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Wednesday, November 29, 2023
HomeNews2024 Pirelli Scorpion Trail III Launched

2024 Pirelli Scorpion Trail III Launched


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Launching in early 2024, the Pirelli Scorpion Trail III is the Italian manufacturer’s latest ‘street endure’ tire.

The Pirelli Scorpion Trail III, the company’s next-generation street-endure tire, will debut in 2024.

The new Pirelli Scorpion Trail III is designed for road riders who occasionally venture off the pavement.

2024 Pirelli Scorpion Trail III Launched

Pirelli claims that the new tire has “improved road handling,” enhanced overall grip, and superior performance in wet weather. Resistance to abrasion in off-road settings and durability under heavy loads are two other focus areas for Pirelli. The “aggressive” tread pattern was developed by Pirelli specifically for off-road use.

Pirelli says that the new Scorpion Trail III is designed for motorcycles with a middle-to-large engine size (400cc and up) and 19- or 21-inch front tires, which are indicators of a motorcycle’s ability to handle long rides and off-road terrain. Lastly, Pirelli says tire 1 “can best interact with the machine’s electronic systems.”

Although the first introduction of the Pirelli Scorpion III range is scheduled for January 2024, the Scorpion Trail III range will be completed in 2024 with a 17-inch front and 17-inch rear for ‘crossover’ motorcycles.

Pirelli’s two- and four-wheeled Scorpion tires have been used extensively off-road for many years. In the latter, Pirelli has been the exclusive tire supplier for the World Rally Championship since 2020, building on a long and successful partnership with manufacturers like Lancia in the 1970s and 1980s and Subaru in the 1990s and 2000s. This year, Pirelli won its 80th Motocross World Championship in MXGP with Gas’ Jorge Prado and its 81st Motocross World Championship in MX2 with KTM’s Andrea Adamo. Maxime Renaux of Yamaha utilized Pirelli tires to win the MX2-MX Open race at the 2023 Motocross of Nations, where Team France won the event decisively.

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