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2023 KTM 890 SMT Sports Tourer Review Specs

Streamlined, more athletic, sharper. We are pleased to return the new 2023 KTM 890 SMT Sports Tourer to the table since it combines elements of speed, unrivaled tarmac performance, and a dash of Supermoto heritage. There will be no caveats or hidden fees. This KTM icon’s renewal will sweep away all highway traffic.

Picture the pinnacle of Supermoto “play weapon” technology combined with a bike with all the technical features and accessories you could ever want for long-distance touring: You could confidently go up any hill, knowing the bike could carry you far.

2023 KTM 890 SMT Sports Tourer

A once-boring market sector is getting a facelift from KTM by introducing the new 2023 KTM 890 SMT Sports Tourer. The SMT is a new alternative for weekend apex hunters, causing a stir in the sport tourism market. To find the ideal KTM PowerParts for your elite hunter, visit our configurator now!

Combining unrivaled tarmac performance with a hint of touring and a generous helping of Supermoto heritage, what do you get? The brand new 2023 KTM 890 SMT Sports Tourer is yours. Continuing in the same vein as the legendary KTM 990 SMT, the KTM 890 SMT spares no expense in its pursuit of midweight sport-touring category dominance with an unmatched combination of performance and handling.

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Motorcycles that combine a sporty style with the ability to travel more considerable distances than Supersports are often called Sports Tourers. According to KTM, a Sports Tourer is a motorbike that allows you to bend and then explode out of tight spaces quickly! Moreover, you’ll be able to travel longer distances than you could on a Supersport!

2023 KTM 890 SMT Sports Tourer- Features and Specs

Rider aids

The new 2023 KTM 890 SMT Sports Tourer is designed to give riders better control in various riding situations; KTM rider aids elevate the riding experience. Whether tearing down the highway or taking on winding mountain roads, your machine will perform to its full potential thanks to ABS, MTC, and designed RIDE MODES.

2023 KTM 890 SMT Sports Tourer

MTC (Motorcycle Traction Control)

Utilizing a state-of-the-art 6D Inertial Measurement Unit, the most recent iteration of the KTM MTC can enhance traction. It prevents the front wheel from rising uncontrollably and regulates and controls any slide at the back. When these two forces work together, the motorbike will experience unparalleled acceleration. Using the information gathered from all the sensors, the system can identify power wheelies, manage them, and keep the vehicle stable while accelerating and landing smoothly.

Cornering ABS

The new 9.3 MP ABS gives you complete peace of mind whenever you press down on the brakes. Because of this, riders may let the 6D sensor do all the heavy work while braking fully in the middle of a bend. The 6D sensor constantly assesses the motorbike’s dynamic condition to improve braking stability and safety.

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Furthermore, this degree of anti-lock braking system technology is unparalleled, offering maximum safety with pinpoint accuracy and efficiency.

Seat Comfort

When riding alone through mountain passes, the 2023 KTM 890 SMT Sports Tourer’s single-piece Supermoto-style seat provides the ideal combination of unrestricted mobility, excellent traction, and comfort. How about a two-up tour? Of course. The saddle is also suitable for traveling with a pillion for extended periods.

2023 KTM 890 SMT Sports Tourer

Supermoto ABS

Therefore, it is necessary to intentionally perform slides on any KTM motorbike carrying the SMT designation. The ability to lock the rear wheel when needed is a must for dedicated Supermoto riding, and Supermoto ABS makes that possible. The front wheel’s ABS feature also stays engaged when enabled.

Wheels and Tires

Lightweight, 17-inch alloy wheels are shod with Michelin PowerGP tires, translating to excellent handling and ride quality with less unsprung bulk.


Two 320 mm brake disks and four piston radially mounted calipers from JJuan slow down the peak-hunting 2023 KTM 890 SMT Sports Tourer. Combined with a J.JUAN axial master cylinder, they provide remarkable control while braking and stopping power.

Additionally offered by J.JUAN is a double-piston floating caliper that operates a 260 mm brake disk at the back.

Reworked Suspension

You can personalize your ride with the 2023 KTM 890 SMT Sports Tourer. The top caps of the fork legs have compression and rebound damping adjustments, allowing for simple and rapid adjustment for various riding styles. You can tackle the mountain pass by adjusting the clickers or relaxing the configuration for a fast yet steady ride.

An adjustment for rebound damping and a preload adjustment for the spring is located on the back of the shock. Riders may customize the shock’s behavior for various riding scenarios with the adjustable rebound damping, and they can modify the spring preload for varied loads, such as baggage, passengers, or intense mountain assaults.

2023 KTM 890 SMT Sports Tourer


There is nothing else on the mountain quite like it. The 2023 KTM 890 SMT Sports Tourer’s high front fender is based on an upper fender reminiscent of the KTM 450 SMR, while a lower splash guard joins the fork leg protectors. With in-mold graphics for added durability, spoilers for enhanced control, and rear side panels slightly broader than the seat, the KTM 890 SMT is prepared for anything.


Keeping with the brand’s sporty aesthetic, KTM has created a newly designed and aerodynamically optimized short wind deflector to provide the ideal wind protection.

Upgraded TFT Display

All the information you need about the machine underneath you is shown on a new, state-of-the-art, complete 5-inch TFT screen. With enhanced functionality, an infographic of the motorbike shows the user the appropriate adjustment area for each function.

An optically bonded mineral glass display provides the best possible resistance to scratches and glare. On top of that, you can have on-the-go access to KTM roadside assistance, music, incoming calls, and Turn-by-Turn+ navigation with the optional Connectivity Unit, which lets you link the KTMconnect app to the TFT via Bluetooth.


The new 2023 KTM 890 SMT Sports Tourer’s tank spoilers and somewhat larger rear side panels make it simpler to reach the mountain pass with greater rider mobility. The small fuel tank design allows for accurate handling and control when blasting around tight bends on the Hillclimb, and this also helps to save wear and tear on the seat.

2023 KTM 890 SMT Sports Tourer


Regarding trail technology, nothing beats the 2023 KTM 890 SMT Sports Tourer. It dominates the mid-weight Sports Tourer market with its extensive suite of rider aids, riding modes, anti-lock brakes, traction control, and optional smartphone connection. Upgrades like Quickshifter+ and Cruise Control are available as add-ons, and a new Demo Mode lets you try out all the KTM tech for the first 1,500 kilometers.

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Designed with unrivaled HillClimb performance in mind, the 2023 KTM 890 SMT Sports Tourer’s overall shape allows for precise handling and a comfortable assault on mountain routes. To minimize weight and overall size, the design prioritized strength. As a result, a tubular Chromoly steel frame was used, with the engine serving as a stressed component. The small frame makes a lengthy swingarm possible, enhancing traction without sacrificing control.


Its sturdy build and lightweight design make the subframe ready for the streets. The bike you’re riding on should be sturdy and long-lasting. On those lengthy hunting sessions to discover the ultimate mountain routes, the steel trellis subframe was designed to be minor, light, and sturdy enough to support a whole load of baggage and a passenger.


A state-of-the-art steering damper makes the 2023 KTM 890 SMT Sports Tourer stable at all speeds. Maintaining unwavering serenity in all conditions is the engineering goal of the steering damper, which aids in maneuvering the front end into tight corners and across mountain passes.

Fuel Tank

The gasoline tank is minimalistic to provide the rider maximum freedom of movement, as is typical of Supermoto bikes. With a total fuel capacity of 15.7 liters, you have nearly 300 kilometers of winding roads to explore.

2023 KTM 890 SMT Sports Tourer

2023 KTM 890 SMT Sports Tourer – Technical Specifications


Torque 100 Nm
Transmission 6-speed
Cooling Liquid-cooled
Power In KW 77 kW
Starter Electric starter
Stroke 8 mm
Bore 7 mm
Clutch PASC™ anti-hopping clutch, mechanically operated
Displacement 889 cm³
EMS Bosch EMS with RBW
Design 2-cylinder, 4-stroke, parallel twin
Lubrication Forced oil lubrication with two oil pumps


Tank Capacity (Approx.) 8 l
ABS Bosch 9.1 MP (incl. Cornering-ABS & super moto mode)
Front Brake Disc Diameter 320 mm
Rear Brake Disc Diameter 260 mm
Front Brake 2x radially mounted 4-piston caliper
Rear Brake Two-piston caliper, brake disc
Chain 520 X-Ring
Dry Weight 194 kg
Frame Design Chromium-molybdenum-steel frame including the engine as stressed element, powder coated
Front Suspension WP APEX 43
Ground Clearance 227 mm
Rear Suspension WP APEX – Monoshock
Seat Height 860 mm
Steering Head Angle 21 °
Suspension Travel (Front) 180 mm
Suspension Travel (Rear) 180 mm

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