible doubt: Kawasaki played of the scalpel to make pass Kawasaki Z800 of sleeve Style to the Gang Nam Style! Enough joke: Kawasaki Z800 brings really the new one in the kind.
More complex, its preparing consists of one plus a large number of parts but does not let appear any screws and bolts or almost. Besides it was a strategy produced openly asserted by Kawasaki, this doubled line of a licked completion, in phase with waiting’s of the customers of Z. One likes or not, but its completion of Z800 is successful. If Z750R thus takes a small blow of old man, it preserves arguments: a successful dress, way old school, to which the gold rims adds a key classifies.
In addition, the Kawasaki Z750R embarks equipment more prestigious than that of new Kawasaki Z800; in particular a pretty oscillating aluminum arm inherited Z 1000, whereas its replacment is satisfied with a classical oscillating steel arm, carefully equipped with masks. When the Z750R displays a braking before very radial, Z800 is satisfied with classical clamps 4 axial pistons.
On the technical plan, one thus notes like a return behind Z800, for which one inevitably should not trust. We recently saw it with the Suzuki GSR 750 which, on the technical plan and esthetics, regressed compared to a richly equipped GSR 600 (tallies and oscillating aluminum arm…), whereas the last roadster Suzuki general public presents a definitely favorable dynamic assessment. But let us take control of both Z to have the heart Net of it.

Comparative motorcycles Kawasaki Z800 vs Z750R: What of the mouth?

Plastic surgery but without liposuction

And there, it is felt well that there is not only the decoration which changes. Kawasaki Z 800 shows itself higher, but less corpulent (and due, its tank lost 1.5 liters), moreover, one discovers a new ergonomics more rocked forwards, with arms more isolated than on Kawasaki Z 750 R.
The environment of edge also changes radically. Exit the classical instrument panel equipped with a needle rev counter which overhangs the t-piece of fork of the Z750R, Z 800 for its part raise a compact block of instruments, placed downwards and which releases space around the headlight completely. That points out Ducati a Street fighter or unquestionable Buell, with the odd feeling to approach the nose gear wheel enormously.
During the operations to stop, one does not note a notable difference on the level of the weight. Balance with the support, both Z displays both of 228.4 kg, but our Kawasaki Z800 of loan does not have ABS (contrary to the Kawasaki Z750R). While passing from the one with the other, with normal pace, one has the feeling to change motorcycle well, would this be only in term of ergonomics, from now on more favorable to more than 1.75 Mr. environment offered by Z 800 fact of aging Z 750 R, and one rather quickly finds with control the weak points of this almost young person reprocessed.

Comparative motorcycles Kawasaki Z800 vs Z750R: What of the mouth?

More homogeneous Z800, and sharper too

First of all, Kawasaki Z750R refuses the setting on the angle, and then plunges to the cord in a not very progressive way. The return of grip of Dunlop D210 which is specific for him is not very reassuring either. One thus notes a significant progress by taking control of Kawasaki Z800, more precise of direction, more at ease in the changes of course around the point medium when one passes from one angle to the other. It is shown more natural in turn, one force much less to register it on the angle. New Dunlop D214 should not be foreign there.
With a more incisive behavior, Kawasaki Z 800 thus gives desire for playing, a rejoicing which lasts only a time. Because as soon as the rhythm increases, one finds oneself quickly with having to compose with the weight of the animal and his geometry of direction optimized in the absence of being redefined. Thus, Kawasaki Z800 gives a feeling of lightness and higher precision on good coating vis-a-vis Z 750 R, but also shows itself more sensitive to braking on the angle, with a direction which more seeks to be rectified. Side directional stability, Z 800 is higher on good coating: impeccable stability, precision of placement, it is better!
In addition, Z 800 makes it possible to stop quickly… on condition that drawing extremely on the lever, but proportioning is not more obvious. Z750R, equipped better, does not propose a really better feeling. It in almost disappointing even if the malicious radial clamps of brake propose even more power, on is undoubtedly too much wet!

Comparative motorcycles Kawasaki Z800 vs Z750R: What of the mouth?

58 Cm3 of approval moreover

To the wire of the kilometers, one realizes that the engine of the news Kawasaki Z800 progresses more in approval than in performances. In terms top speed for example, both Z are held in a handkerchief. On the other hand, the 800 catches cold 750R in recoveries, whether it is with bottom or mid–mode.
More than the variation of couple measured on the bench (just 0.1 mkg), it is obviously the shortened transmission of Z 800 which enables him to outdistance its elder. Two teeth moreover with the crown also bring an addition of engine brake, as appreciable of everyday usage as penalizing of use sporting with a report too.
In all logic, the Z750R can oppose a more conclusive lengthening-piece to him, with a more angry flight last 7,500 tr/min. In comparison, Z 800 is shown linear, and to final, an interesting potential in terms of power and couple presents: accelerations and recoveries are always with go, even if the new less sound exhaust suggests the reverse.

Comparative motorcycles Kawasaki Z800 vs Z750R: What of the mouth?

To note – but that can be a charge to our motorcycles of loan “left case” -, Kawasaki Z800 showed a drive filling more pleasant, good, stripped of jolt or hollow, with current pace. The passage of the Keihin injection in Mikuni is undoubtedly not foreign there.
Remaining as the delicate chapter of the comfort, which was never the strong point of Z750. On Z800, the vibrations are better filtered, contained with part of the tank, whereas they are quite present in the handlebar and the footrests of Z750R. L’ damping progress slightly, in particular in the back, thanks to a centered shock absorber that is especially associated with a new rod.
For as much, Kawasaki Z800 remains a dry motorcycle as a whole, which is wild neither about the small backs of donkey nor of the potholes. One is far well, as comparison, of the effect “carpet flying” of a BMW F800R.

Comparative motorcycles Kawasaki Z800 vs Z750R: What of the mouth?

Assessment: This is an evolution

Time to empty stocks in this beginning of 2013; the last Kawasaki Z750 will cohabit in concessions with the Z800 news, coldly unloaded of Thailand. The dealers will thus have to answer an essential question: is it necessary to take new Z 800 (8 899 € or 9,499 € in version ABS) whereas Z750R is displayed 200 € of less?
If we must make a choice on the basis of rate catalog, driving approval, the ergonomics and the homogeneity of Z 800 would undoubtedly guide us. But promotions to probably come on Z750 will have to make Z addicts hesitate.

Kawasaki Z800 2013

Comparative motorcycles Kawasaki Z800 vs Z750R: What of the mouth?

Kawasaki Z750R 2013

Comparative motorcycles Kawasaki Z800 vs Z750R: What of the mouth?

Within two years, which will be worth the Z750 on the second-hand market? Beyond these commercial considerations, we will retain especially that Kawasaki betted on the esthetics of Kawasaki Z800 with an aim of being maintained in the top of the sales motorcycle in France, more finally than on its technique, like our measurements and feelings show it. A paying choice the next months will tell us.

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