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2022 Harley-Davidson Forty-Eight Cruisers Review Specs Price

The 2022 Harley-Davidson Forty-Eight Cruisers features a typical bulldog stance because of its narrow chassis, thick front forks, and wide tires. The chrome-glimmering 1,202 cc Evo engine has always been a hallmark of Sportys, as has the “peanut tank” that feeds it. The Forty-Eight has a Dark Custom demeanor and a low, low seat height, giving it an imposingly slender and threatening profile.

2022 Harley-Davidson Forty-Eight Cruisers – Features and Specs


In the years after the “$4,995 Sporty” period, Harley-stripped-down Davidson’s Sportsters became a fertile ground for creative expression. Every new model follows the same design guidelines, which may be based on precedent, historical precedent, or a synthesis of the two. In this case, the Sportster Forty-Eight looks to the 1970s and beyond for inspiration.

Seeing bikes that look like this is always a treat for me. They’re faithful to their roots while striking out in their unique direction. Since the one-of-a-kind Sporties have maintained their popularity, and the designers don’t seem to have jumped the shark just yet, I’m looking forward to what they come up with next.

2022 Harley-Davidson Forty-Eight Cruisers

The fuel tank is the focal point of this motorcycle’s design and the source of its namesake. It is where we keep the peanuts, thus the name. A Harley S 125 “Hummer” first sported this tank in 1948, albeit it had been around since 1947. Since then, it has become a recurring motif in the XL series. The manufacturer took a somewhat too realistic approach by decreasing the tank’s capacity to only 2.1 gallons. Even though it looks right, I’d instead use my 3.3-gallon, peanut-shaped tank.

The rest of the chassis was designed with inspiration from 1970s custom culture. The shortened fenders, lowered suspension, and Harley’s Dark Custom touch bring to mind the era of “Death to Disco.” The only non-black or non-chrome part of this sled is its fuel tank, which is badged or flamed to draw attention to itself.

The rider has slammed the handlebars and is using the front foot controls to assume an aggressive, forward-leaning windsock position, preparing to dive head and shoulder into a corner. Incredibly relaxed, this position puts your mass in front of the bike’s center of gravity for pinpoint control.

If you’re a reader who lives in a more northern place and has to store your bike for months at a time, you’ll appreciate the battery tender harness, which is now standard equipment for the 2017 model year. The 2018 limited edition 115th anniversary model looks excellent in Legend Blue Denim with blue saddle stitching and an Eagle with Bar & Shield graphic draped over the top and right side of the tank. What a sophisticated look. To further distinguish itself from the rest of the Sportster family, the Forty-Eight was the only model offered in the anniversary edition.


The 2022 Harley-Davidson Forty-Eight Cruisers engine and transmission forced the company to adopt its standard tubular steel, dual-downtube, dual-cradle frame design. With 30.2 degrees of rake and 5.3 inches of trail, the steering head is an excellent match for the vast 16-inch 130/90 front tire. Robust 49 mm front forks complement the front tire’s heft, and the rear shock has a screw adjuster for hassle-free preload tuning. Seat height is just 26.2 inches and ground clearance is only 3.9 inches since the suspension has been pushed to its limits at both ends. Not only does this make the car seem very badass on its massive 16-inch wheels, but it also reduces the vehicle’s center of gravity.

Disc brakes are used to secure the hoops. However, the front wheel only has a single caliper. At 551 pounds wet, it’s almost heavy enough to employ double front brakes. ABS is an available feature on all models save the 115th Anniversary model; nevertheless, it will increase your required stopping distance. It is a measure of the expense associated with traction safety.

2022 Harley-Davidson Forty-Eight Cruisers


Harley’s tried-and-true 1,202 cc engine propelled the Forty-Eight. The Evolution engine, whether you like it or not, has proven to be a dependable machine. The heart of the car is a modified version of the 1986-introduced Evo Sporty engine, which has been updated to suit stricter regulations and increased customer expectations.

The tiny, circular air cleaner can is a custom from the 1970s, and the engine is black with chrome accents at the pushrod tubes and rocker boxes. It’s not all for show. A long-stroke, air-cooled, fuel-injected motor generates 73 lb-ft of torque at 3,500 rpm, providing plenty of power for getting going and zipping around once in the power band.

The output of the five-speed constant-mesh gearbox is sent to the rear wheels through a belt drive strengthened with fiber-reinforced plastic. The overall gearing provides 48 mpg combined economy and relatively comfortable highway revs.

2022 Harley-Davidson Forty-Eight Cruisers – Price

Harley charges a slight premium for the exceptionally crisp paint on the Forty-Eight since the fuel tank is the only piece of shot sheet metal on the bike (assuming you don’t include all the non-optional black). In 2022, you can have a peanut tank shot for $12,299 in Vivid Black or $12,699 in colors. You may expect to pay an extra $415 for the security system and $819 for the anti-lock brakes.

2022 Harley-Davidson Forty-Eight Cruisers

2022 Harley-Davidson Forty-Eight Cruisers – Technical Specifications

Engine & Drivetrain

Engine: Air-cooled, Evolution
Bore x Stroke: 3.5 inches x 3.811 inches (88.9mm x 96.8mm)
Displacement: 73.4 cubic inches (1,202ccs)
Engine Torque (J1349): 73 lb-ft at 3,500 rpm
Compression Ratio: 10 to 1
Fuel System: Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection (ESPFI)
Primary Drive: Chain, 38/57 ratios
Gear Ratios (overall) : First 9.315; Second 6.653; Third 4.948; Fourth 4.102; Fifth 3.517

Chassis Specs

Frame: All-new mild steel. Tubular frame, stamped junctions; circular section, MIG welded
Suspension, Front/ Travel: 49mm fork set, free valve right hand & cartridge-style left hand/ 3.6 inches
Suspension, Rear/ Travel: Variable rate spring over 36mm piston nitrogen gas-charged emulsion-style shock including thread-style preload adjustments/1.6 inches
Lean Angle, Right/Left: 27.1-degree/ 27.1-degree
Exhaust: Chrome, staggered shorty exhaust including dual slash-cut mufflers
Wheels: Black, Split Nine-Spoke Cast Aluminum with Machined Highlights
Wheel, Front: 16 inches x 3 inches (406 mm x 76 mm)
Wheel, Rear: 16 inches x 3 inches (406 mm x 76 mm)
Brakes, Front: 300 mm floating rotor, Dual-piston front caliper
Brakes, Rear: 260 mm uniform expansion rotor, Dual-piston rear caliper
Tire, Front: Michelin Scorcher 130/90B16 73H
Tire, Rear: Michelin Scorcher 150/80B16 77H

Dimensions & Capacities:

Length: 85 inches
Seat Height, Laden: 26.2 inches
Seat Height, Unladen: 27.3 inches
Ground Clearance: 3.9 inches
Rake (steering head) : 30.2 degrees
Trail: 5.3 inches
Wheelbase: 59.3 inches
Fuel Capacity: 2.1 gallons
Fuel Economy: Combined City/Hwy: 48 mpg
Oil Capacity (w/filter) : 2.8 quarts
Dry Weight: 538 pounds
Curb Weight: 551 pounds
Top Speed: 110 mph (est)

2022 Harley-Davidson Forty-Eight Cruisers


Lights (as per country regulation), Indicator Lamps: High beam, neutral, low oil pressure, turn signals, engine diagnostics, low fuel warning, low battery, security system (optional)
Gauges: Handlebar-mounted electronic four-inch speedometer with odometer, time-of-day clock, dual trip meter, low fuel warning light, low oil pressure light, engine diagnostics readout, LED indicator lights


Model ID: XL 1200X


2022: $12,299, Color: $12,699

Forty-Eight vs. Indian Motorcycle Scout

Instead of the Sporty’s 3,500 rpm, you’ll need to rev the engine up to 5,900 to get the extra 72.2 lb-ft of torque.

Both feature fuel injection, but the Indian’s transmission is superior since it has a sixth forward gear owing to a Tran’s mixer gear. Many close-ratio packs aren’t as effective as overdrive but still let you use the Indian’s influential but narrow power band.

The Indian has a greater maximum lean angle in the corners at 31 degrees. Still, the Sporty isn’t too far behind at 27.1 degrees, making it neither particularly good nor bad in the corners.

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