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CB1000R ABS 2019 Honda Powerful Sports Bike Review Specs Price

CB1000R ABS is an inline-four street bike, which is genuinely a wondrous thing. It’s all business, and you never get drained taking a gander at it. The CB1000R ABS 2019 Honda Powerful Sports Bike is the best open-class bare streetfighter we’ve at any point delivered. It has bleeding edge Neo-Sports Café styling and a high-firing up 998cc four-chamber engine that is extraordinarily tuned for midrange and top-end power. With everything taken into account, the CB1000R is light, powerful, and responsive. So, prepare to observe our 2019 CB1000R.

CB1000R ABS 2019 Honda Powerful Sports Bike – Features and Price


The CB1000R’s powerful 998cc DOHC four-chamber engine utilizes engineering and format demonstrated on Honda’s Superbikes. Each competitor knows you have to inhale to perform. Contrasted with primary engine structures in this class, the 2019 CB1000R gets higher valve lift, bigger valves, and more significant width delta ports. It has new burning chamber shapes to improve the gas stream and offer improved force in the midrange.

CB1000R ABS 2019 Honda Powerful Sports Bike

We fit the 2019 CB1000R’s nearby proportion six-speed transmission with equipping intended to underline the bike’s incredible increasing speed. Split the choke and you’ll feel it in a split second. This original structure attaches tight to get all the CB1000R’s capacity to the ground, yet still offers a light draw at the grip switch. Besides, the shoe configuration mitigates wheel jump during forceful downshifts and deceleration.

The fumes framework can have a significant effect on power on this type of bike. What’s more, since it’s so apparent, it additionally makes a substantial commitment to the machine’s style. The CB1000R’s four-into-one framework supports force at 5,000 RPM or more, spares 10 pounds, and gives the CB1000R ABS 2019 Honda Powerful Sports Bike a more profound, increasingly crude fumes note for included character.

The CB1000R utilizes our choke by wire framework. What’s more, we’ve given it four riding modes (Standard, Sport, Rain, and User). The last one lets you pick between three settings for every boundary, and spare the settings. An incredible framework that joins the CB1000R’s old fashioned crude torque with a cutting-edge power conveyance. It keeps the bike snared and the force streaming under a wide assortment of surface conditions.

CB1000R ABS 2019 Honda Powerful Sports Bike

To get all that engine capacity to the street, the CB1000R accompanies a 190/55 ZR17 back tire. The CB1000R highlights a novel, single-sided swingarm. It’s a piece of the bike’s superb taking care of character, yet additionally contributes a lot to how this machine looks. The twin-cylinder back caliper presses a 256mm back rotor. Besides, the front and back ABS is standard.


We consider it the rider triangle, where your butt hits the seat, where your feet lay on the pegs, and where your hands grasp the bar. By opening up the triangle on the Honda CB1000R, you sit up somewhat straighter, which gives you a higher vantage point. Furthermore, most riders will get more comfortable. The full, tightened area handlebar sits up high for an increasingly loosened up riding position, making this Neo-Sports Cafe machine perfect for around-town rides. The bar additionally transmits incredible criticism for exact directing.


The CB1000R ABS 2019 Honda Powerful Sports Bike highlights a remarkable casing structure. The first mono-spine segment is steel, and that gets together with split-fixing aluminum turn plates. You get the reason for amazing dealing with alongside lightweight plan. Front and back Anti-Lock Braking System (standard on the CB1000R) can be a significant assistance in making controlled stops in under perfect conditions, as on wet asphalt or other traded off surfaces.

CB1000R ABS 2019 Honda Powerful Sports Bike

Extraordinary taking care of and specific controlling interest an excellent front suspension. That is the reason the CB1000R utilizes a Showa Separate Function Front Fork Big Piston unit (SFF-BP). It offers both diminished weight, absolute inflexibility, and surprising by and large execution. Additionally, it provides movability for spring preload just as bounce back and pressure damping.


The CB1000R’s fuel tank is assembled without a noticeable base spine. Indeed, it requires somewhat more exertion to make, yet you get a fuel tank with a clean, custom look that we believe is justified, despite all the trouble. Besides, the tank is slimmer for a far and away superior fit and lighter feel. The CB1000R’s round-styled LED front lamp is sturdy and brilliant and establishes the pace for the bike’s straightforward Neo-Sports Café streetfighter nearness.

Take a nearby, long glance at the subtleties on this bike. The CB1000R sends an unobtrusive message; this is an exceptional machine. Look at the shined aluminum radiator cover and airbox spread, alongside the engine cases, chamber head, and sprocket center. The CB1000R highlights LED lighting. The lights are splendid, progressively smaller, lighter, and highlight an unfathomably long life. A first for Honda and you’re seeing it here. The back splashguard/bumper mounts straightforwardly to the swingarm for a new, sharp styling touch.

CB1000R ABS 2019 Honda Powerful Sports Bike

CB1000R ABS 2019 Honda Powerful Sports Bike – Price

2019 CB1000R is available at $12,999 only.

CB1000R ABS 2019 Honda Powerful Sports Bike – Technical Specifications


Type 998cc liquid-cooled inline four-cylinder four-stroke
Valve Train DOHC; 4 valves per cylinder
Bore x Stroke 75.0mm x 56.5mm
Compression Ratio 11.6:1
Induction PGM-FI fuel injection w/ 44mm throttle bodies (throttle by wire)
Ignition Full transistorized ignition
Starter Electric
Transmission 6-speed manual
Clutch Multiplate wet
Final Drive Chain; 15T/44T

CB1000R ABS 2019 Honda Powerful Sports Bike Specs


Front BP); 4.7 inches travel
Rear Showa mono-shock; 5.2 inches travel


Front Two hydraulic calipers w/ 310mm floating discs; 2-channel ABS
Rear Single hydraulic caliper w/ 256mm disc; 2-channel ABS

CB1000R ABS 2019 Honda Powerful Sports Bike Specs


Front 120/70 ZR17
Rear 190/55 ZR17

CB1000R ABS 2019 Honda Powerful Sports Bike Specs


Rake (Caster Angle) 24.7º
Trail 96.1mm (3.8 in.)
Length 83.5 in.
Width 31.1 in.
Height 42.9 in.
Ground Clearance 5.3 in.
Seat Height 32.7 in.
Wheelbase 57.3 in.
Fuel Capacity 4.3 gal.
Color Chromosphere Red
Curb Weight 467 lbs.

CB1000R ABS 2019 Honda Powerful Sports Bike


At only 467 pounds, the CB1000R is in the welterweight champion class. This CB1000R ABS 2019 Honda Powerful Sports Bike is increasingly enjoyable to ride pretty much all over the place. In short, the CB1000R ABS is the best open naked streetfighter Honda has produced. It has a cutting-edge Neo-Sports Cafe style.

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