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2022 SR Zero Electric Motorcycle Review Specs Price

The Zero SR is the most versatile motorbike in the world. The ZF 75-10 motor powers the ZFORCE 14.4+ kWh power pack in the SR, built on an award-winning steel trellis frame and coaxial power pivot chassis that made the Zero SR/F and Zero SR/S the pinnacle of electric motorcycling performance. For example, you may add torque, speed, Bosch Advanced Motorcycle Stability Control, turn-by-turn on-dash navigation and more with the Cypher III+ Operating System.

2022 SR Zero Electric Motorcycle – Features and Price

ZF14.4+ Battery Pack

In combination with the ZFORCE 14.4+ lithium-ion battery with the Cypher Store upgrades and Power Tank accessories, the ZFORCE SR can go 227 miles (dealer-installed available in spring of 2022). Combined with an aluminum heat sink enclosure and a thermal transfer interface, the battery has industry-leading power and energy density. As of now, there is a Cypher Store software update that unlocks 17.3 kWh of battery capacity, and the extra power tank provides roughly 21 kWh of storage.

2022 SR Zero Electric Motorcycle

ZF75-10 Motor

It is possible to increase the ZF75-10 motor’s output to 140 foot-pounds of torque and 110 horsepower using the Cypher Store’s on-demand upgrades. It means that the SR can reach a peak speed of 124 mph. An internal permanent magnet brush with minor architecture and a passive air-cooled compact design offer class-leading performance.

Effortless Power’s Rapid Charge System

The SR can be set up to charge at various rates thanks to our modular Rapid Charge System. On-demand upgrades in the Cypher Store may enhance the SR’s 3 kW charging capacity by 10%, making it even more powerful. When paired with the Cypher Store update, the dealer-installed Rapid Charge Module can charge the SR’s 14.4+ kWh battery in an hour, making it one of the fastest electric vehicles in its price range.

Power Pivot

The ideal construction ensures consistent drive-belt tension and maximum torque distribution to the rear wheel thanks to a patented concentric motor and swingarm pivot arrangement. Allows for a tight chassis waist to increase rider ergonomics and bike mobility by using a custom-designed, large-bearing swing arm pivot.

Cypher III+

Cypher III+ introduces a new Cypher Store that allows riders to personalize their riding experience via software updates that can be purchased through the store. Charge faster, receive turn-by-turn directions on your dash, or use Parking Mode to carefully back into the right place. All three of these features are available in the Tesla Model S. Only Zero Motorcycles offers Cypher III+, the only technology that allows for performance increases on-demand.

Arsenal OF Ride Modes

With the easy next-generation software and dash interface, the SR features an arsenal of riding modes that enable the user to personalize the bike’s performance. Rain, Eco, Standard, Sport, and Canyon modes are pre-loaded on the SR, and an almost endless number of riding mode tweaks may be made to optimize performance no matter the road conditions.

Bosch ABS

In addition to Bosch ABS, the SR may be upgraded to Advanced Motorcycle Stability Control (AMSC) in the Cypher Store with the Performance Boost option. The Bosch MSC System is known for its dynamic acceleration and improved stability regardless of the road surface or weather. As a consequence of MSC, vehicles have best-in-class straight-line ABS and cornering brake control, as well as traction management and torque vectoring.


It’s fragile. Extremely powerful. Athletic and intuitive riding is provided by the steel-trellis frame, unique swing arm, and superior Showa suspension system. Its weight-optimized/mass-centralized design results from an evenly distributed motor, and its twin radial front brakes make slowing down as much fun as gaining it.

2022 SR Zero Electric Motorcycle

The Connected Bike

The SR is always linked to the app through cellular networks and transmits data. There is always easy access to ride information, including the bike’s current state and position. These four key monitoring areas are available to the rider: Bike Status & Alerts, Charging, Ride Data Sharing, and System Upgrades & Activation. ‘When you buy a phone, you get two years of free cellular service. Unlimited performance modification options are available in the Cypher Store for SR.

SR Dash

You may personalize your dashboard. The 5″ TFT display in full color lets you pick and choose which bike information you want to see. On-the-fly riding mode switching, heated-grip control, cruise control, and a slew of other features are all possible with multi-mode navigation.

Advanced App

The dash and Cypher III+ work together to build a feature-rich environment for Zero’s next-generation app.

An easy-to-use Cypher Store where new features and improvements may be purchased.

New features include faster charging, in-dash navigation, and parking mode.

2022 SR Zero Electric Motorcycle

Ride mode selection and creation, customization dash choices, scheduled and target-based charging, charge-station locating help, and more are included in the app’s standard free features.

On-demand features and performance upgrades are available for purchase in the Cypher Store for Cypher III+, including on-demand ride data (location, speed, lean angle, power, torque, SoC), remote query and notification and ride data available for analysis and sharing (location, speed, slight angle, force, torque, SoC, energy used or regenerated, remote diagnostics).

2022 SR Zero Electric Motorcycle – Price

An all-new 2022 SR Zero Electric Bike is available at $17,995 only.

2022 SR Zero Electric Motorcycle – Technical Specifications


City 156miles (251km)
Highway, 55 mph (89 km/h) 95 miles (153 km)

Range with Extended Range Cypher Upgrade (17.3kWh)

City 187 miles (301 km)
Highway, 55 mph (89 km/h) 114 miles (183 km)
Combined 141 miles (227 km)
Highway, 70 mph (113 km/h) 93 miles (150 km)
Combined 124 miles (200km)

Range including Extended Range Cypher Upgrade + Power Tank (20.9kWh)

City 227 miles (365 km)
Highway, 55 mph (89 km/h) 139 miles (224 km)
Highway, 70 mph (113 km/h) 113 miles (182 km)

2022 SR Zero Electric Motorcycle


Peak torque 122ft-lb (166Nm)
Peak power 74hp (52kW) at 6,255rpm
Top speed (max) 104mph (167km/h)
Top speed (sustained) 104mph (167km/h)
Type Z-Force 75-10 improved thermal efficiency, passively air-cooled, interior permanent magnet AC motor
Controller High efficiency and power-dense, 750 Amp, 3-phase AC controller with regenerative deceleration

Power system

Powerpack Z-Force® Li-Ion intelligent integrated
Peak capacity 14.4kWh
Nominal capacity 12.6kWh
Charger type 3kW integrated, Cypher upgradeable up to 3.3kW
Charge time (standard) 4.5 hours (100% charged) / 4 hours (95% charged)
With 3kW Cypher Upgrade 4.1 hours (100% charged) / 3.6 hours (95% charged)
With 6kW Rapid Charger + 3kW Cypher Upgrade 1.8 hours (100% charged) / 1.3 hours (95% charged)
Input Standard 110V / 220V


Transmission Clutchless direct drive
Final drive 90T / 20T, Poly Chain HTD Carbon™ belt

Chassis / Suspension / Brakes

Front suspension Showa 43mm of Big Piston Separate Function forks, including adjustable spring preload, compression & rebound damping
Rear suspension Showa 40mm of piston, piggy-back reservoir shock having adjustable spring preload, compression & rebound damping
Front suspension travel 4.72 inches (120mm)
Rear suspension travel 5.51 inches (140mm)
Front brakes Bosch Base MSC, dual J-Juan radial 4-piston calipers with the radial master cylinder, 320x5mm discs
Rear brakes Bosch Base MSC, J-Juan single-piston floating caliper, 240×4.5mm disc
Front tire Pirelli Diablo Rosso III 120/70-17
Rear tire Pirelli Diablo Rosso III 180/55-17
Front-wheel 3.50 x 17
Rear-wheel 5.50 x 17


Wheelbase 57/1 in (1,450 mm)
Seat height 31.0 in (787 mm)
Accessory, low 30.3 in (770 mm)
Accessory, tall 31.9 in (810 mm)
Rake 24.0°
Trail 3.7 in (94 mm)


Curb weight 489 lb (222 kg)
Carrying capacity 511 lb (232 kg)


Equivalent fuel economy (city) 416 MPGe (0.57 l/100 km)
Equal fuel economy (highway) 206 MPGe (1.14 l/100 km)
The typical cost to recharge $1.61


MSRP $17,995


Standard motorcycle warranty Two years
Powerpack warranty Five years/unlimited miles

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