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Top Ten Best Maxi-Scooters of 2023

While the basics haven’t changed all that much over the years, there’s now a vast selection to suit every need, whether you want something sleek and zippy or economic and electric that’ll get you through traffic or the city limits. Designed to avoid heck, you can even opt for three wheels instead of two. But ‘luxury’ is not a word you often associate with scooters. But times are changing, and there are more and more scooters that blur the distinction between a straightforward runabout and something more versatile and brilliantly equipped on the road.

Top Ten Best Maxi-Scooters of 2023 – Top Rated

10. Suzuki Burgman 400

Top Ten Best Maxi-Scooters of 2023

The Suzuki Bergman 400, the flagship scooter of the company’s four-strong lineup, recently underwent a facelift to maintain its aesthetic appeal in the face of increasing competition.

The 400cc single-cylinder engine was overhauled and now complies with Euro5 regulations partly due to its accessible stop-start keyless ignition technology.

The option of navy wheels and a subtle matte black exhaust are two welcome changes, but overall the Bergman 400 is starting to show its age compared to its more daring rivals.

Although it costs just under £7,000 and currently comes with a two-year servicing agreement, it’s still great value in this company as it’s comfortable, well-equipped, and should be reliable.

9. Peugeot Metropolis SW

Top Ten Best Maxi-Scooters of 2023

The Peugeot Metropolis SW tricycle has returned to these shores following a legal victory in exile in several countries over Piaggio accusing Peugeot of stealing a patent for a three-wheeled suspension setup.

The Peugeot Metropolis SW stays close to the unorthodox brief defined by the ground-breaking Piago MP3, with a two-front and one-rear wheel arrangement ensuring superior agility and grip.

After receiving a comprehensive update in 2021, the Metropolis SW is now offered a 399cc engine that produces 36bhp, and its sportier styling is more appealing than the MP3. However, it is and always will be a strange thing!

8. BMW CE.04

Top Ten Best Maxi-Scooters of 2023

BMW has decided to build an ultra-modern maxi scooter as its first fully electric two-wheeler because the future is here.

Enter the BMW CE.04, which announces (quietly) that this is no ordinary scooter with clean, minimalist lines that wear its EV heart like a crown. Just try to ignore its Dyson-like color touches and Sinclair C5 plastic.

BMW has made previous attempts at electric scooters, but this is the first completely new attempt. It was carefully designed to maximize its commitment to environmental protection and cost-effectiveness.

With a top speed of 74 mph, the 8.9 kWh battery, located as part of the floor beneath you, will keep you moving for 80 miles.

7. Kymco AK550 Premium

Top Ten Best Maxi-Scooters of 2023

Although Kymco is less well known in the UK than in Europe and Asia, their small selection of scooters is worth checking out.

The AK550, which comes in basic or premium trim, and the MP3-inspired CV3 trike are both available at the “Maxi” end of Kymco’s lineup. If you opt for the fully equipped Kymco AK550 Premium, you’ll have 51bhp of graceful power, total LED lights, an electronic windscreen, and premium materials.

The Kymco AK550 Premium costs just £500 more than the entry-level model, and while it performs and is equipped to compete with the Honda Forza 750 at a fair price, it has a more extensive dealer network than its rivals. There is no trust.

6. BMW C400 GT

Top Ten Best Maxi-Scooters of 2023

If your budget doesn’t allow for the BMW CE.04 and you don’t mind the occasional visit to petrol stations, the sister model, the gas-guzzling BMW C400 GT, provides affordable, fashionable urban commuting.

The GT retains BMW’s distinctive sculpted scooter design, which hides more storage and optimized ergonomics, while the German company’s advanced technology includes keyless ignition and smartphone connectivity. It’s more practical and subdued than the sister C400 X.

The C400 GT feels sharp and maneuvers well on the road. Although you give up some power compared to most of its maxi-scooter rivals, the BMW engineering kicks back at a competitive price of £7,340.

5. Piaggio MP3 Exclusive 530

Top Ten Best Maxi-Scooters of 2023

In the 17 years since its unveiling, the game-changing Piaggio MP3 has gone from being a quirky sight on European city streets.

While the MP3 will always stand out from the crowd thanks to Piaggio’s famous asymmetrical two-front, one-rear wheel suspension layout, it doesn’t take a genius to see the benefits of a scooter that won’t fall over (on purpose, at least).

Although you give up some agility, the MP3 never feels heavy. The added stability and grip the extra wheel provides are perfect for anyone hesitant to ride in the urban jungle.

4. Yamaha TMAX Tech Max 560

Top Ten Best Maxi-Scooters of 2023

Who says a scooter can’t be equipped with the latest technology down to the handlebars? At least, that’s what Yamaha is pleading with its TMAX 560 Tech Max, which has a moniker that’s long and full of features.

Although the Yamaha R1 and TMAX are cousins, twice removed stepchildren, when compared to other models of the same ilk, the TMAX is the one you’ll feel most comfortable riding while wearing your neon Valentino Rossi helmet.

With 47bhp from 562cc at your fingertips, the TMAX offers the agility to navigate the urban jungle without scaring you when venturing out of the city limits.

3. Honda Forza 750 & Honda X-ADV

Top Ten Best Maxi-Scooters of 2023

If Yamaha has taken the idea of a grand touring scooter to the “MAX,” then if you opt for Honda’s equivalent super-sized scooter, the “Forza” might be right up your alley.

The XL-sized Forza blurs the boundaries between scooter and motorcycle with 58 horsepower on tap from its 745cc engine, plenty of luggage space, a mature ride experience, and Honda-specific quality.

But Honda allows you to deviate from the whimsical X-ADV if the Forza 750 is too much of a “default choice” for you.

The Honda X-ADV is the scooter for people who commute all week yet want to get creative with their feng shui, which shows Honda’s ability to think outside the box.

2. Honda Forza 350

Top Ten Best Maxi-Scooters of 2023

Most people will find the Honda Forza 350 enough to satisfy their scooter cravings if they don’t want the extra engine capacity.

The Forza, a consistently popular option in the UK, retains all of Honda’s engineering, quality, reliability, and cost-effectiveness but reduces them to an attractive value proposition.

An updated redesign incorporates more elements from the larger 750, such as a sharper front end, LED lighting, and voice-activated smartphone connectivity. At the same time, a displacement increase from 297cc to 330cc gives the Forza 350 Provides enough oomph to live up to its ‘sporty’ look—the GT moniker.

It also has a Honda ADV350 version that, like its 750 siblings, can handle off-road tasks in sporadic light.

1. Yamaha XMAX 300 Tech Max

Top Ten Best Maxi-Scooters of 2023

With the Yamaha XMAX 300 Tech Max, we may be pushing the limits of the maxi-scooter, but we’ve also loosened the proverbial rules here. After all, the word itself is double MAX in capital letters.

Yamaha brand recently upped the ante with the launch of its latest generation model, which improves the design with some neat and clean design touches, including more angular bodywork and an X-theme headlight configuration. The model competes with the Honda Forza for the position of UK’s best-selling two-wheeler in 125cc trim.

With only 28 horsepower, the Yamaha XMAX 300 lacks some of the presence and power of the later TMAX, but it makes up for its quality and matures feel without sacrificing its youth.

Top Ten Best Maxi-Scooters of 2023 – Top List

Sr. # Top Ten Best Maxi-Scooters of 2023
1 Yamaha XMAX 300 Tech Max
2 Honda Forza 350
3 Honda Forza 750 & Honda X-ADV
4 Yamaha TMAX Tech Max 560
5 Piaggio MP3 Exclusive 530
6 BMW C400 GT
7 Kymco AK550 Premium
8 BMW CE.04
9 Peugeot Metropolis SW
10 Suzuki Burgman 400

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