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2023 Kawasaki KX85 Off-Road Bike Review Specs

Constructed using a substantial chunk of the race-winning technology from the KX112, the KX85 motorcycle exemplifies a “big bike in a small package.” It returns for 2023 to provide prospective racers with the championship-winning edge they need to polish their skill. The 2023 Kawasaki KX85 Off-Road Bike relies on its instant power, nimble handling, and factory race-inspired design to be the first to cross the finish line.

The two-stroke, single-cylinder 84cc engine’s exceptionally complex power valve system offers an easy-to-use, wide-spread powerband. It provides exceptional cooling performance, an aggressive KX design, a slim ergonomic package, Dunlop MX33 tires, and a 6-speed transmission, just like the KX112. Power is required for championship performance, so the KX85 excels its competitors.

2023 Kawasaki KX85 Off-Road Bike

The KX85 is the brand with the most amateur national championships won by young racers serious about winning.

The 2023 Kawasaki KX85 Off-Road Bike brings Kawasaki’s well-known performance to the amateur class. The appropriate power and race-ready technology of the 84cc engine provide beginner racers the championship-winning advantage they need to perfect their skills.

Legends choose KX for everything from their first ride to winning the trophy. The KX65 and new KX85 are competition-ready cars that are designed to win. They are intended to foster early flashes of talent and help them develop into full-fledged race victories and championship titles.

2023 Kawasaki KX85 Off-Road Bike – Features and Specs

The Bike That Builds Champions

The Kawasaki KX motocross and off-road motorcycle brand returns more vital than ever for 2023 with championship-winning packages.

The 2023 Kawasaki KX450 is the flagship model in the KX range, leading the way with a powerful 449cc engine, electronic start, Showa A-KIT technology suspension, and a coned disc-spring hydraulic clutch that has won races and medals.

Along with the KX450, a cross-country model mainly intended for off-road competition is now available. In addition to the 2023 Kawasaki KX85 Off-Road Bike’s powerful engine and chassis performance, the cross-country KX series, developed to rule off-road racecourses in both the desert and the woods, offers riders the required parts for off-road competition straight from Kawasaki.

Kawasaki’s KX112, KX85, and KX65 series, which have a long history of creating champions from the ground up, will return to the micro motocross market in 2023. The KX112 supermini racer has a unique displacement of 112cc in its class, making it a viable option for full-size motocross bikes. The KX85, which shares most of the technology of the KX112, joins it. The KX65 returns as the smallest bike in the Kawasaki KX lineup and the entry-level model for aspiring champions.

For almost 40 years, the Kawasaki squad Green racing squad has dominated amateur racing, providing unequaled trackside assistance and contingency to racers throughout the country. The Team Green racing program has built a trackside support network that includes local, regional, amateur motocross, and off-road events nationwide. Racing transporters and Kawasaki mechanics provide all riders with technical support and crucial parts. Kawasaki’s efforts and the proposals of emerging young talent have resulted in successful products across the board.

2023 Kawasaki KX85 Off-Road Bike


The strong 2-stroke engine on the new 2023 Kawasaki KX85 Off-Road Bike includes several essential features that contribute to its life and power. The engine is meticulously built from the cylinder head squish area and combustion chamber height to the Nikasil-plated cylinder. The exhaust and scavenging port designs maximize power delivery, while a lightweight flywheel with rare-earth magnets improves low-end response. The 6-speed gearbox features a thrust washer mechanism for optimal lubrication and a spline construction for long-term durability.

The Kawasaki Integrated Power Valve System (KIPS), which comprises a breather for precise valve action, a two-piece exhaust valve, and variable exhaust port height, enhances engine performance even more. Riders can test the bike’s limits thanks to the perimeter frame’s high tensile steel, which provides strength and torsional stiffness. Adjustable ergonomics, such as a flat seat and a handlebar with six configurations, allow a tailored and comfortable riding experience.

2023 Kawasaki KX85 Off-Road Bike

The Dunlop MX33 tires are highly durable and gripping, while the petal discs reduce unsprung weight in the braking system. These components work together to deliver the most outstanding performance possible. The 24-position compression damping adjustment on the Uni-Trak rear suspension ensures a smooth ride. The 36mm inverted cartridge fork at the front provides accurate steering response and control thanks to 20-position adjustable compression damping. Black Alumite-coated aluminum rims complete the design and enhance the riding experience by lowering unsprung weight and increasing durability.

2023 Kawasaki KX85 Off-Road Bike – Price

The new 2023 Kawasaki KX85 Off-Road Bike is available at $4,699 only.

2023 Kawasaki KX85 Off-Road Bike – Technical Specifications


Engine type Liquid-cooled, 2-stroke Single including KIPS
Displacement 84 cm³
Bore x stroke 48.5 mm x 45.8 mm
Compression ratios 10.9:1 (low speed), 9.0:1 (high speed)
Valve system Piston reed valve
Ignition Digital CDI
Starting System Primary Kick
Lubrication Petrol mix

Gear Transmission

Transmission 6-speed
Final drive Chain
Primary Reduction Ratio 3.400 (68/20)
Gear Ratios 1st 2.538 (33/13)
Gear Ratios 2nd 1.875 (30/16)
Gear Ratios 3rd 1.500 (27/18)
Gear Ratios 4th 1.250 (25/20)
Gear Ratios 5th 1.090 (24/22)
Final reduction ratio 3.571 (50/14)
Clutch Wet multi-disc

2023 Kawasaki KX85 Off-Road Bike

Suspensions Brakes & Suspension

Brakes, front Single 220 mm disc. Caliper: Dual-piston
Brakes, rear Single 184 mm disc. Caliper: Single-piston
Suspension, front 36 mm inverted telescopic fork including 20-way compression damping
Suspension, rear Bottom-Link Uni-Trak featuring adjustable preload, 24-way compression, and 21-way rebound damping

Dimensions Frame & Dimensions

Frame type Perimeter, high-tensile steel
Trail 97 mm
Wheel travel front 275 mm
Wheel travel rear 275 mm
Tyre, front 70/100-17 40M
Tyre, rear 90/100-14 49M
Steering angle, left/right 45° / 45°
L x W x H 1,830 x 765 x 1,100 mm
Wheelbase 1,265 mm
Ground clearance 290 mm
Fuel capacity 5 litres
Seat height 830 mm
Curb mass 75 kg

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