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2023 Honda SCL500 Street Motorcycle Review Specs Price

In homage to the early ’60s, when simple, stripped-down motorcycles like Honda’s CL72 emerged, the brand-new 2023 Honda SCL500 Street Motorcycle features all the key “scrambler” styling elements—upright riding position, block tires, ample suspension travel, and a retro aesthetic—in a package that is approachable and affordable. The SCL500 is a casual, entertaining introduction for a wide range of consumers, from beginner riders to more experienced enthusiasts, thanks to its light and agile design and the 500cc parallel-twin engine that has proved popular in models like the Rebel 500. Since customization is so necessary to many fans of this genre, Honda provides a wide variety of accessories for the SCL500, including a “Rally” style pack with off-road inspiration and a “Tour” pack with more storage space for lengthy journeys and multi-day vacations.

2023 Honda SCL500 Street Motorcycle

2023 Honda SCL500 Street Motorcycle – Features and Specs

Styling & Equipment

The 2023 Honda SCL500 Street Motorcycle design team was mandated to create a look that was “simple, raw, and tough.” The ergonomics of a bike in the street scrambler style make it comfortable to ride in a wide range of conditions, and the style looks good wherever it goes.

The upswept muffler and spherical, aesthetically pleasing fuel tank evoke strong feelings of nostalgia when combined with the stainless steel heat shield. The tank pads and rubber fork gaiters, the wadded, smooth outer seat cover with embossed Honda emblem, and the high-rise handlebars are just a few examples of the fine craftsmanship that went into creating this bike, which exudes an air of endearment. The contrast between the blacked-out engine and chassis and the various paint jobs creates a striking effect.

2023 Honda SCL500 Street Motorcycle

A low 790mm center of gravity and high legroom are made possible by the elevated 790mm seat. It has a low back end for pillion comfort and sides that cover the frame rails for standing. In addition, a helmet holder and ignition key make removal simple.

The high handlebars are not only aesthetically pleasing but also ergonomically sound, with an off-road type grip and inbuilt weights that alleviate strain whether you’re standing or seated. The steel footpegs are large and have rubber inserts for comfort, and the pads on the tanks give a second point of contact for the legs while standing.

The traditional design of the low-mounted 175mm diameter headlamp belies the four LED bulbs and thick inner lenses that give the vehicle its unique appearance from the front. The LED turn signals are slim and oval-shaped, with two small, round indicators measuring 55mm each for a classic appearance on each side.

The negative LCD gauge is neatly presented in a circular display with a 100mm diameter. Gear position indication, fuel consumption, and separate indicator arrows are examples of simple and clean information transmission.

When the brakes are applied suddenly and with great force, the Emergency Stop Signal (ESS) activates and flashes the rear indicators to warn drivers behind you.

2023 Honda SCL500 Street Motorcycle

With a 12L capacity and 27.7km/L fuel efficiency, you could go over 300km.


The 2023 Honda SCL500 Street Motorcycle’s handling, riding comfort, and signature look are all founded on a tubular diamond-structure steel frame. Its elegant simplicity belies its robust tubing and distinctive rear subframe loop. The optimal stiffness and weight distribution were achieved using computer-aided engineering (CAE).

The purpose of the chassis design was to provide light, quick handling with suspension that can absorb the blows so that the bike could handle anything from tough city streets to uneven country roads.

The wheelbase is 1,485 mm long, the rake is 27 degrees, the trail is 108 mm, and the ground clearance is 155 mm. Our kerb weight is 192kg.

2023 Honda SCL500 Street Motorcycle

Classic black fork gaiters adorn the front of the bike and protect the 150mm of travel on the 41mm telescopic forks. They have two purposes: they provide historic flair, and they keep the seals and legs from becoming dirty. Steering precision and feedback are improved with CL-specific top and bottom yokes. The 45mm circular tubing used in the swing arm gives the bike a powerful appearance in the back. The long-stroke dual rear shocks can be adjusted in 5 steps (3 up from average, one down), providing 145mm of travel. There will be no harshness in the ride thanks to the adjustable damping at both ends.

A 310mm floating disc is squeezed between sintered pads by a two-piston front caliper. Braking power is excellent all around thanks to the well-balanced hydraulic pressure between the front and rear single-piston caliper/240mm discs. The anti-lock brake system (ABS) is also designed for dirt and paved roads.

The wheels mix 19s up front and 17s in the back, providing a comfortable ride and agile handling no matter the surface. Dunlop Mixtours with deep grooves, front 110/80 R19 and rear 150/70 R17.


The 471cc 8-valve, liquid-cooled, parallel twin-cylinder engine found in the CL500 is refined, user-friendly, and very entertaining. Honda’s CB(R) 500 series and the CMX500 Rebel are where the reliable and well-liked component first gained notoriety. A torque of 43.4Nm at 6,250rpm and peak power of 34.3kW at 8,500rpm are made possible by updated PGM-FI fuel injection programming, as well as a redesigned intake and exhaust system in the CL500. The rear sprocket has 41 teeth instead of the Rebel’s 40 teeth for smoother acceleration across the gear range.

2023 Honda SCL500 Street Motorcycle

It’s one of Honda’s most beloved motors because it provides a satisfying blend of midrange torque and top-end power despite its relatively compact dimensions. The compression ratio is 10.7:1, and the bore and stroke are 67mm and 66.8mm, respectively. The roller rocker arms within the cylinder head are light thanks to the shim-type valve adjustment, reducing valve-spring load and friction.

Vanadium coats the pins of a silent (SV Chain) cam chain, making it more dust-resistant and decreasing friction. The piston skirt may benefit from striations (a finish that increases surface area and creates gaps through which oil can flow for improved lubrication) to minimize friction.

A main couple-balancer is located behind the cylinders, near the bike’s center of gravity, and the crankshaft pins are phased at 180 degrees. The scissor gears in the balancers keep things quiet. The crank counterweight is lightweight and contoured for balance to provide a frictionless and inertia-free engine rotation. The diameter of the inlet valve is 26.0mm, and the diameter of the exhaust valve is 21.5mm.

The thin-walled sleeves used in the crankcases are cast in a centrifugal process. The interior architecture lessens the ‘pumping’ losses that may occur with a phased firing sequence of 180 degrees. There is 3.2 liters of space in the oil sump.

The six-speed transmission is easy to operate, whether going up or down in speed, and it is optimized for smooth shifts in urban environments. Rear-wheel control is improved, lever manipulation is more accessible, and rider fatigue is reduced with an assist/slipper clutch.

The exhaust twin-pipe muffler of the CL is upswept and fed by 2-1 downpipes, a signature design element. The note has a deeper, bassier tone than the Rebel while maintaining a comparable pulsating quality.


The CL500 may be customized to the owner’s liking with various official Honda parts and accessories.

The soft rear panniers and the 38L top box are both mounted on a rear rack that is conveniently located on the rear subframe. For those who need it, there is also a brown seat with black double stitching that is 30mm higher.

Lightweight polypropylene side number boards, a fly screen, knuckle guards, and a high front mudguard are all nice touches that indicate the vehicle’s traditional off-road character. Heated hand grips, an ACC charging plug, and rear shock covers are all welcome conveniences.

There are three premade packs available for your convenience:

Adventure Pack

Rally footpegs, a rear shock cover, a high front mudguard, and knuckle protectors.

Travel Pack

Adjustable brake lever and tank pad, soft saddlebag, heated grips, ACC socket.

Style Pack

High seat, rear side cover stripe, rear side cover, cowl, and headlight cowl.

2023 Honda SCL500 Street Motorcycle – Price

The new 2023 Honda SCL500 Street Motorcycle is available for $6,799 only.

2023 Honda SCL500 Street Motorcycle

2023 Honda SCL500 Street Motorcycle – Technical Specifications


Type 471cc liquid-cooled 21º parallel-twin four-stroke
Valve Train DOHC; 4 valves per cylinder
Bore x Stroke 67.0mm x 66.8mm
Compression Ratio 10.7:1
Induction PGM-FI; 34 mm throttle bodies
Ignition Full transistorized
Starter Electric
Transmission 6-speed manual
Clutch Multiplate wet
Final Drive Chain; 15T/41T


Front 41mm telescopic fork; 5.3 in. travel
Rear Twin shocks; 5.7 in. travel


Front Single hydraulic caliper w/ 310mm disc; ABS
Rear Single hydraulic caliper w/ 240mm disc; ABS


Front 110/80-19
Rear 150/70-17


Rake (Caster Angle) 27º
Trail 108mm (4.3 in)
Length 85.7 in.
Width 32.7 in.
Height 44.6 in.
Seat Height 31.1 in.
Ground Clearance 6.1 in.
Wheelbase 58.4 in.
Fuel Capacity 3.2 gal.
Curb Weight 419 lbs.


Colors Candy Orange; Matte Laurel Green Metallic

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