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BMW 2020 G 310 GS Adventure Motorcycle Review Specs Price

Make every day an experience by being spontaneous and breaking out of your daily routine. Everyone may enjoy the joys of riding, whether it’s commuting to work in a city or riding through the countryside or forest trails and rough roads on a BMW 2020 G 310 GS Adventure Motorcycle. Carry yourself through the urban jungle with accuracy and confidence with the help of this vehicle. Adventure bikes don’t have to be huge to be memorable with this gadget. Having them in your life every day is all that counts.

In terms of flexibility, it’s hard to find a better motorcycle in its class than the BMW 2020 G 310 GS Adventure Motorcycle. Even in the most congested urban environments, this vehicle is agile and nimble. It makes it the ideal partner for daily riding experiences. Small in stature but surprisingly mature and pleasant to ride, the GS is a game-changer for its motorcycle class. G 310 GS’s adaptability is what sets it apart from other entry-level motorcycles.

BMW 2020 G 310 GS Adventure Motorcycle – Features and Price

BMW 2020 G 310 GS Adventure Motorcycle


The BMW 2020 G 310 GS Adventure Motorcycle is immediately recognizable as a genuine GS. The BMW G 310 GS, like its larger GS siblings, has a distinctive, high front fender, a dramatic fly line, and a short, high rear. It has a classic upright stance, a short wheelbase, a 19-inch front tire, and prolonged spring travel, making it swift and graceful.

On the road or forest pathways and dirt roads, the new BMW 2020 G 310 GS Adventure Motorcycle’s relaxing sitting posture makes for carefree motorcycle fun. BMW Motorrad’s controls and switches are easy and safe to use. It was essential for the vehicle’s operation to be as easy and secure as possible, taking into consideration the needs of all riders.


The new BMW 2020 G 310 GS Adventure Motorcycle is a dramatic addition to BMW Motorrad’s GS family, delivering robust performance, smooth controllability, and snappy handling. The new single-cylinder GS is aggressive, light, and adventurous because of its thin, wiry build. At the same time, its low weight and low seat height make it an appealing entry point into the intriguing world of BMW GS bikes.

Dynamic performance and comfort complement realistic off-road capabilities on mild terrain in the new BMW 2020 G 310 GS Adventure Motorcycle. You may ride it to work regularly and rural roads, and it can handle all of these different types of riding situations.

BMW 2020 G 310 GS Adventure Motorcycle


The BMW single-cylinder engine’s low fuel consumption and comfortable riding posture make it an ideal vehicle for various applications. For many years of unfettered riding enjoyment and innovative technology, the new BMW 2020 G 310 GS Adventure Motorcycle follows the same principles as all BMW motorcycles.

The DLC coating is also put to the gudgeon pin, durable and has low friction. An extra plain bearing is no longer required since the pin may run directly in the ground connecting the rod eye. It results in lower oscillation masses in combination with the low weight of the lightweight cast piston.

As a single-cylinder engine, the sliding bearing for the lower connecting rod eye and primary camshaft bearing is not usual. It offers advantages in terms of weight, space, and durability. The Nikasil coating of the cylinder sleeve in the top part of the engine housing demonstrates BMW Motorrad engineers’ efforts to combine lightweight construction and fuel economy with cutting-edge engine technology.

BMW 2020 G 310 GS Adventure Motorcycle


A multi-plate wet clutch is used to transfer power to a well-graded, constant-mesh 6-speed gearbox. An O-ring chain is used as a supplemental drive for the rear wheel. The new BMW 2020 G 310 GS Adventure Motorcycle offers class-leading riding excitement because of its quick throttle response, pulling solid power, hearty engine characteristics, and a high-top engine speed of 10,500 rpm.

For the single-cylinder sector, an anti-vibration balancing shaft in front of the crankshaft efficiently reduces unwanted vibrations. To meet the EU4 emission standard, the BMW 2020 G 310 GS Adventure Motorcycle’s engine is equipped with a closed-loop catalytic converter located on the intake side of the rear silencer, the BMW engine control BMS-E2 and a secondary air system.


Minimalist and capable of handling everything from relaxed touring to aggressive motorcycling, the new BMW 2020 G 310 GS Adventure Motorcycle exhibits mastery of a traditional BMW GS repertory previously unavailable in this section of the market. Banks can be agile and predictable at the same time using this system.

Comfort and resilience are provided over longer distances without sacrificing ride stability on lengthy corners and rapid sections. Riders who are new to motorcycles will feel at ease because of the bike’s excellent level of ride stability, steering accuracy, and mobility like in BMW 2019 G 310 GS.

A tubular steel frame with a spaceframe construction with a bolt-on rear section that blends torsional stiffness with sturdy quality is used in the BMW 2020 G 310 GS Adventure Motorcycle’s suspension. New connection hooks for body components have been added to the frame for the new G 310 GS.

Its exceptional ride stability and accurate steering responsiveness may be attributed to its well-balanced rigidity. The suspension geometry of the BMW 2020 G 310 GS Adventure Motorcycle is intended to provide optimum agility and controllability and a neutral cornering reaction both on and off the road, which contributes to the bike’s lively riding style. Castor is 3.8in (98mm), wheelbase is 56in, and steering head angle is 63.3 degrees.

Although the single-section aluminum rear-wheel swing arm is longer than in usual designs, it does not lengthen the wheelbase needlessly due to the engine’s conception and position.

Its 81.7-inch length supports the bike’s high degree of neutrality, enabling excellent pitch correction, and makes load shift reflexes considerably milder. When it comes to handling, riding accuracy and stability, the new BMW 2020 G 310 GS Adventure Motorcycle has everything. It’s light-footed handling, riding precision, and high directional stability all come together in this manner.

The multifunction instrument panel with a range of features. Like the roadster BMW 2020 G 310 GS Adventure Motorcycle, the new GS boasts an instrument cluster that is easy to read and provides a broad range of information. The following are displayed: engine speed, road speed, gear, total miles, engine temperature, fuel tank level, remaining range, average fuel usage, average rate, time.

BMW 2020 G 310 GS Adventure Motorcycle

Design and Color Concept

As a part of the BMW G series, the BMW 2020 G 310 GS Adventure Motorcycle interprets several elements featured in its brother vehicles. The BMW G 310 GS, like its bigger GS cousins, features a distinctive windscreen, a high front fender, a famous fly line, and a short, high rear.

Minimalistic dimensions and a very short wheelbase make the BMW 2020 G 310 GS Adventure Motorcycle perfect for driving through congested traffic in urban areas. For a quick, nimble ride, the 19-inch front wheel and more extended spring travel provide an upright stance.

As a result of its short, high tail, the whole rear area seems light and airy. As a side effect, it helps emphasize the bike’s balanced proportions by drawing the eye to the front.

BMW 2020 G 310 GS Adventure Motorcycle – Price

The new BMW 2020 G 310 GS Adventure Motorcycle is available at $5,795 only.

BMW 2020 G 310 GS Adventure Motorcycle – Technical Specifications


Type Liquid-cooled, single-cylinder, four valves, 4-stroke engine, two overhead camshafts and finger followers, wet-sump lubrication
Bore x stroke 80mm x 62.1mm
Capacity 313 cc
Rated output 34 hp (25 kW) at 9,500rpm
Max. torque 21 lb-ft (28 Nm) at 7,500rpm
Compression ratio 10.6: 1
Mixture control / engine management Electronic fuel injection
Emission control The closed-loop 3-way catalytic converter, emission standard EU-4

Performance / fuel consumption

Maximum speed 89 mph
Fuel consumption 71 mpg (WMTC)
Fuel type Premium Unleaded

Electrical system

Alternator Three-phase 308 W generator
Battery 12 V / 8 Ah, maintenance-free

Power transmission

Clutch Multi-plate wet clutch, mechanically operated
Gearbox Constant-mesh 6-speed gearbox, integrated into the motor housing
Drive Chain drive


Frame Tubular steel frame with bolted rear frame
Front-wheel location/suspension Upside down fork, Ø 41 mm
Rear-wheel location/suspension Solid die-cast aluminum swingarm, directly hinged mono-shock, adjustable preload
Suspension travel front/rear 7.1-inch / 7.1-inch (180mm / 180mm)
Wheelbase 55.9-inch (1,420 mm)
Castor 3.9-inch (98 mm)
Steering head angle 63.3-degree
Wheels Cast aluminum wheels
Rim, front 2.5 x 19-inch
Rim, rear 4 x 17-inch
Tires, front 110/80 R 19
Tires, rear 150/70 R 17
Brake, front Single disc 300mm, 4-piston front caliper
Brake, rear Single disc, 240mm single-piston rear caliper
ABS BMW Motorrad ABS

Dimensions / weights

Length 81.8-inch (2,075mm)
Width (incl. mirrors) 34.7-inch (880mm)
Height (excl. mirrors) 48.5-inch (1,230mm)
Seat height, unladen weight High Seat: 33.5-inch, Standard Seat: 32.9-inch, Low Seat: 32.3-inch
Inner leg curve, unladen weight High Seat: 74.8-inch, Standard Seat: 73.6-inch, Low Seat: 72.4-inch
Unladen weight, road ready, fully fueled 374 lbs (169.5 kg)
Permitted total weight 761 lbs (345 kg)
Payload (with standard equipment) 387 lbs (175.5 kg)
Usable tank volume 2.9 gal (11 l)
Reserve Approx. 0.3 gal (1 l)

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