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2023 Honda CB500F Sports Motorcycle Review Specs Price

The 2023 Honda CB500F Sports Motorcycle is the culmination of Honda’s decades-long commitment to producing legendary motorcycles. As a result, it is a pleasant and dependable naked bike for riders of all experience levels. The CB500F is a versatile tool for commuting, weekend excursions, and bike evenings, thanks to its low weight, agile handling, and smooth power delivery. The CB500F’s exceptional adaptability demonstrates that sleek, understated design doesn’t have to break the money. One can also read the  comparison review of Honda CB500F vs Honda NC700S vs Kawasaki Z800e as well.

Our Honda 350 twins showed the world how great and enjoyable motorcycles could be a generation ago. And now, here we are, doing it all over again with our set of 500cc twins and their parents. Our 2023 Honda CB500F Sports Motorcycle is a prime illustration of this. It’s a beautiful option for a beginner because of its manageable size, low price, broad power band, and manageable weight. The bike’s adaptability and reasonable power mean you won’t need to upgrade very soon. Its timeless streetfighter aesthetic makes it a perennial favorite. The CB500F has a 41mm Showa upside-down SFF-BP fork, twin front brake discs with radial-mount four-piston calipers, and standard anti-lock brakes (ABS), whereas other motorcycles in its class may skimp on components. The CB500F is a terrific option for modern riding since it is neither too large nor too little and gets exceptional gas mileage.

2023 Honda CB500F Sports Motorcycle

2023 Honda CB500F Sports Motorcycle – Features and Specs

Handling Precision

You need a bike that can respond fast to your commands in the city. We shifted the chassis’ center of gravity forward for better handling and steering feel. Superior responsiveness is provided by the brand-new Showa 41mm SFF-BP USD forks. Upgrades to the swing arm and wheels make the vehicle even more elegant. Four-piston radial-mount calipers clamp new twin 296mm discs for strong stopping force.

Everyday Enjoyment

The answer is yes, it is A2 compliant. This 35-kilowatt twin-cylinder engine is not only fun for seasoned riders, but it’s also great for novices. The midrange torque 43Nm assures fast acceleration, and the exhaust screams pleasingly as rpm increases, should you be in the mood for some lighthearted fun. An Assist/Slipper clutch helps with upshifts in the six-speed transmission and prevents the rear wheels from locking up during forceful downshifts, giving the driver more precise control.

2023 Honda CB500F Sports Motorcycle

A High-Quality Ride

The 2023 Honda CB500F Sports Motorcycle is loaded with high-end features. All lights are now LED, and the headlight has been upgraded to use more powerful LED bulbs. To further aid in visibility, there are bright front indicator position lights. The negative LCD gauges show speed, a rev counter with a bar graph, two trip meters, a fuel gauge, and a shift up and gear position indication.

Design / Styling

The bare shape of the 2023 Honda CB500F Sports Motorcycle looks aggressive. The machine’s attitude, highlighted by its low-mounted headlights, hints at its intent to assault. The powerful angularity is carried through from the side shrouds, which fasten along with the fuel tank to highlight the engine, to the side covers and the seat unit.

Feel and leverage are both improved with a tapered bar better than the previous 2022 Honda CB500F. There are two LCD indications for gear position and shift up; the latter has a default setting of 8,750 rpm but may be changed in 250 rpm increments from 5,000 to 8,750.

2023 Honda CB500F Sports Motorcycle

Chassis / Suspension

The 35mm steel diamond-tube mainframe of the 2023 Honda CB500F Sports Motorcycle is light and sturdy, and its calibrated degree of yield provides the user with a wealth of input from the bike as the road surface changes. The engine mounts’ design and placement and the frame’s overall stiffness balance significantly reduce vibration.

This model’s inverted Showa 41mm Separate Function Fork was designed to improve handling in general. Upper and lower triple clamps secure a Big Piston (SFF-BP) fork with a 4.7-inch cushion stroke. The functions are separated to improve the response time and the ride quality, with the Big Piston pressure separation damper in one leg and the spring mechanism in the other. (The CB650R employs the same system with its four cylinders.)

The single-tube shock absorber (typical of larger-capacity sport bikes) offers five-stage preload adjustment with spring rate and damping settings tuned to fit the fork. This design allows for good responsiveness and temperature control. The rear wheels have 4.7 inches of travel.

There is a 120/70-ZR17 tire on the front wheels, making the width 3.5 inches, and a 160/60-ZR17 tire on the back wheels, making the width 4.5 inches.

With a dry weight of 416 pounds (including fluids and gasoline), the 2022 Honda CB500F has snappy handling and outstanding front-end traction thanks to a front-to-rear bias proportion of 49.7 percent. The wheelbase is 55.5 inches, the rake is 25.5 degrees, and the tail is 102 millimeters (4.0 inches).

2023 Honda CB500F Sports Motorcycle

The bare body is threatening. The machine has a low, combative attitude thanks to its chiseled headlamp and extra-bright LEDs; its side shrouds interlock with the fuel tank to put the spotlight squarely on the motor; and its side covers and seat unit maintain the idea of solid angularity. The CB650R is the inspiration for the little front fender.

The tapered grip allows for superior comfort and control. The CB500F ABS’s neutral riding posture and low (31.3-inch) seat height make it a pleasant experience for riders of varying heights. Dimensions are 81.9 inches in length, 30.1 inches in width, 45.1 inches in size, and 5.1 inches in ground clearance. The gasoline tank has a reserve capacity of 0.5 gallons.

Engine / Drivetrain

The 471cc, eight-valve, liquid-cooled, parallel twin-cylinder architecture of the CB500F provides a reasonable compromise between compact dimensions and a satisfying amount of power. The bike is fun and has a lively, high-revving personality and a quick top end. The engine’s character and general performance belie its modest power output. Low-to-midrange power and torque between 3,000 and 7,000 rpm contribute significantly to the excellent acceleration.

New settings enhance the torque feel and character without sacrificing performance, and the air box and throttle bodies provide a reasonably direct line of airflow to the PGM-FI fuel injection. The exhaust muffler has multiple pipes that emerge simultaneously, lending a sporty edge to each thump and a raspy high-rpm scream.

With a compression ratio of 10.7:1, a bore and stroke of 67mm x 66.8mm, a crankshaft pin phasing of 180°, and a main couple-balancer located behind the cylinders, the bike’s center of gravity is well positioned for optimal performance. Using scissor gears for both the primary and balancer reduces noise significantly. The engine can spin more freely and with less inertia thanks to the crank counterweight, which is lightweight and contoured for balance.

2023 Honda CB500F Sports Motorcycle

The engine’s four cylinder-head hangers perform the function of a stressed element, increasing the frame’s overall stiffness. The roller rocker arms within the head are light thanks to the shim-type valve adjustment, the valve spring load is low, and there is little to no friction.

Vanadium coats the pins of a silent (SV Chain) cam chain, providing excellent wear resistance while reducing friction. The diameter of the inlet valve is 26.0mm, and the diameter of the exhaust valve is 21.5mm.

High-speed operation is much quieter thanks to the specially shaped-piston. The piston skirt’s striations (a finish that increases surface area and creates spaces where oil may flow for improved lubrication) minimize friction. The crankshaft, main shaft, and countershaft are compactly arranged in the optimal “triangle” configuration. Thin-walled sleeves are cast in a centrifugal process, and the crankcases are lined, mitigating pumping losses caused by a 180° phased firing sequence. The oil volume is 3.2 liters; a deep sump helps contain it during sharp turns and stops. An assist/slipper clutch controls the six-speed gearbox with quick shifts.

2023 Honda CB500F Sports Motorcycle – Price

The new 2023 Honda CB500F Sports Motorcycle is available at $6,799 only.

2023 Honda CB500F Sports Motorcycle – Technical Specifications


Type 471cc liquid-cooled parallel-twin four-stroke
Bore and Stroke 67.0mm x 66.8mm
Compression Ratio 10.7:1
Valve Train DOHC: four valves per cylinder
Induction PGM-FI with 34mm throttle bodies

Drive Train

Transmission Six-speed
Final Drive O-ring-sealed chain; 15T/41T

2023 Honda CB500F Sports Motorcycle

Chassis Suspension Brakes

Front Suspension 41mm Showa SFF-BP fork; 4.7-inch travel
Rear Suspension Pro-Link® single shock with nine-position spring-preload adjustability; 4.7-inch travel
Front Brake Dual 295mm discs with four-piston calipers; ABS
Rear Brake Single 240mm disc, ABS
Front Tire 120/70R-17 radial
Rear Tire 160/60-17 radial


Rake (Caster Angle) 25.5°
Trail 4.0 inches
Wheelbase 55.5 inches
Seat Height 31.1 inches
Fuel Capacity 4.5 gallons
Curb Weight 416 pounds


Model ID CB500FA
Emissions Meets current EPA standards. California version meets current CARB standards and may differ slightly due to emissions equipment.
Available Colors Matte Gray Metallic

Factory Warranty Information

One Year Included Transferable, unlimited-mileage, limited warranty
Optional Extended Extended coverage is available including a HondaCare Protection Plan

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