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2020 CB650R ABS Honda Powerful Sports Bike Review

Few bikes can claim to be excellent in every way, but the Honda CB650R is one of them. A roaring inline-four engine, asking to be cranked, is the first thing you notice. Then there’s the position of the seat, which is more upright for long-distance convenience. The neo-sport look, with waterfall-style headers, broad handlebars, and LED lighting front and rear, is arguably the most significant aspect. Anti-lock brakes are now standard equipment on the CB650R for 2020. The CB650R is a standout in a crowded class regarding performance, functionality, and overall pleasure.

The 649cc inline four-cylinder engine in the CB650R provides plenty of power and smooth throttle response, making it an objective middleweight standard. Using Honda’s Neo-Sports Café design motif, sleek lines and compact packaging ensure that this bike is as exhilarating to look at and ride as it is to ride. Only the ABS version is available.

2020 CB650R ABS Honda Powerful Sports Bike – Features and Price

2020 CB650R ABS Honda Powerful Sports Bike


Its Neo-Sports Café form has the distinctive tiny “trapezoid” proportion of short, stubby tail and short-overhang headlamp. The CB650R is tightly wrapped and aggressive. The four-cylinder engine is crowned by a large gasoline tank that emphasizes the sturdiness of accurate metal surfaces and engineering. The ignition is also located here.

The CB1000R’s circular headlamp serves as a design inspiration for the oval unit on this bike. The whole lighting system is LED, including this one. Using the Honda CB1000R as a starting point, Sharp LCD instruments include shift up, gear position, and a Peak Hold indication, which focuses attention on peak rpm and enhances the rider’s experience.
As with the footpeg location, a 21.9-inch tapered handlebar is contoured and positioned to provide a sporty yet comfortable riding posture. 31.9 inches is the seat height.


The steel-diamond frame of the CB650R makes use of pressed swing arm pivot plates to save weight, as well as twin elliptical spars with a rigidity balance specifically tuned (stronger around the headstock and added flexibility in the spar sections) to distribute balanced handling characteristics with high levels of rider feedback 447 pounds is the total weight of the vehicle at the curb, including all fluids. The frame, gasoline tank, and the lightweight, super-sport-style foot pegs all had a role in this. The optimal centralization of mass aids in handling.

2020 CB650R ABS Honda Powerful Sports Bike

An inverted 41mm Showa SFF (Separate Function Fork) provides excellent handling and decreased unsprung weight. A forged-aluminum bottom triple clamp holds the fork in place. Seven levels of spring preload adjustment are possible with one tube’s direct connection to the gravity-die cast aluminum swingarm.

Four-piston radial-mount calipers on floating rotors with four-piston calipers on the rear operate with 240mm rotors and the single-piston rear caliper. The standard is two-channel ABS. In addition to saving weight, the five Y-shaped spokes of the cast aluminum wheels enhance handling by minimizing inertia and unsprung importance.


The CB650R’s 649cc, DOHC 16-valve engine has been optimized to provide strong power over 10,000 rpm to provide the rider with the cleanest, most pleasurable midsize four-cylinder experience conceivable. At 12,000 rpm, peak power and peak torque are produced. At high rpm, the result is a smooth, linear torque delivery that rises strongly as the revs climb, and the motor sounds fantastic while doing so.

The compression ratio is 11.6:1, thanks to direct cam actuation. Iridium spark plugs are used to strengthen the valve train.

2020 CB650R ABS Honda Powerful Sports Bike

Asymmetric piston skirts reduce friction by minimizing bore contact. A Vanadium coating on the pins of the quiet SV cam chain decreases frictional losses by improving heat transmission and reducing oil consumption (and friction). The outside hoses are eliminated thanks to an internal water channel that runs from the cylinder head to the cylinders.

The air box’s pressure is raised by a significant volume of air being fed into it by twin air ducts on each side of the fuel tank. They also produce a throaty intake growl. In the muffler, the exhaust has a more extended tailpipe (1.4 to 1.5 inches in diameter) to allow for increased gas flow and to generate an expressive howl.

Internally, the engine is small with a six-speed transmission stacked on top of each other and the cylinders canted forward 30 degrees. Upshifts are made more accessible by an assist/slipper clutch, while Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) maintains the rear-wheel traction; it may be turned off if the rider prefers not to use this feature.

2020 CB650R ABS Honda Powerful Sports Bike

2020 CB650R ABS Honda Powerful Sports Bike – Price

The new 2020 CB650R ABS Honda Powerful Sports Bike is available at $9,199 only.

2020 CB650R ABS Honda Powerful Sports Bike – Technical Specifications


Type 649cc liquid-cooled 30º inline four-cylinder four-stroke
Valve Train DOHC; 4 valves per cylinder
Bore x Stroke 67.0mm x 46.0mm
Compression Ratio 11.6:1
Induction PGM-FI; 32mm bore
Ignition Full transistorized ignition
Starter Electric
Transmission Manual Six-speed
Clutch Multi-plate wet
Final Drive #525 chain, 15T/42T


Front 41mm of inverted Showa Separate Function Fork (SFF); 4.72 inches travel
Rear Showa single shock having adjustable preload, 5.04 inches travel


Front Dual four-piston, radial-mount Nissin hydraulic calipers with 310mm
floating discs; 2-channel ABS
Rear Single one-piston hydraulic caliper w/ 240mm disc; 2-channel; ABS


Front 120/70-17
Rear 180/55-17


Rake (Castor Angle) 32º
Trail 101mm (4.0 inches)
Length 83.9 inches
Width 30.9 inches
Height 42.4 inches
Ground Clearance 5.8 inches
Seat Height 31.9 inches
Wheelbase 57.0 inches
Fuel Capacity 4.1 gal. (0.8 gal. reserve)
Color Chromosphere Red
Curb Weight 447 lbs.

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