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2023 Harley-Davidson Serial1 Mosh/Cty E-Bike Review Specs

Rediscover the simple, unadulterated delight of traveling about on two wheels. Our single-speed, single-speed cruiser is designed to fly faster and further, alone and in groups. Hop that curb if you like. Spin the wheel. With the 2023 Harley-Davidson Serial1 Mosh/Cty E-Bike, our streamlined, single-speed cruiser that is designed to fly faster and further, alone or in a pack, rediscover the simple, unadulterated delight of exploring your environment on two wheels.

The first generation /CTY e-Bikes from Serial 1 established a new bar for performance for both commuting and leisure riders. Serial 1’s premium eBicycles are hailed as the most straightforward and user-friendly method to enjoy the excitement and freedom of exploring your environment on two wheels. They were created with an intelligent, human-centered design philosophy and accomplished with an unmatched degree of integration and attention to detail.

With the addition of a full suite of cloud-enabled connectivity features created in collaboration with Google Cloud that capture crucial ride data, significantly enhance security and safety, and make it simpler than ever just to enjoy the ride, Serial 1’s second-generation /CTY lineup elevates the premium eBicycle experience even further! Serial 1 is among the first to integrate Google Cloud’s new Intelligent Product Essentials software solution, which enables predictive, proactive, and intelligent features that drive a better eBicycle experience for every rider. Google Cloud has chosen Serial 1 as its strategic eMobility partner.

Serial 1 has created an industry-leading user app with cutting-edge networking capabilities that enable users to customize their eBike experiences further, thanks to exclusive preview access to Google Cloud technology. Intelligent Product Essentials enables Serial 1 to create integrated, automotive-grade mobile technology solutions that intelligently link its consumers, eBikes, and customer care providers in real-time. It is possible by utilizing Google Cloud’s considerable experience in AI and analytics.

2023 Harley-Davidson Serial1 Mosh/Cty E-Bike

2023 Harley-Davidson Serial1 Mosh/Cty E-Bike – Features and Specs

Serial 1 App Key Features and Technology

Premium digital technology is necessary for a premium eBike experience. For this reason, we collaborated with Google Cloud to create a mobile application worthy of the Serial 1 brand. The Serial 1 App makes the ideal riding assistant for your Serial 1 eBike thanks to app-controlled security measures, authentic Google Maps turn-by-turn navigation, and real-time trip statistics obtained straight from the eBike. And this is only the beginning; with access to Google Cloud analytics and business intelligence as well as integration with Google Cloud AI functionality, we will be able to constantly improve our mobile app solutions to provide the best eBike experience while also ensuring the highest level of data security.

The Serial 1 app has the most cutting-edge connectivity hardware and cloud-enabled data management and integration to guarantee the most dependable connection and the finest user experience. Most eBike applications only interact through Bluetooth® wireless technology. Therefore, crucial functionality can only be used when the app is close to another Bluetooth-enabled device. To guarantee that you can reliably access your bike even when it is out of sight of you or anyone else, Serial 1’s next-generation /CTY platform incorporates a sophisticated Internet of Things (IoT) device that enables connection via not only Bluetooth wireless technology but also using cellular data and GPS. This best-in-class solution is completely future-proof and provides dependable links above and above what is presently offered in the eMobility industry. It is also a solution unlikely to be phased out throughout the bike’s lifespan.

Route planning and turn-by-turn navigation on Google Maps: By integrating the most recent Google Maps Turn-by-Turn navigation data, users of the Serial 1 App may easily plan the optimal route for bicycling from within the app. The map will show you the best bicycle route possible, including any nearby bike lanes, roads, or trails. Turn-by-Turn instructions, which use the most precise and trustworthy location services available, will be made accessible after you’ve chosen your route to lead your journey and keep you on the right track.

Virtual Garage: From the convenience of your phone, register, identify, and monitor your Serial 1 eBike. You may see, connect to, and watch your Serial 1 eBike whenever you want by using your mobile device and virtual garage. Families may manage their bikes inside one shared virtual garage for homes with two or more Serial 1 eBikes in their actual garage.

2023 Harley-Davidson Serial1 Mosh/Cty E-Bike

Serial 1 Ebicycle Key Features and Technology

At a specialized laboratory on the Harley-Davidson® campus in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, all Serial 1 eBicycles are conceived and built in accordance with the same guidelines and procedures as electric motorcycle development. Serial 1 has made great efforts to build a bike with a shallow center of gravity to deliver agile and predictable handling across all riding circumstances. Mass centralization is crucial to confident handling and outstanding vehicle dynamics. All wiring and connections are concealed within the frame of Serial 1 eBicycles, which also have integrated lights up front and back and smooth, clean lines that give the same outstanding aesthetic that customers expect from Serial 1. Finally, we have developed very enjoyable and simple-to-use eBicycles that enable the rider to enjoy every ride without any interruptions by incorporating low-maintenance and user-friendly technology like a Gates Carbon Drive belt system, an auto-shifting CVT transmission (on select models) and self-adjusting hydraulic brakes.

Aluminum Frame

Aluminum is hydroformed and welded to create frames and forks that are light and robust with geometry that provides:

  • Flexible, nimble handling in all riding circumstances
  • Comfortable and confident control on paved urban bike lanes and unpaved country routes.

Integrated Battery

The lithium-ion battery is built into the bottom frame, giving it a sleek appearance and making it simple to remove for off-bike charging. Through a simple charging socket on the bottom frame, it may also be charged while the bike is in motion.

Mid-Mounted Motor

The Brose mid-mounted motor generates 90Nm/66 ft-lb of torque, providing the rider with enough power assistance to launch quickly from a standing start and to climb even the steepest slopes. To improve vehicle handling, the mid-mount is positioned close to the crank, which lowers the center of gravity and centralizes mass. Meanwhile, an electronic torque sensor automatically detects how hard the rider presses the pedals and immediately offers an equivalent amount of electric assistance. Just pedal and go forward without using the throttle or any other controls.

Four Ride Modes

Eco Mode provides a little amount of help when the terrain is flat and favorable—tour Mode for the best battery-saving combination of support and riding circumstances. Sport Mode offers noticeable assistance around curves or up-sweeping slopes. Boost Mode for situations needing a prolonged power surge, such as a steep slope, a strong headwind, or any other circumstance.

Walk Assist

The handlebar controls include a push-button “walk-assist” feature that offers a modest amount of forward propulsion to make it easier to navigate the eBicycle at walking speeds, particularly if it ever has to be pushed up a hill.

Belt Drive

The Gates Carbon Drive belt is quiet, supple, and requires no maintenance. It doesn’t need regular maintenance or adjusting as a chain-drive system does. It never becomes filthy or oily.

Auto-Shifting Transmission (on RUSH/CTY models only)

Enviolo AUTOMATiQ intelligent automated gearbox is a CVT (Constantly Variable gearbox) rear hub that is electronically controlled. It continuously and automatically modifies the gear ratio to maintain the rider’s ideal, customized pedaling cadence even when speed or terrain varies. It is available on all RUSH/CTY versions and is completely sealed and maintenance-free.

Handlebar Controls

The rider may use all models’ ergonomic thumb-and-forefinger controls to turn the eBike on and off, change riding modes, turn on and off the integrated lights, and activate walk-assist without ever taking their hands off the handlebars.

Hydraulic Disc Brakes

For faster-moving eBikes and all-weather commuting, front and rear hydraulic disc brakes explicitly made for eBikes use 203mm brake rotors that provide assured braking performance in most riding circumstances.

Internal Routing:

Through the use of sleek, snag-free style and protection from the weather, electrical wiring and brake lines are run through the frame, resulting in longer life and less maintenance.

Integrated Lighting:

A powerful LED light installed on the handlebar stem illuminates the road ahead and may increase the rider’s visibility at night. The bike is intended to be more visible from the back with the help of a bright combination of LED tail and brake lights built into the frame dropouts. When the eBicycle is switched on, a unique LED front trademark light that mimics the design of the vintage headtube insignia on Harley-Davidson’s first bicycles from the 1920s and teens shines.

2023 Harley-Davidson Serial1 Mosh/Cty E-Bike

Intelligent Sizing

Regardless of rider height, the frame geometry is tailored for each frame size to provide a comfortable riding posture and uniform handling. The ideal riding position for city bikes is upright to improve comfort and environmental awareness. To ensure that our size range is well-matched to almost every consumer, the frame geometry and contact points were examined.

2023 Harley-Davidson Serial1 Mosh/Cty E-Bike – Price

The new 2023 Harley-Davidson Serial1 Mosh/Cty E-Bike is available for $3,799 only.

2023 Harley-Davidson Serial1 Mosh/Cty E-Bike – Technical Specifications

Frame: Hydroformed aluminum, welded construction, internal routing
Fork: Aluminum
Motor Type: Brose S Mag, mid-drive mounting
Torque: 90Nm/66 ft. lb.
Battery: 529Wh, integrated, removable
Range: 35-105 miles/55-170 km – Depends on mode and terrain.
Charge Time: 0-75% charge = 2.6hrs, 75-100% charge = 2.1hrs
Maximum Assistance Speed: 20 mph (US)/25 kph (EU) / 32 km/h (CAN)
Drivetrain: Single-speed, freewheel
Final Drive: Gates Carbon Drive belt
Brakes: TRP hydraulic 2-piston-caliper disc brakes front and rear, 203 mm x 1.8 mm rotors
Wheels: 27.5 x 35mm alloy rims and Sapim stainless steel spokes
Tires: Schwalbe Super Moto-X 27.5 x 2.8-inch
Front Light: All-new LED headlight
Rear Light: All-new Integrated LED tail lights, including brake light
Signature Light: Brand new Illuminated headtube light
Connectivity: Available through the Serial-1 App
Integrated Device Charger: Brand new Integrated USB-C plug capable of charging mobile devices
Controller: Brose Display Remote
Frame Sizes: S, M, L, XL
Weight: 48.3 lb/21.9 kg (Size Large)
Color Options: Rowdy Blue/Matte Black; Matte Black/Gloss Black

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