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2022 Honda PCX ABS Scooter Review Specs Price

The new 2022 Honda PCX ABS Scooter continues to be the industry benchmark for scooter design and technology, making it the best option for navigating metropolitan areas in comfort and flair. The PCX has a powerful engine that can handle the open road, making it ideal for novice and seasoned riders. It also excels in other important scooter categories, including fuel efficiency, easy operation, ride comfort, and handling. Are there problems with transportation? The answer is the 2022 Honda PCX.

2022 Honda PCX ABS Scooter

Your errand is over while the rest of the people are still seeking a parking spot, and you may go back on your way before they ever realize what’s happened. Commuting? Your day has finally reached its peak! The PCX, like your smartphone, is easy to use and simplifies your life. You may even lose track of time trying to remember the last time you stopped at the gas station because of its efficiency. The PCX’s roomy trunk and folding rear seats make it convenient for errand runs as well as for commuting, studying, and even grocery shopping. The best part is that it’s a Honda, so you know it’s as dependable as the morning or the evening light. Okay, listen, we all have to be somewhere. Why not take pleasure in the journey itself by riding a 2022 Honda PCX?

2022 Honda PCX ABS Scooter – Features and Specs

Rider Comfort

This large, fluffy seat is considerably more relaxing than it seems. In addition, the tiered passenger compartment will provide an excellent vantage point for your copilot.

2022 Honda PCX ABS Scooter

Under-Seat Storage

When you unzip the seat, you’ll find a shockingly vast amount of space, enough to fit most full-face helmets or a week’s worth of groceries. The primary storage area is both lockable and waterproof. Its 30 liters (almost eight gallons) is more than enough for regular usage.

Easy To Park

You may choose between a side stand and a center stand on the PCX. You may quickly put it on its side stand and run inside a shop, or put it on its shelf and squeeze it into a tight spot (the center stand). Many scooters only provide one of these features.

Electric Start

The fuel-injected engine of the PCX starts instantly when the key is turned, and it performs flawlessly at any temperature.

Fresh Style

The PCX is a premium product with cutting-edge design and functionality. The PCX has a high-end appearance thanks to its vast center LED headlamp, LED turn signals, and clear LCD gauges.

2022 Honda PCX ABS Scooter

Extra Ingredient; the “X” Factor

Check out the “X”-shaped backlight on the PCX. It makes use of cutting-edge multi-optics technology to provide a very brilliant light output.

Fuel Capacity

The PCX’s huge 2.1-gallon gasoline tank means you can go even farther and ride for longer without stopping for gas.

Optional ABS

Our front-wheel Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) is standard on the PCX, allowing you to stop confidently in all weather.

12-Volt Charging Port

With the PCX, charging your gadgets is a breeze thanks to the built-in USB-type connector in the fairing storage compartment.


The foundation of excellent handling is a well-designed chassis, and here is where our newest PCX excels. Instead of the conventional “underbone” structure, it employs a novel “duplex-cradle” structure.

2022 Honda PCX ABS Scooter

V-Matic Transmission

Turn the key in the ignition, floor it, and go thanks to the Honda V-MaticTM automatic gearbox. That means you can relax and focus on the road ahead without worrying about swapping gears at any point. With the V-Matic, there is no abrupt transition between gears because of its continuously changeable construction.

4-Valve Engine

The PCX has a 156.9cc engine, giving it lots of power. A new four-valve design with an optimized bore/stroke ratio is used in ESP+ technology (enhanced innovative energy), which helps reduce emissions and delivers responsive performance.

PGM Fuel Injection

The PCX’s liquid cooling system and PGM-FI (Programmable Fuel Injection) fuel injection provide top-notch performance in any climate. On top of that, the PCX has fantastic gas mileage.

Hydraulic Cam-Chain Adjuster

The PCX’s engine is equipped with fully automated hydraulic cam-chain adjustment. Because of this, the PCX requires no regular maintenance, just one more way Honda’s designers have made it a breeze to own. The PCX engine is a high-efficiency motor that runs smoothly because of the low-friction roller bearings used in the crankshaft.

2022 Honda PCX ABS Scooter

Engine / Drivetrain

The PCX’s engine is ideal for short trips around town, and its displacement of more than 150 ccs makes it suitable for long trips on the highway. The scooter is well-known for its excellent power and fuel economy. The PCX also has Honda Selectable Torque Control, which is usually only seen in high-performance vehicles. The 156.9 cc displacement results from an over-square bore (60.0 mm) and stroke (55.5 mm). The engine can handle the speeds of the highway, and its short stroke reduces power-robbing sliding friction.

The four-valve design of the engine improves both intake and exhaust flow, resulting in substantial output. To maximize efficiency, the intake system has a giant 4.9-liter air cleaner and a 28-millimeter-diameter throttle body. The catalyzer is situated in the exhaust system to purify the exhaust gases, which not only provides excellent power but also helps to preserve the environment. Honda’s low-friction V-Matic automatic gearbox aids economy and delivers smooth, predictable acceleration. Rigidity and a roller bearing in the crankshaft prevent it from bending under the strain of high rotational speeds caused by inertial force and combustion energy.

The end effect is less shaking and noise. Cooling oil jets for the pistons are utilized, the same as on the CRF450R motocrosser and other high-performance versions. Piston cooling and knock prevention are improved by spraying engine oil on the piston’s underside, while power is increased by advancing the ignition time. A variety of friction-reducing devices improve fuel economy. For instance, a cam-chain-tensioner may be operated by a hydraulic lifter, which improves fuel economy by decreasing chain vibration and mechanical noise. The roller rocker arm, offset cylinder, spiny sleeve, and double-cog belt further reduce friction. If there is little traction, HSTC makes things safer. When slip is detected, the system intervenes by reducing engine torque based on the wheel speed and throttle opening.

2022 Honda PCX ABS Scooter

Riders know that HSTC is being used thanks to a display on the meter. It’s possible to disable the system if that’s what you want. The diameter and profile of the pulley were designed to cut down on noise and friction as much as possible. The clutch’s vibration characteristics are optimized for smooth acceleration from stops by adjusting the clutch’s form and the size of the transmission shaft. A roller rocker arm, an all-new offset cylinder, a bristly cylinder sleeve, and a double-cog belt all contribute to the PCX engine’s low level of friction.

Design / Styling

The PCX has an innovative design and unrivaled performance, making it the gold standard for scooters. Every light source is an innovative LED. The low and high-beam headlights are aligned in a horizontal line, creating a smooth transition from the front to the rear of the bike. PCX’s distinctive X-shaped taillights provide a three-dimensional look. The wide meter’s central LCD is obvious and may show various information.

Indicators for low battery voltage and when to replace the V-belt are included, as are a clock, speedometer, trip meter, odometer, and fuel gauge. Even when the meter is turned off, its three-dimensional bezel construction and round form complement the scooter’s appearance and convey sophistication. The model is easily identifiable because of its chrome handlebar and square clamp cover. The scooter’s engine cover is styled to complement the rest of the vehicle. The convenient under-seat storage area is 30 liters, making it large enough to fit a full-face helmet. While sitting, you can reach the front storage area with no effort.

A USB type-C charging port is included within the compartment, making it ideal for recharging smartphones and other portable electronics. A plastic bottle will fit (up to 1.7 liters) in the storage area. There is a holder for the gasoline cap on the bottom of the fuel tank door, making it easier to refill. The vibration felt by the user’s hands is significantly reduced thanks to the handlebar holder’s rubber mounting. Riders of varying heights and statures may find a comfortable posture thanks to the footrest space.

Chassis / Suspension

Underneath the PCX’s sleek exterior lies a cutting-edge chassis designed to reduce curb weight, enhance the scooter’s handling, and maintain the rider’s average level of comfort. Through a careful balance of weight reduction and strength, a straightforward frame construction provides a smooth ride and capable turning. Engineers used CAE analysis to determine the best pipe sizes, materials, thicknesses, and junction locations to reduce vehicle weight and improve mobility. The size and contour of the rear grab rail are designed to provide a secure hold for passengers. Engineers concentrated mass for superior handling and agility by reducing the weight of components placed a distance from the vehicle’s center.

The aluminum wheels (14 inches in the front, 13 in the back) include five Y-shaped spokes to provide ideal rigidity balance, making for a secure, pleasant, and quiet ride. Wide profile tires (front 110/70-14, rear 130/70-13) with enough air volume provide a smooth ride and responsive handling. Front and rear disc brakes with one-channel ABS provide confident stopping force. It has 3.7 inches of rear wheel travel, making for a plush ride over uneven terrain. Because of its low center of gravity and superior handling, the big 2.1-gallon fuel tank is concealed beneath the floorboard.

2022 Honda PCX ABS Scooter – Price

The new 2022 Honda PCX ABS Scooter is available for $4,099 only.

2022 Honda PCX ABS Scooter – Technical Specifications


Type 156.9 cc liquid-cooled 80º single-cylinder four-stroke
Valve Train OHC; four valves
Bore x Stroke 60.0 mm x 55.5 mm
Compression Ratio 12.0:1
Induction Fuel injection; 28 mm throttle body
Ignition Full transistorized
Starter Electric
Transmission V-Matic
Clutch Automatic centrifugal dry type
Final Drive Belt

2022 Honda PCX ABS Scooter


Front 31 mm telescopic fork; 3.9 in. travel
Rear Twin shocks; 3.7 in. travel


Front Hydraulic caliper w/ single 220 mm disc; 1-channel ABS
Rear Mechanical w/ single 130 mm drum; 1-channel ABS


Front 110/70-14
Rear 130/70-13


Rake (Caster Angle) 26.5º
Trail 79 mm
Length 76.2 in.
Width 29.2 in.
Height 43.6 in.
Seat Height 30.1 in.
Ground Clearance 5.3 in.
Wheelbase 51.7 in.
Fuel Capacity 2.1 gal.
Curb Weight 288 lbs.


Color Pearl White

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