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2022 Honda Grom ABS Minimoto Review Specs Price

You may have seen them before, but nothing like this. Updated for the year 2022 Honda Grom ABS Minimoto may be the most exciting car you’ve ever driven. Considering the extensive upgrades we’ve made to this little rocket, this news is especially noteworthy this year. There is a new, more powerful engine with a higher compression ratio of 10:1 that helps the bike go quickly. Now with an extra gear, the transmission has five speeds. Current technological gadgets additionally a more expansive, flatter, and more comfortable seat that is better suited to riders of greater stature. However, the most exciting development is the Grom’s updated exterior. They give the Grom a fresh look and may be removed easily for customization. There is also an optional anti-lock brake system and fuel injection, as well as a bigger petrol tank. Now that the Gromance has shown to be more comfortable, strong, flexible, and pleasurable than anything else, bring it on!

2022 Honda Grom ABS Minimoto

The newest iteration of the Grom, which debuted in a few countries last fall, will hit the market in the United States for the 2022 model year. It will include a gorgeous new body design and a fast new engine with a fifth gear. Features like the Grom’s excellent fuel efficiency, cheap operating and maintenance costs, meticulous design, and Honda’s legendary durability have survived the redesign.

This year marks a turning point for the Grom, as the storied miniMOTO model has been given a complete makeover, emerging as a sleeker, more versatile machine. The new and improved engine is more flexible and fuel efficient, and the seat has been redesigned to be flatter and more accommodating to riders of varying heights. Fuel capacity has been increased from 1.45 to 1.59 gallons, and a fully functioning LCD makes it easy to take in all the information while you’re on the go. Unique to the SP model is a gold paint job for the wheels, brake calipers, fork, a yellow shock spring, and stylish graphics. An ABS variant is also on the market.

2022 Honda Grom ABS Minimoto – Features and Specs

125cc Fuel-Injected Engine

A new, more powerful engine for the Grom is scheduled for 2022. Honda’s reputation for engines is unrivaled, and the Grom, despite its small dimensions, is as robust and dependable as any monster vehicle.

Low Seat Height

The Grom’s 30-inch height makes it easy to flat-foot through intersections and parking lots. The new seat is more accommodating for taller riders since it is flatter and has more padding.

2022 Honda Grom ABS Minimoto

Hydraulic Disc Brakes

The Grom’s 220mm front and 190mm rear single-disc brakes to provide excellent stopping power.

All-New Bodywork

The sheer novelty of owning and riding a Grom is part of the appeal. Since then, we’ve given the Grom a scrumptious new exterior for 2022. Blacking out the engine, exhaust, wheels, and swing arm gives the bike a more menacing look.

LED Headlight

The LED projector-style headlight on the Grom is a crucial design element since it looks good and provides excellent illumination.

Five-Speed Transmission

In 2022, the Grom received a new five-speed transmission. The extra gear gives you more alternatives and improves the maximum speed for riding on the highway while retaining all the strength, control, and efficiency of a regular motorcycle.

LED Taillight

Forget about using your big, cumbersome taillights on the Grom; its LED illumination is bright and clear.

Multi-Function Digital Instruments

This year’s updated instrument cluster has a host of additional functions in addition to the standard speedometer, odometer, tachometer, gear position indicator, A and B trip meters, fuel gauge, clock, and low/high beam indicator.

2022 Honda Grom ABS Minimoto

Optional ABS

The Honda Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) is standard on the Grom, so you can safely come to a stop even in less-than-ideal conditions.

Special “SP” Color Version

The Grom’s customization options are intuitive, but we’ve set some up for you. The Pearl White version has a red, white, and blue paint job with a gold fork, wheels, and brake calipers that stand out from the crowd.

Fuel Capacity

To think that having fun while saving money is impossible is ridiculous. It has a big 1.6-gallon gas tank (which will grow in 2022) that allows for long-distance travel without breaking the bank.

Two-Up Capability

How about sharing this experience with a pal? Not a problem since the Grom makes it easy to transport a passenger.

12-Inch 10-Spoke Wheels

These wide-tired cast wheels are as rugged and long-lasting as any urban biker could hope for.

Inverted Fork Suspension

The Grom, like other high-end sport bikes, features an inverted hydraulic fork up front to improve handling and road feel.

Single Rear Shock

The Grom’s single hydraulic rear shock makes it easy to ride over bumps.

Get The Party Started

Our MSX Grom (Mini Street X-Treme) has been the preferred form of transportation for a new generation of young riders worldwide since 2013. It’s not hard to understand why; minibikes have become more popular due to their unique designs, compact sizes, and full-sized motorcycle characteristics like suspension and brakes. When fitted with a 125cc engine, it becomes the perfect sidekick for the hustle and bustle of urban living. This new MSX Grom is more powerful, has higher gear, and has more style than its predecessor.

2022 Honda Grom ABS Minimoto

Small And Even More Perfectly Formed

A little motorcycle with big ambitions, the MSX Grom. Thanks to PGM-FI fuel injection and compliance with EURO5, its new 125cc engine is more powerful, cleaner, and fuel-efficient than its predecessor. The new gear gives you five choices, making it easy to go on long rides. Refurbished exteriors may be enjoyed as-is or modified to one’s liking, as the case may be. The MSX Grom’s digital instrument cluster mimics that of its bigger brothers by including a rev counter and gear position indicator.

Design / Styling

Third-generation Groms have a sleeker design than before, with flatter, straighter lines, a more compact subframe, and plusher seat cushioning (seat height is still a low 30 inches). Plus, the four central body panels can be attached and detached in a matter of seconds, appealing to customers who want to personalize their motorcycles in a style synonymous with the Grom subculture.

The wheels, swing arm, engine, and exhaust of the 2022 Grom are all blacked out to draw attention to the bike’s fundamental design. Gold-colored fork and wheels complement the SP model’s gold brake calipers and yellow shock spring.

Fuel capacity has been increased from 1.45 to 1.59 gallons, which is a noticeable improvement. In addition to the speedometer, tachometer, dual trip meters, fuel gauge, and clock, the upgraded LCD digital display now shows the gear the vehicle is in.

The 2022 Grom is offered in various colors, including Queen Bee Yellow, Matte Black Metallic, and the SP mentioned above, which has stylish graphics, a yellow shock spring, and a gold finish on the wheels, brake calipers, and fork. In the ABS variety, you may choose from colors like Candy Blue.

Engine / Drivetrain

Enhancements to the Grom are not just skin deep. The new engine is cutting edge. Therefore, it comes with a fifth gear for your convenience. Engineers at Honda were able to achieve this goal by calling for a more extensive spread of gear ratios and replacing the previous final-drive sprocket of 34 teeth with one of 38 teeth. The upgrades increase top speed and give rapid acceleration from rest.

The compression ratio of the air-cooled, two-valve, overhead-cam, and 125cc engine is 10:1. (Versus 9.3:1 with the previous model). To achieve this, an under-square engine design with a diameter of 50.0 mm and a stroke of 63.1 mm is used, as compared to the 52.4 mm and 57.9 mm of the previous engine.

PGM-FI fuel injection, used in modern vehicles, ensures precise fuel distribution and efficient combustion. The sizeable 2.5-liter air box has a panel-style, wet-paper filter that may last up to 10,000 miles under normal riding conditions.

The oil spinner and screen of the previous model had to be cleaned, but the replaceable oil filter in the 2021 model is a vast improvement for the many Grom owners who want to do their maintenance.

DIYers will also like the new exhaust system since the downpipe and muffler are now separate components.

Chassis / Suspension

There is still only one shock, and an inverted fork measuring 31 mm makes up the suspension. The braking system consists of a 190 mm disc in the back and a 220 mm disc in the front, both with a single-piston caliper. In previous years, the Grom’s 12-inch cast wheels were standard, but the 2021 model sports a whole new five-spoke style.

2022 Honda Grom ABS Minimoto

2022 Honda Grom ABS Minimoto – Price

The new 2022 Honda Grom ABS Minimoto is available for $3,399 only.

2022 Honda Grom ABS Minimoto – Technical Specifications


Type 123.9cc air-cooled four-stroke 80º single cylinder
Valve Train SOHC; two-valve
Bore x Stroke 50.0 mm x 63.1 mm
Compression Ratio 10.0:1
Induction PGM-FI automatic fuel injection w/ 24 mm bore
Ignition Full transistorized
Starter Electric
Driveline Chain final drive; 15T/38T
Transmission Manual; 5 speeds
Clutch Multiplate wet


Front 31 mm telescopic inverted fork; 4.3 in. travel
Rear Single shock w/ box-section steel swingarm; 4.1 in. travel


Front Single hydraulic 2-piston caliper w/ 220 mm disc; ABS
Rear Single hydraulic 1-piston caliper w/ 190 mm disc; ABS


Front 120/70-12
Rear 130/70-12


Rake (castor angle) 25º
Trail 84 mm (3.31 in.)
Length 69.2 in.
Width 28.4 in.
Height 40.0 in.
Seat Height 30.0 in.
Ground Clearance 7.0 in.
Wheelbase 47.2 in.
Fuel Capacity 1.6 gal.
Curb Weight 231 lbs.


Colors Candy Blue

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