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2023 Honda PCX Scooter Review Specs Price

The 2023 Honda PCX Scooter has all the qualities buyers look for in a contemporary scooter, including a sleek appearance, exceptional fuel economy, responsive handling, a plush ride, strong performance, and dependable construction. Honda’s PCX scooter is the pinnacle of urban transportation in form and function.

The PCX125 has a liquid-cooled 4V engine that allows quick acceleration without sacrificing the bike’s remarkable fuel efficiency. A large tire size, long-travel rear suspension, anti-lock brakes, and Honda selectable torque control contribute to a comfortable and secure ride. At the same time, the smartly revised appearance hits futuristic lines. The PCX125 is also convenient since it has room beneath the seat for a full-face helmet.

2023 Honda PCX Scooter

2023 Honda PCX Scooter – Features and Specs

Time on Your Side

The PCX125 is a convenient alternative to costly taxi rides or late public transportation. The light and maneuverable body will get you where you need to go in town quickly and in style.

Around Town Practicality

Simply insert the Smart Key into the ignition, and you’re ready. In addition, the PCX125 controls the Smart top box, which unlocks when you go near and locks when you leave.

Improved efficiency and performance

The PCX is more fuel-efficient than ever, thanks to its brand-new eSP+ four-valve, water-cooled SOHC engine. The PCX is more potent and meets EURO5 standards with its AGC generator and Idling Stop technology.

2023 Honda PCX Scooter

Look the Part

The PCX125 is a stylish and practical city bike that will take you where you need to go. Its gorgeous aesthetics have always been eye-catching, but today, more than ever, its sleek silhouette conceals practical features.

Ride Smarter

Honda’s 2023 PCX showcases the company’s manufacturing strengths by providing convenient, comfortable, and flexible transportation. Scooters are great for navigating congested areas and locating parking spots. You may be sure that, as a Honda, it will last far longer and be higher quality than any generic scooter on the market. It may be used for various purposes, including trips to the supermarket or university, thanks to its roomy under-seat storage space. You won’t have to worry as much about high petrol costs because of its remarkable fuel economy. Moreover, playing on a PCX is a lot of fun. This year, all PCXs are equipped with standard front-wheel anti-lock brakes and a new color for 2023.

Rider Comfort

The long, cushioned seat is considerably more relaxing than it seems. With the tiered passenger compartment, you can provide your co-pilot with a fantastic perspective.

Under-Seat Storage

When you open the seat, you’ll find a significant amount of space, enough to fit a full-face helmet or a week’s worth of food. The primary storage area is both lockable for security and weatherproof. Its volume of 30 liters (almost eight gallons) is more than enough for regular usage.

2023 Honda PCX Scooter

Easy To Park

You may choose between a side stand and a center stand on the PCX. Whether you need to park it upright in a smaller place (center stand) or sideways for a quick dash inside a shop (side stand), you can do it with ease. Many scooters only provide one of these features.

Electric Start

The PCX’s fuel-injected engine starts instantly when the key is turned, and it maintains a consistent and reliable operation temperature even in the cold.

Fresh Style

The PCX is an excellent choice because of its high quality and modern design. Take note of the PCX’s huge central LED headlamp, LED turn signals, and simple LCD instruments, all of which contribute to the vehicle’s high-end appearance.

The “X” Factor

Look at the “X” shaped rear light on the PCX. It uses cutting-edge multi-optics technology to produce a strikingly brilliant light beam.

Fuel Capacity

The PCX’s enormous 2.1-gallon gasoline tank allows you to go farther and for longer between fill-ups than ever before, thanks to the bike’s impressive fuel efficiency.

Anti-Lock Brakes

Our front-wheel Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) is standard on the PCX, allowing you to come to a stop in all weather safely.

12-Volt Charging Port

With the PCX, charging your gadgets is a breeze thanks to the built-in USB-type connector in the fairing storage compartment.


Our most recent PCX has an excellent chassis design, the foundation for its superb handling. The typical “undergone” construction method is eschewed in favor of the novel duplex-cradle design.

V-Matic Transmission

Honda V-MaticTM automatic gearbox allows you to simply turn the key, accelerate, and enjoy the ride. That means you can relax and focus on the road ahead without worrying about swapping gears at any point. Because of its continually changeable construction, the V-Matic never jerks while shifting gears.

4-Valve Engine

The PCX has a powerful engine with a 157cc displacement. To accomplish its goals of reducing emissions and improving responsiveness, eSP+ technology (enhanced innovative power) employs a novel four-valve layout with an optimized bore/stroke ratio.

PGM Fuel Injection

Liquid cooling and Programmed Fuel Injection (PGM-FI) provide the PCX outstanding performance in any setting. The PCX is also quite economical with petrol.

Hydraulic Cam-Chain Adjuster

The PCX’s engine is equipped with fully automated hydraulic cam-chain adjustment. It’s just one more way Honda’s ingenious designers have made owning a PCX a breeze.

Roller Bearing Crank

Special low-friction roller bearings in the PCX engine’s crankshaft contribute to the engine’s smooth operation and excellent fuel economy.

2023 Honda PCX Scooter – Price

The new 2023 Honda PCX Scooter is available at $4,149 only.

2023 Honda PCX Scooter

2023 Honda PCX Scooter – Technical Specifications


Type 156.9cc liquid-cooled 80º single-cylinder four-stroke
Valve Train OHC; four valves
Bore x Stroke 60.0mm x 55.5mm
Compression Ratio 12.0:1
Induction Fuel injection; 28mm throttle body
Ignition Full transistorized
Starter Electric
Transmission V-Matic
Clutch Automatic centrifugal dry-type
Final Drive Belt


Front 31mm telescopic fork; 3.9 in. travel
Rear Twin shocks; 3.7 in. travel


Front Hydraulic caliper w/ single 220mm disc; 1-channel ABS
Rear Mechanical w/ 130mm drum; 1-channel ABS


Front 110/70-14
Rear 130/70-13


Rake (Caster Angle) 26.5º
Trail 79mm
Length 76.2 in.
Width 29.2 in.
Height 43.6 in.
Seat Height 30.1 in.
Ground Clearance 5.3 in.
Wheelbase 51.7 in.
Fuel Capacity 2.1 gal.
Curb Weight 288 lbs.


Color Matte Brown Metallic

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