2022 GSX-S1000 Suzuki Sports Motorcycle Review Specs Price

2022 GSX-S1000 Suzuki Sports Motorcycle

The 2022 GSX-S1000 Suzuki Sports Motorcycle was introduced in 2015 as a brand-new design intended to provide motorcyclists on the street access to the excitement of sport riding. A Street-tuned version of the potent long-stroke engine that propelled the GSX-R1000 to several superbike and endurance racing triumphs was at its core. Its engine was carefully combined with a small and lightweight chassis, state-of-the-art operating gear, and a comfortable upright riding posture. The GSX-S1000 was developed with the same goal as the GSX-R1000: to “own the racetrack.”

2022 GSX-S1000 Suzuki Sports Motorcycle

To meet global emissions rules and provide riders with an even more thrilling riding experience, the new 2022 GSX-S1000 now strives to give increased controllability, agility, and power. Many improvements refine the GSX-S1000’s body into an even tighter and more attractive package ready to turn heads and rule the streets.

Style instantly attracts your attention to the 2022 GSX-S1000. It was evident from the light and powerful naked sport bike’s tight, angular design that it was a genuine competitor. It’s impossible not to gaze at the new stacked LED headlamps housed in a sleek cowling between a pair of MotoGP-inspired winglets projecting from the angular radiator shrouds.

This new Suzuki produces greater peak power with a boosted torque curve that provides street-dominating power, and the GSX-R-based engine is revealed as a warning to others. The latest iteration of the Suzuki Clutch Assist System (SCAS), which smooths shifting and engine braking, and the latest electronic Ride-by-Wire throttle bodies allow riders to regulate that power.

The aluminum, twin-spar frame design and the swing arm’s superbike-braced construction give the chassis more GSX-R Character. An easily adjustable rear shock and a fully adjustable inverted KYB fork are included in the suspension. Brembo’s four-piston, radially mounted dual, ABS-equipped front brake calipers and 310mm floating rotors provide excellent stopping power. The cast-aluminum handlebar, more comprehensive than ever, gives the GSX-S1000 the proper leverage and a comfortable reach through turns.

Suzuki Intelligent Riding System (S.I.R.S.), previously absent, is now included on the GSX-S1000 for 2022. The revised, five-mode (and OFF) Advanced Traction Control System* and the three-mode Suzuki Driving Mode Selection let you customize this bike to your tastes. The innovative Bi-directional Fast Shift technology lets you shift gears while resting your clutch hand. Suzuki’s famous Easy Start and Low RPM Assist technologies get the party started without effort.

2022 GSX-S1000 Suzuki Sports Motorcycle

The 2022 GSX-S1000 will be positioned as the top naked sport bike in the industry thanks to two possible body colors, including Suzuki’s iconic Metallic Triton Blue and a brand-new Metallic Matte Mechanical Gray.

2022 GSX-S1000 Suzuki Sports Motorcycle – Features and Specs

Engine Features

The long-stroke GSX-R engine of the GSX-S1000 has been improved to deliver a broad, smooth torque curve over the whole rpm range with more peak horsepower.

In addition to reducing lift and valve overlap to lower emissions, new camshaft profiles balance the engine’s performance and drivability, improving rider control.

To decrease friction and increase longevity, the cam chain tensioner and tension adjustment have been modified. The cylinder head is machined using Suzuki’s renowned Twin Swirl Combustion Chamber (TSCC) design. When combined with the flat-top pistons results in an ideal compression ratio of 12.2:1, which aids in distributing power evenly over the whole rev range.

The stiffness and weight of aluminum pistons developed using FEM analysis are cast to perfection.

The engine finish has been modified to convey an even more excellent impression of quality, and the engine covers have a new look and finish.

2022 GSX-S1000 Suzuki Sports Motorcycle

Modern electronic throttle bodies are employed on the GSX-S1000, so engine response is smooth and regulated, mainly when the rider presses the throttle to accelerate out of turn. The air cleaner features a redesigned internal structure that adds to the GSX-S1000’s enhanced engine performance while keeping the exhilarating intake sound that the GSX-S1000 is famed for. Keeping the under-chassis design, sharp appearance, and clear tone of the last generation’s system, the GSX-S1000’s new stainless steel 4-2-1 exhaust system is revised and adjusted.

A sophisticated Suzuki Exhaust Tuning (SET) valve precisely controls the flow from the mid-chamber into the sculpted muffler, which has a pleasant look that is uncommon to under-chassis exhausts and produces an exhilarating, unique sound.

A more powerful engine, more linear throttle response, more straightforward engine start-up, and a more steady idle result from the digital ignition’s use of iridium-type spark plugs, which boost spark strength and combustion efficiency. High-grade components also last longer than regular spark plugs. The restyled radiator shrouds effectively channel cooling air to the high-capacity curved radiator. With the aid of a lightweight, small-sized liquid-cooled oil cooler, the extra heat from the engine is dissipated (like those used on specific GSX-R models).

Transmission Features

Like a GSX-R1000, the race-proven, six-speed, close-ratio gearbox utilizes vertically staggered shafts to decrease total engine length. The accurate shift linkage enables the rider to simply and quickly pick the optimal gear for the riding circumstances. The newest iteration of the Suzuki Clutch Assist System (SCAS) clutch is installed on the GSX-S1000. More than ever, the SCAS clutch raises plate pressure during acceleration but serves as a slipper clutch to flat the engine response during engine braking and turn to enter.

The robust 525 drive chain employs O-rings to retain internal lubrication, delivering power smoothly and silently.

Chassis Features

Suzuki’s renowned twin-spar aluminum frame aids in providing agile handling and road-holding solid abilities. The primary spars are straight from the steering head to the swing arm pivot, perfect for high stiffness and minimal weight. The strong aluminum-alloy swingarm comes directly from the GSX-R1000. It is ruggedly reinforced and helps to provide exceptional road-holding abilities, coupled with a superbike appearance.

A single shock absorber with spring preload and seven-way adjustable rebound damping force is part of the link-type rear suspension attached to the swing arm. The large 120 mm (4.7 inches) front wheel travel on the 43mm inverted KYB forks can be adjusted along with the compression and rebound damping and spring preload.

2022 GSX-S1000 Suzuki Sports Motorcycle

The lightweight, cast aluminum TRP six-spoke wheels, exclusive to GSX-S1000 models and have a strong aesthetic appeal, help the bike handle well and perform sportily. The new Road sport 2 radial tires from Dunlop (120/70ZR17 at the front and a more comprehensive 190/50ZR17 at the rear) are designed to work well on the GSX-S1000. They provide excellent traction in dry and wet situations, quick warm-up times, and extended tread life.

Along with updated front and rear suspension settings, these wheels and tires assist in providing the excellent grip, stability, and agile handling necessary for competitive performance while also adding to the comfort of the ride.

Solid and reliable stopping power is provided by the dual front brakes’ completely floating 310mm discs and the Brembo Monobloc calipers’ four 32mm opposed pistons. A 240 mm rear disc brake with a Nissin single-piston caliper is added to the front brakes to ensure smooth stops. A new, compact Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) controller can regulate both the front and back brakes to adapt stopping power to the available traction.

The upright riding posture on the new GSX-S1000 improves comfort and control. The interaction between the handlebar, footrests, and seat was meticulously designed to provide this suitable sport riding posture. The black finish complements the motorcycle’s performance-oriented design on the shifter, rear brake, and hand levers.

Body and Styling Features

The GSX-new S1000’s gasoline tank has a capacity increase of up to 19 L (5.0 US Gal.), letting riders go longer between fill-ups when commuting or on lengthy journeys.

The redesigned front seat has a foam form alteration to allow the rider outstanding flexibility of movement while providing tremendous support at the rear of the heart. It is intended for comfortable sports riding. A feeling of agility and physical strength may be seen in the bodywork. Sharp, angular lines highlight a high-quality, contemporary motorbike. To promote ownership pride, a new, specially-made ignition key with the GSX-S symbol on the hilt is available.

Electrical and Lighting Features

The GSX-oil-cooled S1000’s three-phase charging system has enough power to support the ride-improving electronics and maintenance-free batteries.

Suzuki’s Easy Start Technology starts the engine with a little press of the starting button. Instead of employing a slower and more complicated traditional wiring harness, the GSX-Computer S1000’s Area Network (CAN) type wire harness operates as a linked information network. The electrical and S.I.R.S. components of the GSX-S1000 are utilized and optimized with the help of a brand-new 32-bit engine control module (ECM).

The instrument cluster of the GSX-S1000 uses a bright LCD panel and can be adjusted for the brightness to fit a wealth of relevant data into a small module that sits in the middle of the broad handlebars. The instrument’s unique graphics and blue illumination give it a premium look that will inspire pride in ownership. The rider can quickly identify the readouts thanks to the new, fresh information structure.

2022 GSX-S1000 Suzuki Sports Motorcycle

Suzuki’s cutting-edge multifunction handlebar switches, which enhance operator comfort and effectiveness, are included with the GSX-S1000. The new compact vertically stacked LED headlamp assembly is trim and fits snugly with the front fork, making it the ideal complement to the GSX-razor-sharp S1000’s appearance.

2022 GSX-S1000 Suzuki Sports Motorcycle – Price

The new 2022 GSX-S1000 Suzuki Sports Motorcycle is available for $11,299 only.

2022 GSX-S1000 Suzuki Sports Motorcycle – Technical Specifications


Engine 999cc, liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, 4-cylinder, DOHC
Bore x Stroke 73.4 mm x 59.0 mm (2.890 in. x 2.323 in.)
Compression Ratio 12.2:1
Fuel System Fuel injection with Ride-by-Wire electronic throttle bodies
Starter Electric
Lubrication Wet sump

2022 GSX-S1000 Suzuki Sports Motorcycle


Clutch Wet, multi-plate SCAS type
Transmission 6-speed constant mesh
Final Drive Chain, RK525GSH, 525 x 116 links


Suspension Front Inverted telescopic, coil spring, oil damped
Suspension Rear Link type, single shock, coil spring, oil damped
Brakes Front Brembo, 4-piston, twin disc, ABS-equipped
Brakes Rear Nissin, 1-piston, single disc, ABS-equipped
Tires Front 120/70ZR17M/C (58W), tubeless
Tires Rear 190/50ZR17M/C (73W), tubeless
Fuel Tank Capacity 19.0 L (5.0 US gal.)
Color Metallic Triton Blue or Metallic Matte Mechanical Gray


Ignition Electronic ignition (transistorized)
Spark Plug NGK CR9EIA-9 or DENSO IU27D Iridium-style
Headlight Stacked LED
Tail Light LED

2022 GSX-S1000 Suzuki Sports Motorcycle


Overall Length 2115 mm (83.3 in.)
Overall Width 810 mm (31.9 in.)
Overall Height 1080 mm (42.5 in.)
Wheelbase 1460 mm (57.5 in.)
Ground Clearance 140 mm (5.5 in.)
Seat Height 810 mm (31.9 in.)
Curb Weight 214 kg (472 lb.)


Warranty 12-month unlimited mileage limited warranty
Extension More extended coverage periods with other benefits are available through Suzuki Extended Protection (SEP)