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BMW r 1200 gs Adventure 2014 Price, Review


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The bike we selected today to review under www.bikescatalog.com is one of the most exciting and newest bike for the year 2014 and that is BMW R 1200 GS. Here in this article we have tried to wrap up the every minor detail related to bike. You can find a bulk of information on BMW R 1200 GS including its looks, style, construction, first ride, accessories, specifications, features along with the sale price of the bike. You will be able to acknowledge about the engine, stroke, bore, seat height, tires, and brakes and even warrantees too. The most experienced riders have said that the bike is designed especially for travelling over the entire world, regularly and frequently.

2014 BMW r 1200 gs Adventure

BMW R 1200 GS:

Since you would anticipate from a persistently Teutonic company, BMW’s product improvement plan is the depiction of certainty. We have the brand new, water-cooled R1200GS in 2013 as an outcome of that company and you already have the idea that the earlier generation’s Adventure model has been sold so fine. This time it comes up with the most innovative bike BMW R 1200 GS. It will be discussed later here that how this one is different with the other bikes of the same category.

Adventure of BMW R 1200 GS:

So finally we have with us 2014 BMW R1200GS Adventure, how it feels when riding it?  It might nearly be sufficient to plunge a fuel tank quite large on the frame and suits well with the standard GS along with the cluster of engine lookout and the light bars. And others lie in wait for addendum considering immediately how fine the typical machine is, but honestly that’s not the particular BMW’s technique.
Let’s begin in the engine span. With no doubt, you know that the current-generation GS engine was the foremost of what we anticipate to be new ancestors of contemporary Boxers. Fundamentally, the whole thing was fresh last year apart from the opposed-cylinder pattern. The intake docks are no longer intrusive with the cam force, which is carried out through the use of chain still to clone overhead cams in using the valves in the course of rockers’ group.
Today the BMW calls the water-jacket system as “precision liquid cooling” which is in habit of surrounding the ignition compartments. In accordance with the BMW, the engine appeared in the bike is still air cooled for about 65-percent, while the previous one appeared of only 78-percent air cooled. This arrangement is a concession among cooling capability and weight of the system, which BMW says that it is maximized with condensed radiators and negligible piping.

2014 BMW r 1200 gs

Ride Mode of BMW R 1200 GS:

The ride modes for this superb model verify the throttle reaction giving an option of  being “smooth” in Rain mode  and “most advantageous” at Road along with being  “direct” in active mode. Throttle reaction and thresholds of TC cannot be estranged and a parted.

Enduro and Enduro Pro:

The Enduro and Enduro Pro embedded in this superb motorbike is destined for merely the off-road work.  Enduro is capable of tuning for the on-road or the dual-sport tires that are worn in the dirt, and significantly permit extra spin of wheel sooner than the TC calls a halt and hoisted the thresholds of ABS. It also evade throttle response to “even” and “flat” and Soft to D-ESA x.  On the other hand the Enduro Pro in the bike is proposed for utilizing with twisted tires by very qualified riders. TC has now the “negligible” interference, which indirectly tells that you can droop the rear end out but the system will ultimately step in to dawdle your fun. Enduro pro also overwhelms the ABS of rear-wheel at the same time sustaining anti-lock procedure on the front end but only with a greatly higher threshold. By the way, Enduro Pro is allowed to work only when you plug up under the seat, a “dongle” into a port. All GS-As approached to have with them the dongle as standard apparatus, but the company considers that the competencies accessible in the mode are more than that of what the most riders desired and outlined that a purposeful attempt to make likely the Enduro Pro being the best course.

BMW r1200gs Adventure

Electronic Capabilities:

The Electronic capabilities of this motorbike acquire a hand commencing from the good old automatic updates in the GS-A. Exclusively, the plastic 5.3-gallon container from the GS is substituted by an all-aluminum craft consuming about 7.9 of unleaded gallons. The Suspension travel of the bike is enlarged by 0.8 inches at front and the rear end—particularly the 8.3 inches at front up and 8.7 back out —while the novel GS-A has quite more ground clearance about  0.6 inches as compared to the old Adventure.

2014 of BMW R 1200 GS Adventure:

For certainly being the part of an GS Adventure there needs to be the same butch bits for the bikes, which requires to have a tubular-steel engine guards, standard racks for hard luggage, a tubular rear luggage rack, lateral wind deflectors and a taller windscreen, the standard hand guards and the front-fender extension.
The very first impression you got when you walk up to the GS-adventure is that this is an impressive mechanism. The engine appeared with certain features like being suitably tall, potentially powerful, heavy, and just as probable to dribble off by the second hairpin, a dirt newbie. When you unavoidably have dropped it you will surely think that you’ll require a couple of friends to elite it up off the deck. Certainly few of these are essentially true. But forget and just lob a leg over the bike, tippy-toe it off by the sideways stand, and begin a move. The machine senses completely controllable even by 2 mph but with an addition of the usual eccentricity of a gigantic bike on knobbies. BMW is the one which is best fitted at all the GS-As with incredible Continental TKC 80 street-legal knobbies, which appeared as the no-cost selection from the industry.

2014 BMW r1200gs Adventure

Flywheel Effect:

The very chief difference you could notice about the bike is that the flywheel effect is improved and enhanced. On the other hand the standard GS appears just a slight frilly while being off the line, the GS-A buzzes away from stops with unbelievable comfort, which is virtuous for captivating your mind off handling its mass along with the discovery of grip in the dirt. The handlebar appeared like rotated a bit in upward riders found it an instantaneously relaxed riding situation that has  worked beautifully on the road and had permitted me to stand for nearly all of the 100 miles that we have spent off road by the unveiling media in Sedona, Arizona.

Not a Moto crosser:

The BMW R1200GS is not a Moto crosser. It’s envisioned to do thoughtful miles on unpaved paths with the infrequent raid into lumpier mess. It’s not only related to the speed of the bike but it is about triumphing there in one piece. It is good to ride at quite an evenhanded pace, and as a result the GS-A executes far improved than before. The major thing for me being on the ride was to recall about the Beemer which wants to be off the visible tire as much as it could be. Back on roadway, the GS-A displays the reason for why the new GS policy is very dear to us. The engine of this motorcycle is influential and potent but even and it gets very slightly buzzy only at the top of the rev assortment, in the grasps and clutches. You can stroll along at about 80 or 90 mph with a slight in the way of throb, other discomforts or the air turbulence, in order to distract from playing with the GPS. The broadcast or the communication slips over its six ratios like the super sport of some Japanese and, thankfully, the grip clutch has few flukes.

2014 BMW r 1200 gs Price and Costing:

If you are capable of managing the price for a GS-A, then perhaps the factor of budgeting tire isn’t a matter. BMW has listed the price of the new 2014 BMW R 1200 GS Adventure as $18,200, which is in fact $150 less than the last year’s version BMW r1200gs 2013. However, the customers of BMW confess that nearly no other base machines had truly made it to America.
That kind of peculiarity is vanished in the uproar. The rider who can’t fight back the rugged looks of GS Adventure, being tall posture for typically the bike better knows who he is. This state-of-the-art GS-A had made the base bike guise almost fashionable and sophisticated. By the contrast, the GS-A looks to be a enormous Bavarian brute, that is set to throw a few thumps at the biergarten and the result was much appealing than what we predicted.

2014 BMW r 1200 gs Adventure Specs:

2014 BMW 1200 gs Adventure specs

Price of BMW r1200gs Adventure MSRP $18,200
Engine type l-c opposed-twin
Valve train DOHC, 8v
Displacement 1170cc
Transmission 6-speed
Claimed horsepower 125.0 hp @ 7750 rpm
Claimed torque 92.0 lb.-ft. @ 6500 rpm
Frame Tubular-steel
Front suspension BMW Telelever with ESA
Rear suspension BMW Evo Paralever with ESA
Front brake Dual Brembo four-piston calipers, 305mm discs with ABS
Rear brake Brembo two-piston caliper, 276mm disc with ABS
Front tire 120/70ZR-19 Continental TKC 80
Rear tire 170/60ZR-17 Continental TKC 80
Seat height 35.0/35.8 in.
Wheelbase 59.4 in.
Fuel capacity 7.9 gal.
Claimed curb weight 573 lb.

BMW r 1200 gs Adventure


The brand new bike that had appeared on the screen in the year 2014 is BMW R 1200 GS. BMW has always satisfied its customers and it is expected that it would be at the top in the market due to its exciting features and classy looks. So be the one to grab the bike first and enjoys all the exciting features with the comfortable riding pleasure.


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