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2022 DR-Z400S Suzuki Dual Sports Bike Review Specs Price

In 2022, Yamaha unveiled the 2022 DR-Z400S Suzuki Dual Sports Bike, which has become the standard-bearer of the modern Dual Sport movement. First with the DR350S and then with the DR-Z400S, Suzuki created accessible, reliable, and capable motorcycles that are fun to ride for anybody willing to hit the pavement or dirt.

2022 DR-Z400S Suzuki Dual Sports Bike

The liquid-cooled 398cc engine produces impressive torque, and the fully adjustable suspension makes for agile handling. This highly trustworthy motorbike is street-legal thanks to its electric start and straightforward instrument cluster. The bike’s black and gray bodywork and contrasting black, silver, and yellow colors make it easy to spot on the road, trail, or parking lot. Whether on the highway or a twisty forest road, the Suzuki DR-Z400S will leave the competition in the dust.

2022 DR-Z400S Suzuki Dual Sports Bike – Features and Specs

Engine Features

Small in size but big in power, the 398cc DOHC liquid-cooled dry-sump engine delivers when the revs drop. The four-valve, compact cylinder head, can provide broad, tractable power and torque suitable for any terrain thanks to the size of its intake valves (36 mm) and exhaust valves (29 mm).

To achieve easy electric starting, a lightweight starter motor, including an automatic mechanical decompression system, is required. The SCEM (Composite Electrochemical Material) cylinder developed by Suzuki is both lightweight and durable. A digitally mapped DC-CDI system constantly monitors engine speed and throttle position to fine-tune ignition timing and maintain efficient combustion.

Forged aluminum pistons benefit from improved oil cooling thanks to a crankcase oil jet, creating them 10 percent lighter than their cast counterparts while maintaining the same power output.

The deceleration enricher circuit in the MikuniTM 36mm carburetor facilitates seamless throttle response during engine acceleration and deceleration. A six-liter air tank delivers the air for it. The left side body cover rapidly detaches for easy access to the air filter.

2022 DR-Z400S Suzuki Dual Sports Bike

An all-new PAIR (air supply) system attached to the exhaust allows the bike to meet emission standards without compromising performance. Magnesium alloy covers for the bike’s clutch, magneto, and cylinder heads help maintain the bike’s weight.

To help keep everything at a constant temperature, a cooling fan controlled by a thermostat is installed next to the left radiator.

Transmission Features

The new clutch maintenance is easier on the compact five-speed gearbox with the help of a cable-operated clutch with a magnesium outer shell.

A sealed O-ring type drive chain requires almost little maintenance and has a very long lifetime, and it also creates virtually no noise while you’re riding.

Chassis Features

The exceptional torsional rigidity of the frame is achieved by the use of lightweight chrome-moly steel tubes, despite the frame’s relatively compact profile. The backbone tube, the front down the line, and the steering head gussets help the dry-sump engine oil tank. Bolts attach a lightweight and easily maintained aluminum sub-frame. A long travel (11.3 inches), 49mm cartridge-style fork with protective rubber boots has adjustable compression/rebound damping and spring preload for supple operation on various on- and off-road surfaces.

There is a progressive linkage system that connects the rear shock absorbers 11.6 inches of travel, compression damping/preload settings, and a lightweight aluminum swing arm.

Day of the Spoke The wheels are designed to accommodate popular dual sport tires and are rim-lock-ready for use with more aggressive tread patterns. For reliable stopping power, both the front and rear disc brakes are 250 millimeters in diameter and are equipped with a single-piston caliper.

Specially designed mirrors that rotate in the case of a collision. A bag holding the bike’s toolkit, owner’s manual, and other necessities may be found on the rear bumper.

2022 DR-Z400S Suzuki Dual Sports Bike

The outside of the car is gray and black with bold black, silver, and yellow designs.

Electrical Features

The electric start system is simple to use and includes a lightweight starting motor and a tiny, maintenance-free battery with a capacity of 6.5 amps. The compact digital instrument cluster contains a speedometer, odometer, and dual trip meters with addition/subtraction capabilities, a clock, a timer, and a stopwatch.

A bright 60/55 watt H4 halogen headlight, a modest tail/stoplight, lightweight turn signals mounted on rubber, and a loud horn make up the vehicle’s legally required on-road lighting.

2022 DR-Z400S Suzuki Dual Sports Bike

Additional Features

Genuine Suzuki add-ons include low-rise seats, a rack to carry gear, handguards, and more. The 12-month warranty is on parts alone, and the Suzuki Extended Protection Plan offers coverage for more prolonged periods slides other benefits (SEP).

2022 DR-Z400S Suzuki Dual Sports Bike – Price

The new 2022 DR-Z400S Suzuki Dual Sports Bike is available for $6,999 only.

2022 DR-Z400S Suzuki Dual Sports Bike – Technical Specifications


Engine 398cc, liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, single-cylinder, DOHC
Bore x Stroke Measurement 90mm x 62.6mm (3.54-inch x 2.44-inch)
Compression Ratios 11.3:1
Fuel System Mikuni BSR36 with a single carburetor
Starter Electric
Lubrication Semi-dry sump


Clutch Wet multi-plate
Transmission 5-speed constant mesh
Final Drive Chain, RK520KZ0, 112 links


Suspension Front All-new Telescopic, oil-damped, coil spring, adjustable damping force
Suspension Rear All-new Link type, oil damped, coil spring, adjustable spring preload, and damping force
Brakes Front Disc brake, single rotor
Brakes Rear Disc brake, single rotor
Tires Front 80/100-21 M/C 51P, tube type
Tires Rear 120/90-18 M/C 65P, tube type
Fuel Tank Capacity 10 Liters (2.6 US gal.) / 9.5 Liters (2.5 US gal.) CA model
Color Solid Iron Gray & Solid Black

2022 DR-Z400S Suzuki Dual Sports Bike


Ignition Electronic ignition (CDI)
Spark Plug NGK CR8E or DENSO U24ESR-N
Headlight 12V 60/55W (H4)
Tail Light 12V 21/5W


Overall Length 2310 mm (90.9 in.)
Overall Width 875 mm (34.4 in.)
Overall Height 1230 mm (48.4 in.)
Wheelbase 1485 mm (58.5 in.)
Ground Clearance 300 mm (11.8 in.)
Seat Height 935 mm (36.8 in.)
Curb Weight 144 kg (317 lb.)


Warranty 12-month limited warranty.
Extension More extended coverage periods with other benefits are available through Suzuki Extended Protection (SEP)

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