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BMW F800GS vs Triumph Tiger 800 XC

Today we are going to cover the comparison review of BMW F800GS vs Triumph Tiger 800 XC. Are the trails of rolled average still fighters? If they always convey dreams of African plains in full heart of the Limousine, are they still with the height? For the knowledge, we confronted the news BMW F800GS with the Triumph Tiger 800 XC. Two modern trails which respect the codes of the kind for a duet shock, which has the knack to be rolled in mud!

BMW F800GS vs Triumph Tiger 800 XC

BMW F800GS vs Triumph Tiger 800 XC: The comparative one

The sporting ones which take 300 km/h, it appears… then it is finished. On their side, the motor bike of the GT type became ultra technological and out of price as well. Because with their adventurous looks, the news BMW F800GS 2013 and Triumph Tiger 800 XC recall a time indeed when the trail represented a true current of thought motored, combining aspects practical with the daily newspaper and dreamed of African tracks.

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Comparative motor bikes BMW F800GS vs Triumph Tiger 800 XC: Trails fighters by nature

Triumph Tiger 800 XC: A trail Triumph inspired well

Fortunately that they are not of the same color because the resemblance between these two motor bikes is disconcerting. Hurled silhouette, tallies tubular out of steel, inevitable nozzle of duck: Tiger resembles like a binocular the BMW F800GS, taking again with the letter the aesthetic codes which hit the bull’s eye near the customers trail of today. Rare concession with “making as” (as Chorally Couture sings it on his last album), Triumph chose here not to copy the asymmetrical glance of the German trail, which confers a little bit of aesthetic personality suitable for the XC.

Side taken over, Triumph Tiger 800 XC is done – third cylinder obliges – slightly more opulent than BMW F800GS. The saddle of Tiger culminates to 845 mm in low position against 850 mm for the GS. The questionarises that all the small gauges are posed is thus the following one: on which I do not touch the ground of the two feet? Well, in fact here the BMW F800GS 2013 shows itself most delicate when meter 70 is come very close to. But it is also finer, which helps to tighten the legs: the arcade with the more important crotch on Triumph is hardly more pleasing for the courts on legs, but “less bad” in any case.

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Side ergonomics, BMW F 800 GS amazingly with a broad handlebar which is very high, and immediately gives desire for being put upright, the ankles tightened well around this motor bike posting a beautiful general smoothness. Triumph Tiger 800 XC shows itself more roads: lower handlebar, although raised compared to that of Triumph Tiger 800, column steering further in front of him thus conferring more “livable space” that on the German.

Comparative motor bikes BMW F800GS vs Triumph Tiger 800 XC: Trails fighters by nature

BMW F800GS: The sporting trail according to BMW

The news says that the BMW F800GS directly imposes the sporting environment which we had already raised during our first African southern test. BMW is shown damned nimble and lives, as much of direction than of engine. In comparison, Triumph Tiger 800 XC fact unquestionably more middle-class: less alarm to be climbed in the turns, less nimble, presenting inertia more marked to the release of the turn…

Downtown, BMW F800GS really plays between the bumpers thanks to a turning radius worthy of a mob’ while its rear view mirrors pass to the top of those of the cars, including vans! There are dispatch riders which would not spit on such aptitudes, but the Bavarian one is shown also less resting that the English one. It is necessary that its engine is regulated perfectly to bring a satisfactory flexibility. Moreover, certain models suffered from jolts or hollows marked with acceleration.

That did not Triumph; three cylinders of 800 Cm3 makes velvet leg. It begins again low than the vertical twin of BMW – 1500 tr/min approximately in third for example – whereas BMW requires opening the accelerator delicately. It goes from there almost of the same side gear box, the F 800 GS imposing a locking franker than Triumph Tiger 800 XC softer on this point.

Comparative motor bikes BMW F800GS vs Triumph Tiger 800 XC: Trails fighters by nature

Triumph Tiger 800 XC savings its crew

This feeling of “mechanical roundness” is confirmed on the road: in good three-cylinders, Triumph proposes a judicious compromise between flexibility, couple, and power with high mode. Relatively linear, this engine is characterized by an availability of every moment and a brake more present, which give sometimes the illusion of a mechanics of stronger cubic capacity. One would almost forget to throw an eye with the indicator of so much committed report Triumph Tiger 800 XC has sufficient resource to start again itself with low mode.

Simply, BMW forces to be in the good tempo, as in these roundabouts which pollute our roads. Comfortably fixed with less than 6.000 rev / min to 130 km / h on Triumph and well protected by a more generous bubble, one takes the time to look at the landscape. The BMW, which turns even less quickly (5 000 tr/min only at the same speed), more makes suffer the posterior one, because of its saddle way “log”.

If the ESA in option (the electronic adjusting device of the suspension) makes it possible well to soften the shocks, a firm saddle remains a firm saddle… Not counting the BMW F 800 GS distils vibrations more sensitive in the buttocks and the feet to the liking of the goings beyond and the fluctuations of driving mode.

Incidentally, if the rhythm is still raised, one seeks a better position to put back his cervical vertebrae. It is understood that except options supporting comfort on board, the F 800 GS will be shown less resting that Triumph on long course. 800 XC household belongs to the beaches of mode tarnished a little by small vibrations, which do not generate important swarming for as much.

Comparative motor bikes BMW F800GS vs Triumph Tiger 800 XC: Trails fighters by nature

BMW F800GS likes when that turns

With hillside, a sequence of curves emphasizes the higher agility of BMW F 800 GS. However, Triumph Tiger 800 XC is not much heavier (3.4 kilos all full facts), but its distribution of the masses and its higher centre of gravity penalize it in the sinuous one. It then seems to weigh well more and requires more arm and thighs to take it along inside the turn.

Triumph Tiger 800 XC the advantages, like a better stability on the angle. As often at Triumph, once fixed, that does not move any more! But the BMW F800GS 2013, less rigid than Triumph, shows more fun and more effective with its outstanding agility, the sharper character of its tires Pirelli Trail Scorpion (against neutrals Bridgestone Battle Wing on Triumph) and a precision of placement which will charm the fans of road Rally.

Side safety, the palm of braking is allocated to the BMW, which does not slow down more extremely but whose ABS starts less quickly while the mass transfer proves less awkward less. In fact, as soon as it is a question of rolling sportingly, one tends to add some with BMW as a proof of his effectiveness and his more inciting sporting nature. Spirit KTM is not any more very far.

Comparative motor bikes BMW F800GS vs Triumph Tiger 800 XC: Trails fighters by nature

Tiger on the track of the F800GS

The hour had just gone to leap in the mud puddle pools, the tracks of gravels and the small grimpettes are made fatty by the rain. Useless to tell you that the exercise will finish flat at a given time. Far from me the idea to find me excuses, but the mixed tires of series do not support motility since their sculptures are found filled of mud? And one should not a long time to arrive from there….

These bases posed, in any ground or any way, BMW takes colors. Here, the suspensions play a significant role: the motor bikes present close clearances (220/230 mm to the AV, 215 mm with AR), but BMW seems granted better. It is packed less quickly, on the way pursues less dry large hole hidden by green grass. Once the assistances (ABS on both, plus an anti-skid obvious step to disengage on BMW) disconnected, the motor bikes can finally slip of the back…

This play, the F800GS is shown more neutral, with a nose gear which is planted less in the ground when gases awkwardly are closed. A balance that the track racers generally allot to the tank placed under the saddle. Triumph, on its side, suffers from its inertia and its plumpness superiors. She forgives less, but that, one expected it a little. Typified ergonomics any ground of BMW then takes all its direction and one enjoys to misuse the promptness of the twin-cylinder to raise dust!

Comparative motor bikes BMW F800GS vs Triumph Tiger 800 XC: Trails fighters by nature

Assessment: Truths trails, with the point… of the mode!

More general-purpose, ready to face the daily departures in ways like the weekend with two, swallow wheat to track and to offer beautiful portions of turns, Triumph Tiger 800 XC fact shows a convincing homogeneity. It does very well all and with a mechanical environment sufficiently typified to maintain the directions in awakening. Sold at 10,990 € with ABS, the English one deserves its success and is essential on the points.


Comparative motor bikes BMW F800GS vs Triumph Tiger 800 XC: Trails fighters by nature

Triumph Tiger 800 XC

Comparative motor bikes BMW F800GS vs Triumph Tiger 800 XC: Trails fighters by nature

For 2013, BMW F800GS gains additional options like the ESA or the ASC. In fact, it becomes ripe, with a degree of appreciable sophistication for the category. Remains very well equipped, it costs 11,900 € all the same. But the sportsmen or the fighters need not be mistaken there: it is not for only one crosses more and more BMW F 800 GS in the excursions for large trails. More typified any ground; it shines more sporting use, on road or way. And from this strategic choice, BMW F800GS 2013 intends itself finally for a public more informed.

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