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2022 Suzuki V-Strom 1050XT Adventure Review Specs Price

You may leave your worries behind and go on as many adventures as you choose with the help of the 2022 Suzuki V-Strom 1050XT Adventure. This bike boasts a sleek design and all the amenities you need for a relaxing ride, including state-of-the-art mechanical components, travel-ready aluminum panniers, LED fog lighting, and heated grips.

2022 Suzuki V-Strom 1050XT Adventure

The unique Champion Yellow and Glass Sparkle Black paint scheme were inspired by Suzuki’s legendary DR-Z Dakar racer and the massive Dual Sport DR-Big. The V-STROM 1050XT Adventure’s aggressive front end is dominated by the same beak design that Suzuki pioneered.

The Adventure’s 1037cc, 90-degree V-twin engine maintains its superb fuel economy and strong pull off the bottom while providing more peak power than ever. It also meets or surpasses all federal, state, and local emission standards. High-lift camshafts and big-bore pistons are fed by a pair of massive 49 mm Ride-by-Wire electronic throttle bodies, which offer smooth, light throttle action and accurate speed control while applying the factory cruise control system.

The Suzuki Drive Mode Selector (S-DMS) allows you to choose between three ways the engine provides power, while the Traction Control System offers four unique ways to adjust how much it worries the rider when his wheels start to spin. The V-engine 2022 Suzuki V-Strom 1050XT Adventure’s Suzuki Easy Start System may be developed with a rapid touch of the starting button, rain or shine. Suzuki’s Low RPM Assist technology styles low-speed riding more comfortable and less stressful for Suzuki V-STROM riders, especially when beginning from a stop or maneuvering heavy traffic.

The Suzuki Intelligent Ride System provides an outstanding selection of rider aids on the V-STROM 1050XT Adventure (S.I.R.S.). This model of the Motion Track Anti-lock and Combination Brake System uses a 6-axis IMU and rider-selectable ABS sensitivity to adapt braking of the surface’s grip. The Slope Dependent and Load Dependent Control systems optimize braking performance, whether going downhill, including with passengers or cargo. The Slope Hold Control System stops the bike from sliding rearward while stopping on a slope with the help of the rear brake for around 30 seconds. Whether you’re on a long ride, commuting, or simply out for a fun ride, S.I.R.S. has you covered.

An all-new V-twin-spar 2022 Suzuki V-Strom 1050XT Adventure’s aluminum frame is designed to be both lightweight and strong, enabling confident riding on any surface. The solo rear shock controls the cast aluminum swingarm and features remote and hydraulic spring preload adjustment, so it takes a few seconds to fine-tune the suspension for both luggage and a passenger. The inverted KYB fork up front enables straightforward fine-tuning with adjustable spring preload, compression, and rebound damping. The famous 19 and 17-inch sizes of Bridgestone Battlax Adventure A41 tires are mounted on tubeless spoke wheels.

Skilled and passionate motorcyclists will immediately recognize the 2022 V-Strom 1050XT Adventure’s style, power, and value. Only the V-STROM 1050XT Adventure can provide the same variety of features with the guarantee of a problem-free journey.

2022 Suzuki V-Strom 1050XT Adventure – Features and Specs

Key Features

With stacked, rectangular LED headlights that pay tribute to earlier Dakar Rally bikes and the DR-Big large-displacement Dual Sport, assertive styling retains Suzuki’s traditional rally-beak image. The 1037cc, V-twin engine offers more horsepower than ever before while maintaining exceptional fuel economy and strong pull at lower rpms while fulfilling worldwide emission laws.

Valuable rider aid features dual electronic throttle assemblies measured by ride-by-wire technology, cruise control, traction control including four sensitivity settings, a Drive Mode Selector including three modes, and an Easy Start System for quick and easy ignition.

The vast multifunction instrument panel provides all critical information on a full LCD screen in an ordered way applying a clear and user-friendly design. With Suzuki’s quick-release aluminum pannier set, LED fog lights, and heated handgrips, you can carry the items you need and ride comfortably. Information from the 6-directional, 3-axis Inertial Measurement Unit is sent into an adaptable Motion Track Anti-lock and Combined Brake System (IMU).


Universal emissions standards are met by the 1037cc DOHC, liquid-cooled, 90-degree V-twin engine, which also outperforms its ancestor in economy and power. There is no need for any balancer shafts or rubber attachment due to the engine’s smooth power pulses and outstanding primary balance offered by the 90 degrees L-twin layout.

Large-bore, high-compression pistons were designed especially using finite element analysis (FEM) to offer the best possible stiffness, weight, and durability. For reduced weight, higher durability, less friction, and improved heat dissipation, these pistons function inside cylinder bores that are built into the upper crankcase and are covered with Suzuki Composite Electrochemical Material (SCEM).

2022 Suzuki V-Strom 1050XT Adventure

Both the exhaust and intake camshafts contain higher valve lift timing, including less overlap to help the engine deliver more power while using less fuel. The outdated mechanical throttle has been replaced with the help of a more straightforward, lighter, and compact Ride-by-Wire system. A wider diameter, electronically controlled throttle body feeds each cylinder (49mm compared to 45mm of the previous generation) (49mm compared to 45mm of the previous model).

For precise throttle control, each body comprises a solo butterfly valve that is opened and closed by a separate motor. The user gets a light, smooth, and linear throttle as the Ride-by-Wire system does not need mechanical cables. Low fuel consumption and High combustion efficiency are achieved with the help of the 10-hole fuel injector fitted in the intake manifold after the throttle body.

The V-STROM 1050’s Engine Control Module (ECM) manages the fuel-injection system, Ride-by-Wire throttle bodies, cruise control, ignition, and other electrical features more efficiently than the V-Strom 1000 since it has a speedier CPU and new programming. Each cylinder’s dual spark plugs are fired independently by the transistorized digital ignition system, guaranteeing complete combustion.

The Dual Spark Plug System employs four iridium-type spark plugs to generate a more focused and hotter spark while lasting longer than conventional plugs.

Incorporating an all-new Suzuki Easy Start System, the rider only presses the button for a moment to start the engine. In any climate or with any engine heat, you have to press the starter button once and start your journey. The engine is developed with the help of Easy Start, which is accomplished by the ECM and automatically turns off the starting motor.

The 2022 Suzuki V-Strom 1050XT Adventure has a function called Automatic Idle Speed Control (ISC) that maintains the engine at a consistent idling speed. The RPM Assist feature of the V-Low STROM depends on the ISC since it automatically changes the engine speed during takeoff and low-speed riding to smooth the power delivery and help reduce the probability that the rider would stall the motorcycle.

A lower center of gravity and lighter, more polished single-silencer exhaust configuration enhances handling, maneuverability, and luggage installation. The V-exhaust features a vast, higher-efficiency catalyzer to provide an appropriate level of pollution control while offering great flow to match the boosted engine performance. With the help of an all-new efficient exhaust and an all-new Suzuki Pulsed Secondary Air Injection (PAIR) system, the bike can fulfill a variety of US and international pollution criteria without negotiating performance.

To handle the increased engine power, the radiator on the V-STROM 1050XT has 15% more cooling capacity than the V-Strom of the previous generation. The coolant temperature is measured by a cooling fan mounted with a thermostat.

The new little oil cooler, cooled by liquid, is mounted where the oil filter is attached to the engine. This cooler gives lower-temperature lubrication for the more powerful engine, yet it is smaller and lighter than a radiator-style cooler.

2022 Suzuki V-Strom 1050XT Adventure

The Suzuki Clutch Assist System manages the six-speed, close-ratio transmission’s output (SCAS) (SCAS). This method is similar to a slipper clutch because it enables some grips to slip during downshifts to improve their smoothness. Additionally, it serves as an assist clutch, allowing a precise and light clutch lever pull.

To draw attention to the engine and gives a striking contrast, including the black crankcase, a unique bronze finish was applied to the water pump case, clutch cover, magneto cover, and cylinder head covers. Plastic plates protect vital engine components, including the clutch cover.

Advanced Electronic Features

The 2022 V-STROM 1050XT Adventure is equipped with the Suzuki Intelligent Ride System (S.I.R.S.), which includes the Motion Track Anti-lock and Combination Brake System with selectable ABS sensitivity, in addition to the Hill Hold Control System, Slope Dependent Control System, and Load Dependent Control System.

Along with the enhanced Traction Control System and Suzuki Drive Mode Selector (S-DMS), S.I.R.S. also has a cruise control system. Long-distance adventurers, daily commuters, and weekend warriors alike will appreciate the practicality and simplicity of the many S.I.R.S. components for the V-STROM 1050XT Adventure.

CAN (Controller Area Network) Technology

The V-STROM 1050XT Adventure, crucial to the operation of S.I.R.S., uses a digital information network in place of a physical wiring harness.

This CAN-wiring allows the high-tech parts of the motorbike, such as the cruise control, to communicate with the ECM more rapidly and with fewer cords. It not only reduces the vehicle’s overall weight but also streamlines its design.

The CAN-wiring provides a single point of access for addressing any network-wide issues that may develop.

Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU)

This information is essential for S.I.R.S., and the V-STROM 1050XT Adventure’s IMU records it in six directions along three axes (as compared to the five directions measured by the previous system). The motorcycle’s position, velocity, and acceleration are all taken into account by the IMU, which then calculates the bike’s pitch, roll, and yaw.

Bosch provides a high-performing six-direction IMU that incorporates a gyro meter and three accelerometers into a single, compact device.

Cruise Control System

The cruise control system is useful for long drives because it enables the driver to keep the vehicle moving at a predetermined pace without constantly pressing the gas pedal.

The V-STROM 1050XT Adventure’s advanced features and technology, including its Ride-by-Wire throttle system and 32-bit electronic control module (ECM), allow for the incorporation of this essential cruise control.

Above the fourth gear, the cruising speed varies between 30 and 100 miles per hour. The rate may be adjusted using a rocker-style selection switch located on the left handlebar control, and the cruise control can be engaged with a button located on the proper handlebar control. The updated gauge cluster has symbols and indicators for the vehicle’s cruise control capabilities.


Motion Track Anti-lock and Combination Brake System (ABS)

IMU-recorded spatial information of the motorcycle’s stance is combined with front and rear wheel speeds in the Motion Track Anti-lock and Combination Brake System. Because of this, the anti-lock braking system (ABS) functions well regardless of whether the vehicle is going in a straight line or tilting or twisting.

To customize the responsiveness of the ABS, motorcyclists may select between two settings.

ABS modes and functions are shown on the multi-information display.

  • Mode 1 of the anti-lock brake system provides minor braking assistance.
  • Mode 2 ABS anti-lock brakes are more active than Mode 1 ABS.

You can’t disable the ABS; it’s always on.

Suzuki Drive Mode Selector (S-DMS)

The V-STROM 1050XT Adventure’s three-mode S-DMS system allows the rider to tailor the engine’s power delivery to their preferences and the conditions they’ll encounter. To achieve maximum power in each mode, S-DMS collaborates with the Traction Control System to modify how energy is supplied.

  • Throttle responses are more immediate in A Mode.
  • To a lesser extent than in Normal Mode, B Mode softens the throttle response.
  • C Mode provides the smoothest response to the throttle of the three modes.

Traction Control System

The four-mode system on the 2022 V-STROM 1050XT Adventure prevents rear tire spin in various riding conditions, giving the rider more control over the throttle. With the release of the 2014 V-Strom 1000, Suzuki became the first major motorcycle manufacturer to include traction control.

The Traction Control System constantly monitors the vehicle’s speed, gear, throttle position, and the speed of the front and rear wheels. Wheel spin is detected, and the engine’s power is immediately decreased by adjusting the ignition timing and air supply.

The rider can choose four settings (1, 2, 3, and OFF). Each of the three modes has a different threshold for a rear-wheel spin.

  • In Mode 1, the sensitivity is at its lowest, making it suitable for pavement with a slight texture.
  • Mode 2 is a middle ground between Mode 1’s extreme sensitivity and Mode 3’s usual driving conditions.
  • In Mode 3, which is for severe or slippery driving conditions, including wet and snowy gravel roads, the system applies traction control sooner than in other settings. The highest possible sensitivity may be achieved with this setting.
  • When the rider selects “OFF,” all traction control devices are disabled, and the rider can manage the throttle and any resulting rear wheel spin.

Hill Hold Control System

This system applies the brakes for around 30 seconds whenever the rider comes to a stop going uphill, even if the rider lets off of the brake lever or pedal, preventing the motorcycle from rolling back down the hill. It enables the cyclist to focus on getting down the slope as smoothly as possible.

When the rider lets up on the brake lever or pedal, the electronic control module (ECM) knows that they want to go and releases the braking pressure gradually to the back wheel.

The Hill Hold System may be disabled in a few ways, including depressing the front brake lever twice, using a switch on the left handlebar, or switching on the dashboard.

Slope Dependent Control System

The Slope Dependent Control System maintains constant vigilance over the vehicle’s stance even as it descends. When descending a slope, the rider presses down on the brake pedal or lever, and the ECU automatically changes the braking pressure to prevent the back wheel from lifting.

Load Dependent Control System

The system helps the rider achieve the correct braking force in response to the load (passenger or baggage) on the motorcycle.

While transporting cargo or passengers, the system continually learns about braking deceleration by monitoring IMU data and hydraulic brake pressure.

The technology remembers the load on the motorcycle and uses it to improve stopping power as the load increases.

Chassis Features

The 2022 Suzuki V-STROM 1050XT Adventure takes cues for its distinctive, futuristic design from the legendary DR-Z Dakar racer and the larger Dual Sport DR-Big. The specific off-road beak design was initially adopted by Suzuki and has subsequently been integrated into every modern Adventure-style motorcycle. The V-beak now has a set of vertically stacked LED headlights that have a unique rectangular shape. STROM’s Thanks to the headlight’s ability to effectively illuminate the road surfaces and the surrounding environments, the rider has a good perspective of what lies ahead.

Extensive testing in a wind tunnel led to the developing of a height-adjustable windscreen designed to reduce the rider’s exposure to wind noise and buffeting. Hand adjustments to the windscreen’s 11 positions within a two-inch height range are available.

The windshield mount has a bar that can be attached to it, and it is positioned such that it is just below the rider’s eye level, making it an ideal spot to place things like a GPS.

A high-rise, large-diameter, tapered aluminum handlebar gives the rider excellent steering control and a distinctive off-road appearance. Vibration is minimized for the rider by the lightweight, high-strength handlebar.

The large damper weights on the handguards reduce vibration and improve ergonomics.

The V-STROM 1050XT Adventure’s rally aesthetic is complemented by these custom-made mirrors, improving the rider’s rearward visibility.

The rider may quickly and easily change the clutch and front brake levers to a comfortable reach, thanks to the included adjustment knobs. In addition, the user may alter the position of the shifter and the foot pedal for the back brake.

More comfortable and secure control of the motorcycle is provided by extra-wide footrests, regardless of the surface of the road. To ensure that the rider’s boots have a solid grasp on the pegs, rubber inserts that minimize vibration may be removed.

The innovative chassis of the V-STROM allows for the construction of a compact, lightweight adventure motorcycle that caters to the needs and priorities of a wide variety of riders.

The 5.3-gallon gas tank gives plenty of capacity. For the rider’s comfort, its design and protective cover have been devised for a thin connection with the seat.

The two-piece design provides unique comfort for both the driver and the passenger. The rider’s part may be adjusted for height (20mm higher option) (20mm higher chance).

To help the rider and passenger in retaining their grasp on the motorcycle, the sides of the seats are lined with a material with a high-grip texture.

The rider’s legs can reach the ground faster than other models in the class thanks to the straightforward V-twin engine design, fuel tank, and trim seat.

A trademark of V-Strom is its sturdy, twin-spar aluminum frame, which creates a balance between weight and strength for optimum handling on all sorts of roads.

The 43mm KYB inverted front fork delivers a comfortable yet sporty ride in various settings. The compression and rebound-damping forces, as well as the spring preload, are adjustable on the fork legs.

It merely takes a few seconds to alter for freight or a passenger as a single rear shock moves the cast aluminum swingarm with remote, hydraulic spring preload adjustment. Rebound-damping force adjustment is also a feature of the single-shock, link-style rear suspension.

Tokico’s four-piston front brake calipers are radially mounted, and the front brakes are 310mm floating-mount twin discs. These efficient calipers are paired with the Motion Track Anti-lock and Combination Brake System, resulting in tremendous stopping power.

D.I.D. supplied the tubeless aluminum rims on which the Bridgestone Battlax Adventure A41 tires are attached.

The V-STROM 1050XT Adventure has a sturdy accessory bar mounted to it, where the LED fog lights are securely fastened, reducing the likelihood of damage in the case of a fall.

To prevent debris and dirt from getting into the engine, an aluminate-treated aluminum under cowling is installed.

The V-STROM 1050XT Adventure has a sturdy center stand that the rider may use while maintaining or carrying luggage.

Included are Suzuki’s ADV-style aluminum panniers, which can hold 37 liters of gear and attach to powder-coated stainless steel racks. These durable panniers are made with 1.5mm thick aluminum plates and use no-pierce rivet technology for maximum durability. They have quick-release hardware, a lid that stays put when opened, and locks made of stainless steel that need a key. The powder coating on the interior of these waterproof panniers helps to keep metal stains off of your belongings, while the rubber seals on the lids keep water out.

Electrical Features

The V-STROM 1050XT Adventure’s multifunction instrument panel has a blacked-out Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) screen illuminated by programmable LEDs, which shows all relevant statistics. The material is provided in the order of relevance in a straightforward and easy-to-understand style.

The LCD screen shows various metrics, including speed, tachometer (full pixel digital display), gear position indicator, odometer, dual trip meters, instant fuel consumption, average fuel consumption, driving range, fuel level indicator, engine coolant temperature indicator, ambient air temperature indicator, clock, voltage meter, service reminder, S-DMS mode, and traction control mode.

Cruise control, Hill Hold System, Slope Dependent Control System, Load Dependent System, and the two levels of sensitivity for the ABS on the Motion Track Anti-lock** and Combination Brake System are just some of the unique features of the V-STROM 1050XT Adventure that are detailed on the control panel.

LED indicators with icons for freeze indicator, traction control warning, ABS alert, high beam indicator light, and turn signal light are located around the perimeter of the LCD. Both this indicator and the air temperature readout serve to warn motorists of the possibility of ice roads.

The instrument cluster screen and the handlebar’s left rocker button provide the rider access to the menu and rider-aid configuration options.

You may adjust your road speed and reset your trip meters from the left-handlebar switch while using the cruise control.

To generate greater power at lower engine rpm with less heat and mechanical drag, the charging system uses a sturdy three-phase stator and an open-style regulator/rectifier. A large capacity, maintenance-free batteries, and fuses are tucked neatly under the rider’s seat.

On the left of a control panel, you’ll find a USB-type auxiliary connector. There’s a maximum of 2.0A current that can flow via this fused slot, and it’s suitable for up to 5.0 VDC. The port may recharge a mobile device or power a GPS device.

A 12-volt, 36-watt DC SAE plug may be found under the passenger seat (electrical accessory wattage should not exceed 12W when the engine is operated at a low speed). This convenient outlet allows for the charging and powering a wide range of electronic devices.

The V-STROM 1050XT Adventure includes a fairing with a rectangular, stacked LED headlamp like the one on the Dakar Rally cycle, which offers excellent illumination for the road and the path.

Lightweight, low-draw LED turn lights on the V-STROM 1050XT Adventure are brighter than the signals on prior V-Strom models, and its transparent glass and LED design deliver exceptional visibility, less power usage, and remarkable durability.

The heated handgrips of a Suzuki have a multi-level heat control operated by the thumb (without removing hands from the handlebar).

Suzuki’s LED fog lamps, which use less power than conventional lights while lighting the road and making the motorcycle more visible to other cars, are standard on the V-STROM 1050XT Adventure.

Additional Features

Genuine Suzuki Accessories for the V-STROM 1050XT Adventure include a matching aluminum top case, high and low-profile seats, auxiliary lighting, and various apparel options with the Suzuki logo.

By utilizing the extra lock tumblers offered and matching the ignition key for the motorbike, you can install Suzuki excess luggage and enjoy the convenience of one-key operation.

With a 12-month duration and unlimited mileage coverage, the warranty is a steal. Suzuki Further Security provides added benefits throughout extended coverage periods (SEP).

2022 Suzuki V-Strom 1050XT Adventure – Price

The new 2022 Suzuki V-Strom 1050XT Adventure is available for $17,049 only.

2022 Suzuki V-Strom 1050XT Adventure

2022 Suzuki V-Strom 1050XT Adventure – Technical Specifications


Engine 1037cc, 4-stroke, liquid-cooled, DOHC, 90˚ V-twin
Bore x Stroke 100.0 mm x 66.0 mm (3.9 in. x 2.6 in.)
Compression Ratio 11.5:1
Fuel System Fuel injection, Ride-by-Wire equipped
Starter Electric
Lubrication Wet sump


Clutch Wet, multi-plate type
Transmission 6-speed constant mesh
Final Drive Chain, O-ring type, RK525SMOZ8, 116 links


Suspension Front Inverted telescopic, coil spring, oil damped
Suspension Rear Link type, single shock, coil spring, oil damped
Brakes Front Tokico, 4-piston calipers, twin disc
Brakes Rear Nissin, 2-piston, single disc
Tires Front 110/80R19 M/C (59V), tubeless
Tires Rear 150/70R17 M/C (69V), tubeless
Fuel Tank Capacity 20.0 L (5.3 US gal.)
Color Champion Yellow No 2. / Glass Sparkle Black


Ignition Electronic ignition (transistorized)
Headlight LED
Tail Light LED


Overall Length 2265 mm (89.2 in.)
Overall Width 940 mm (37.0 in.) – Specification does not include Adventure accessories fitted to a motorcycle
Overall Height 1465 mm (57.7 in.)
Wheelbase 1555 mm (61.2 in.)
Ground Clearance 160 mm (6.3 in.)
Seat Height 850 mm (33.5 in.)
Curb Weight 247 kg (544.6 lb.) – Specification does not include Adventure accessories fitted to the motorcycle


Warranty 12-month unlimited mileage limited warranty
Extension More extended coverage periods with other benefits are available through Suzuki Extended Protection (SEP)

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