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Top Ten Best Maxi Scooters of 2024

While scooters have historically been small-capacity commuters, the emergence of the luxurious, high-capacity maxi scooter has given the class a whole new dimension. While the basic principles of a traditional scooter haven’t stayed mostly the same over the years, there’s now a vast selection to suit any need, whether you’re looking for something electric or economical to speed through traffic. They were built for working out of town. You could opt for three wheels instead of just two. Our list of Top Ten Best Maxi Scooters of 2024 will highlight the best Maxi Scooters available in the market in 2024

But “luxury” is a word you don’t often associate with scooters. However, times are changing, and more and more scooters are blurring the distinction between a more reliable run and something more luxuriously equipped and versatile on the road. In fact, over the past year or two, many new competitors have entered the Maxi-Scooter segment of the market. These competitors include the unique electric BMW CE.04, the compact Piaggio MP3 trike, the updated Suzuki Burgman 400, and the latest Yamaha XMAX. Could any of these recent additions feature in our ranking of the top 10 best maxi scooters of 2024 when it comes to striking a balance between luxury and affordability?

Top Ten Best Maxi Scooters of 2024 – Top Rated

10. Suzuki Burgman 400

Top Ten Best Maxi Scooters of 2024

The Suzuki Burgman 400, the flagship model in the company’s four-strong scooter lineup, was recently updated to maintain its attractive looks despite stiff competition. The 400cc single-cylinder engine was rebuilt as part of the upgrade and now meets Euro5 regulations due to its simple stop-start keyless ignition technology.

The available matte black exhaust and navy rims are two welcome changes, but in general, the Bergman 400 looks dated compared to its more daring rivals. It still represents fantastic value in this company, costing just over £7,000 and with a two-year servicing contract. It’s also reasonably comfortable, well-equipped, and durable.

9. Peugeot Metropolis SW

Top Ten Best Maxi Scooters of 2024

The Peugeot Metropolis SW three wheeler, Best Tilting Trike in UK,  has returned to these shores after exile in several countries following Piaggio’s legal victory over patent theft for its three-wheeled suspension setup. The Peugeot Metropolis SW stays close to the avant-garde Piaggo MP3’s unique short set, as evidenced by its two-front, one-rear wheel layout, which provides excellent grip and agility.

The Metropolis SW underwent a facelift in 2021 and is powered by a 399cc engine that produces 36 horsepower. Its sporty styling makes it more appealing than the MP3. After all, it will always have a strange appearance!

8. BMW CE 04

Top Ten Best Maxi Scooters of 2024

Upnext, in the list of Top Ten Best Maxi Scooters of 2024, we have BMW CE 04. BMW has built an ultra-modern maxi-scooter as its first electric two-wheeler, showing it is already a future product. Let me introduce you to the BMW CE 04, which (quietly) proclaims, “This is no average scooter,” with its sleek, minimalist lines and EV heart worn like a crown. Try to ignore its Dyson-like color touches and Sinclair C5 plastic.

While this isn’t BMW‘s first attempt at an electric scooter, it is the first that was built entirely from scratch. It was carefully designed to maximize its eco-friendly and economical properties. With a top speed of 74 mph, the 8.9 kWh battery, which is part of the floor and under you, will power you for 80 miles. If you choose the fast charger, it will take approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes to get 100% charged.

Among the more exciting devices is a large digital dash display that resembles a smartphone. The CE 04 costs £12,850, which is higher than other scooters in this price range, but you’ll soon start saving a lot of money as it has advantages over other fuel maxi scooters.

7. Kymco AK550 Premium

Top Ten Best Maxi Scooters of 2024

Kymco is a famous scooter manufacturer in Europe and Asia. Although his name is not as well known in the UK, his small selection is still worth checking out. Kymco offers the MP3-inspired CV3 trike and the AK550, which comes in basic or premium trim, at the “Maxi” end of its lineup. If you opt for the fully equipped Kymco AK550 Premium, you’ll get 51 horsepower, full LED lighting, an electronic windshield, and access to high-quality materials.

The Kymco AK550 Premium, which retails at £9,999, is just £500 more expensive than its entry-level counterpart. While it offers performance and equipment comparable to the similarly priced Honda Forza 750, it doesn’t warrant its competitors’ significantly more extensive dealer network.

6. BMW C400 GT

Top Ten Best Maxi Scooters of 2024

Up next in the list of Top Ten Best Maxi Scooters of 2024, we have BMW C400 GT. If the BMW CE04 is out of your price range and you are okay with the occasional gas station, its sibling, the petrol-guzzling BMW C400 GT, offers affordable, stylish urban transportation.

The GT is more discreet and understated than its sister C400 X, but it still has BMW’s superbly sculpted scooter, hiding more storage and better ergonomics. The German company’s advanced technology also includes smartphone connectivity and keyless starting. The C400 GT has good on-road handling and acceleration compared to most of its Maxi-Scooter rivals. However, the trade-off is that you get BMW engineering recognition and a competitive price of £7,340.

5. Piaggio MP3 Exclusive 530

Top Ten Best Maxi Scooters of 2024

In the 17 years since its launch, the game-changing Piaggio MP3 has gone from a quirky eccentric to a common sight on European city streets. The MP3 will always stand out from the crowd thanks to Piaggio’s famous asymmetrical two-front, one-rear suspension design. Still, one can also appreciate the benefits of a scooter that won’t fall over (unintentionally anyone). (Also). Even if you give up a bit of agility, the MP3 never feels heavy, and the extra stability and grip provided by the extra wheel is perfect for someone who dreads riding through the urban jungle.

With a new flagship model, the HPE 530 Exclusive, which deftly handles the relative weight of the MP3 compared to its 500cc-engined predecessor, and a host of high-end technology features usually only found on high-end motorcycles. Features, like cruise control and a rear view. Camera, reverse gear, and blind spot alerts, thanks to a recent update.

4. Yamaha TMAX Tech Max 560

Top Ten Best Maxi Scooters of 2024

Who says a scooter can’t be luxurious and equipped with advanced technology down to the handlebars? With the TMAX 560 Tech Max, the name, and a ton of gear, Yamaha is asking for it.

Although the TMAX bills itself as a “sports scooter” and is, at most, a stepchild, a cousin of the Yamaha R1, it’s the model you’re most likely to ride in your neon Valentino Rossi helmet against. You will feel relaxed. It’s other models. With a 562cc engine producing 47bhp at your disposal, the TMAX feels sophisticated and mature to drive, providing the agility you need to navigate the urban jungle and feel more fearless when you venture out of town without doing so.

It also has heated grips, an electronic screen, and a multi-functional Garmin navigation TFT dashboard. However, for £14,100, this feature set is hard to justify above its sister model, the Yamaha XMAX 300.

3. Honda Forza 750 & Honda X-ADV

Top Ten Best Maxi Scooters of 2024

If you opt for Honda’s large-sized scooter over Yamaha’s Grand Touring scooter, then the “Forza” might be right up your alley if Yamaha has expanded the concept to “MAX.”With 58 horsepower available from its 745cc engine, the XL-size Forza distinguishes between a scooter and a motorcycle. It also boasts plenty of luggage room, a mature ride experience, and recognizable Honda quality.

Honda offers you the option to defy convention and opt for the spec X-ADV if the Forza 750 is more than the “default choice.” The Honda X-ADV is a scooter designed for people who commute during the week but enjoy getting a little dirty on the weekends, showing that Honda can think outside the box and feng shui it.

Admittedly, it may seem absurd to think of a scooter that can go off-road, but the X-ADV, with its knobby tires, increased ground clearance, and Honda Selectable Torque Control, is elegant on smooth terrain. Can multitask expertly by feeling and surprise. Comfortable even in rough terrain — provided your expectations for rock climbing are set to “responsible.” Although it costs £11,099, the Forza 750, priced at £10,399, is probably a better option unless you feel the need to go wild.

2. Honda Forza 350

Top Ten Best Maxi Scooters of 2024

For those who don’t want extra engine capacity, the Honda Forza 350 should be enough to fulfill their scooter needs. A popular option in the UK, the Forza packs all of Honda’s engineering, quality, reliability, and reasonable operating costs into one attractively good-value package.

With a new look that includes more of the 750’s extensive features — such as LED lighting, voice-activated smartphone connectivity, and a sharper front end — the Forza 350 now has just enough power — up from 297cc to 330cc — to live up to its moniker. To justify the A “Sporty GT.” It now has a Honda ADV350 version that can tackle small bumps on the road, just like its 750 sisters. If the Forza 350 isn’t a “maxi,” being a Honda, it feels more comfortable and spacious than its rivals.

1. Yamaha XMAX 300 Tech Max

Top Ten Best Maxi Scooters of 2024

On the top of the list of Top Ten Best Maxi Scooters of 2024, we have Yamaha XMAX 300 Tech Max. With the Yamaha XMAX 300 Tech Max, we may be stretching the definition of a maxi scooter, but we’ve loosened the rules somewhat. The product name contains the word “Double Max” in capital letters. With the introduction of its latest generation model, Yamaha has upped the ante for the title of best-selling two-wheeler in the UK, taking on the Honda Forza in the 125cc class. The new model features more angular bodywork and an X-themed headlight configuration.

Although it lacks the mass bike feel of the later TMAX, the Yamaha XMAX 300 is “Max” in terms of quality and solid feel without sacrificing its assured fitness in urban environments. It loses presence and power at just 28 horsepower. While the standard has a 4.3-inch LCD screen with smartphone connectivity, the TechMax model of the XMAX 300 features a new multi-theme 4.2-inch TFT dashboard that relays Garmin-compatible navigation and smartphone connectivity.

Tech models include aluminum footplates, keyless ignition, traction control, leather-style seats, and lid covers. The fully loaded Tech Max costs £6,708, while the Yamaha XMAX 300 starts at £6,208.

Top Ten Best Maxi Scooters of 2024 – Top List

Sr. # Top Ten Best Maxi Scooters of 2024
1 Yamaha XMAX 300 Tech Max
2 Honda Forza 350
3 Honda Forza 750 & Honda X-ADV
4 Yamaha TMAX Tech Max 560
5 Piaggio MP3 Exclusive 530
6 BMW C400 GT
7 Kymco AK550 Premium
8 BMW CE 04
9 Peugeot Metropolis SW
10 Suzuki Burgman 400

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