2022 Triumph Street Triple RS Roadster Review Specs Price

2022 Triumph Street Triple RS Roadster

In 2020, Triumph Motorcycles will release a new generation of its Street Triple R series, comprising a standard “R” model and a more robust “RS” version. Although both snowmobiles use the same engine, the RS has more power than the regular model. The upgraded package is equipped with a premium suspension.

2022 Triumph Street Triple RS Roadster

2022 Triumph Street Triple RS Roadster – Features and Specs

Performance and Capability

There are 121 horsepower and 58 pound-feet of torque available from the Street Triple RS. That’s an increase of five horses and one pound of grunt over the standard R model, thanks to the ECU. The engine’s overall displacement of 765 ccs results from its 77.99 mm bore and 53.38 mm stroke. A compression ratio of 12.5:1 means it needs a high-octane punchline to run.

This inline triple is mounted transversely and is water-cooled; each cylinder has four poppets timed by twin overhead cams. The air-fuel combination is metered by electronic throttle control and fuel injection to assist the engine in satisfying the new Euro 5 emissions requirements. With a slipper-style clutch for anti-hop features, a six-speed gearbox, and a chain-style final drive, this vehicle can go anywhere.

The maximum speed is model-dependent. The highest rate of the Street Triple R is 144 mph and that of the Street Triple RS is 150.4 mph. However, I assume that individual results may vary for several reasons. You can thrash up and down the gears without using the clutch or letting off the gas thanks to the standard fast shifter on Triumph motorcycles. You can bet on a generally natural feel, input, and answers since I assume the manufacturer was attempting to keep the price down when it opted not to upgrade the standard three Riding Modes with any form of higher ride-control electronics.


The R and the RS versions of the Street Triple are excellent examples of naked sports bikes. But the RS upgrades things by adding a little chin fairing/belly pan.

The design team put aerodynamics at the forefront, as they would for any track-ready bike. The front fender is minimal and has spoiler-style uprights to lessen the wind resistance caused by the close-following spherical fork tubes.

2022 Triumph Street Triple RS Roadster

When seen front on, the twin LED headlights’ brow-like DRL bars give off a furious appearance. If a rider goes down for a slide or even just a severe drop in the parking lot, the LED-light bar turn signals are mounted on the sides of the bodywork and are at risk. Who knows, maybe someone sells a moving kit for it. The mirror bodies would benefit from having the blinkers affixed to them. Even though they don’t have built-in turn signals, I like the standard bar-end mirrors.

The top of the headlight housing has a fly screen. However, this is primarily cosmetic and serves little to safeguard the pilot. However, it performs exceptionally, shielding the five-inch TFT screen and digital gauges from the elements.

There’s plenty of opportunity for aggressive body English thanks to the 4.6-gallon fuel tank’s broad flanges, which also assist in smooth airflow along the sides. The R and RS have a standard seat height of 32.5 inches above the ground, but the R also has a “Low” trim level that lowers the saddle to 30.5 inches.

Subframe-mounted, foldable passenger footpegs and a pillion cushion make it easy to bring a date along. The race bike-style rear end has just the taillight installed inside, with the rest of the equipment attached to a mudguard boom and a hugger fixed to the swing arm.


The beam twin spar main frame structure of the Street Triple RS is made of aluminum for its lightweight strength. The gull-wing swing arm has two sides and is made of cast aluminum alloy.

Even the 17-inch wheels are made of cast aluminum to lessen the vehicle’s total mass and the inertial and gyroscopic effects that come with operating at high speeds. It is ideal for such a device.

You can put all the power of the triple and yourself through the 120/70 Z-rated tires that line the rims. Don’t fret that the hoops are the chain’s weakest link.

Each model has its unique rake and trail. The R and RS platforms have a rake angle of 23.5 degrees and a course of 3.87 inches, with the RS also including a track of 23.9 inches. Both are firmly situated in the realm of mastery.

The R has Showa suspension, including Showa 41 mm, USD, SF-BPF front and rear stems, and a Showa piggyback shock in the back. The RS has the same front suspension but adds a fully adjustable hlins STX40 rear shock.

With two of its brand new four-bore M4.32 monobloc anchors and twin 310 mm disc brakes up front and a 220 mm disc and single-piston caliper in the rear, Brembo takes the cake. You may have all the technological yumminess with or without the optional switchable ABS.

Price and Availability

The price of a Triumph Street Triple RS is $12,995. As for the standard color scheme, it’s Matte Jet Black on black. The Silver Ice finish adds $1,245 to the price. Prices for the basic R model range from $10,945 for the matte silver ice finish to $11,195 for the sapphire black paint job.

2022 Triumph Street Triple RS Roadster

Triumph Street Triple RS vs. Suzuki GSX-S750Z

Suzuki’s new, more Asian aesthetic appeals to young bikers on both sides of the Pacific. The Gixxess incorporates many of the same performance features, from the front fender evaluated in a wind tunnel to the tiny waist that almost demands body English.

The hottest exhaust gases are cooled by a belly pan on the GSX-S, exposing the headers. The engine is a four-bore 749 cc unit capable of 112.6 Hp compared to 121 Hp, with a maximum speed of 142 mph. Similarly, this is not quite as good as the British bicycle. Regarding electronic safety features, Suzuki has an advantage thanks to the addition of sophisticated traction control to the standard anti-lock brakes and dual-valve throttle control.

But Suzuki hurts you when you pay. With a starting price of $8,949, the GSX-S750 ABS leaves a lot of cash on the table.

2022 Triumph Street Triple RS Roadster – Technical Specifications

Engine & Transmission

Type Liquid-cooled, 12 valves, DOHC, in-line 3-cylinder
Capacity 765 cc
Bore 77.99mm
Stroke 53.4mm
Compression 12.54:1
Max Power EC 123PS / 121.36 BHP (90.5kW) at 11750rpm
Max Torque EC 79Nm at 9350rpm
System Multipoint sequential electronic fuel injection, including SAI. Electronic throttle control
Exhaust All-new Stainless steel 3-into-1 exhaust system low single-sided stainless steel silencer
Final Drive X ring chain
Clutch Wet, multi-plate, slip-assisted
Gearbox 6-speed with Triumph Shift Assist


Frame “Front – Aluminium beam twin spar. Rear – 2 piece high pressure die cast.”
Swingarm Twin-sided, cast aluminum alloy
Front Wheel Cast aluminum alloy 5-spoke 17 x 3.5 inches
Rear Wheel Cast aluminum alloy 5-spoke 17 x 5.5 inches
Front Tyre 120/70 ZR17
Rear Tyre 180/55 ZR17
Front Suspension Showa 41 mm upside-down big piston forks (BPF), adjustable compression damping, rebound damping, & preload adjustment.
Rear Suspension All-new Ohlins STX40 fully-adjustable piggyback reservoir RSU
Front Brakes Twin 310mm of floating discs, Brembo M50 4-piston radial monobloc calipers
Rear Brakes Single 220mm of the disc, Brembo single piston caliper, switchable ABS
Instrument Display and Functions Full-colour, 5″ TFT instrument pack with 4x styles and high/low contrast options

2022 Triumph Street Triple RS Roadster

Dimensions & Weights

Width Handlebars 775 mm
Height Without Mirror 1085 mm
Seat Height 825 mm
Wheelbase 1405 mm
Rake 23.9 º
Trail 100 mm
Dry Weight 166 kg
Tank Capacity 17.4 L

Fuel Consumption

Fuel Consumption 5.2 l/100km