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2013 Aprilia SRV 850 ABS-ATC Review

To benefit from the performances of 2013 Aprilia SRV 850 ABS-ATC (the most powerful scooter in the world) with a maximum of serenity, the firm of Neale proposes a version equipped with electronic assistance. ABS for braking and the adjustable ATC for motility unload for the first time on a maxi scooter.

With a long prize list like the arm in the championships of speed world 125 and 250 Cm3 and a title in WSBK taken down by Max Biaggi in 2010, Aprilia constituted an image of most sporting. However, the trans-alpine manufacturer does not make only motorcycles “which go quickly”: he also develops the scooters, and in particular most powerful of the market, the SRV 850.

2013 Aprilia SRV 850 ABS-ATC

To offer a racy image to this maximum born Gilera GP 800 pennies the Gilera banner – policy of group obliges! – Aprilia created to him a pure look taking as a starting point that of Superbike RSV4. But it is not all! On the new version of ABS that we propose to you today with the test 2013 Aprilia SRV 850 ABS-ATC also embarks the ATC, anti-skid derived from that of the APRC house, which equips the RSV4 and thunder V4R.

Less elaborate in terms of possibilities of adjustments, however he proposes two positions – Standard and Sport – more or less intrusive: what to control the 76 horses of the animal and especially to contain its 7.64 daN.m of maximum couple. Really useful however this vice of technology on a scooter swift the answer here!

2013 Aprilia SRV 850 ABS-ATC

The ATC Aprilia: An easily adjustable “traction control” with the handlebar

We had tested the standard version of 2013 Aprilia SRV 850 ABS-ATC last March (test with reading here). It is in known ground that we are installed today on the saddle of the version equipped with the electronic assistance to braking and acceleration. Only some small details recall us that our testing machine is actually equipped with systems ABS-ATC. Already, with the instrument panel, an indicator Sport holds good place in the middle of the instrumentation. Then with the handlebar, a new button managing the passage between the two modes is installed on the right control unit.

When the 2013 Aprilia SRV 850 ABS-ATC is started, traction Standard control is activated: it is the best mode adapted to the least experienced pilots. If one pushes button ATC towards the line more than two seconds, the Sport mode (booked with the “initiates”) engages and the indication Sport is illuminated with the instrument panel. While remaining more than two seconds on the left this time, one disables the assistance with motility.

ABS is on the other hand disconnecting. The ergonomics of the orders is good and the comfortable saddle. With a low height of base, only 780 mm of the ground, the SRV are a little more accessible. With the floor, your servant (1,83m) easily finds place for his feet, but cannot suitably extend its legs. Contact! Mechanics is brined with pleasure, the double exit letting escape a monotonous chant quite pleasant, suitable for the architecture of the V-engines. Nice, we now take the road for our first gallop test on the assisted SRV…

2013 Aprilia SRV 850 ABS-ATC

2013 Aprilia SRV 850 ABS-ATC: Well parametrized modes

In Standard mode, while rolling with flexibility on the long straight lines, clean and dry the beginning of our tour, one hardly feels the intervention of the ATC. And yet, it functions! Indeed, if nothing on the way announces the setting in swing of the system to the takeoff – even gas into large motility remains very good – of some roundabouts an orange indicator flickering is brought in action to the level of the instrument panel.

Because when one requests the accelerator at mean velocity on the angle, the consequent couple of V-twin with mid–mode somewhat makes slip the aft wheel. By intervention on the accelerator, this tiny slip is then corrected as of the first signs of evasions, those being, it should be well admitted, perceivable for the common run of the pilots.

2013 Aprilia SRV 850 ABS-ATC

It is by rectifying the machine that one finds the intervention of the system one nothing too long for the initiates, but who should reassure the greatest number a priori, in particular when the one is taken along on wet road. Exit cast control. The rhythm accelerates and we find new mode Standard ATC increasingly intrusive, even penalizing when it is necessary to start again the animal with leaving a pin or a tight turn.

There, one opens into large, but before a few meters, it does not occur anything! Ripe for the Sport mode, we thus place ourselves now on the second mapping and discover an adjustment where slip of the back are more marked. The experienced motorcyclists will appreciate. One can indeed extremely roll as so of nothing, the ATC fixed on the Sport mode intervening intelligently, cutting the gauzes only with the approach of the limit of adherence, whereas the standard mode is much more preventive.

Test Aprilia SRV 850 ABS-ATC

Powerful, but not-coupled ABS

Force is to recognize the system effectiveness ATC – however deprived of the least sensor of slope – on the torque maxi scooter. The scheme of this presentation did not enable us to carry out tests under the rain, but in case of figure we imagine the essential option as much the performances of the machine impress. Because 2013 Aprilia SRV 850 ABS-ATC is a true catapult offering true strong feelings “As at the house” one would be tempted to say, since the position of control is much more releasing that on most motorcycles.

Test Aprilia SRV 850 ABS-ATC

Without realizing it, one thus reaches high speeds (205 km/h with the meter at a peak), but bracings are here and are controlled with serenity, thanks to ABS associated with the two discs before 300 mm and the back disc of 280 placed on it. Admittedly, this ABS is not coupled as at Honda, but it shines for its effectiveness when the two levers in concert are requested. It is very difficult to slow down the scooter if only the back element is activated, ABS taking up duty then too quickly. On the other hand, when only the front one is slowed down, the system does not start in an inopportune way.

Test Aprilia SRV 850 ABS-ATC

Assessment: Hyper puissant, certainly, but very reassuring

2013 Aprilia SRV 850 ABS-ATC is a weapon being able to be put between all the hands, which are unquestionably not the case of the version deprived of electronic assistance’s. Concentrated on the new options of the maxi scooter, we thus did not remake here a complete test on this machine (for that we invite you to read or read again the test of electronic Aprilia SRV 850 without audience). Let us say only that in spite of its consequent weight, 280.2 kg all full facts on the balance bikescatalog, SRV ABS-ATC profit from proven dynamic qualities.

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