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Top Ten Best Street Bikes of 2019

For the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturer, the 2019 model year looks to be another significant one. While some are expecting the next 12 months to be a transitional period before the introduction of brand new products in 2020 (the new Honda CBR1000RR/V4 superbike, anyone?), there will be a ton of street bikes that can be yours. I will make a purchase decision. All the more difficult. Here is a list of the Top Ten Best Street Bikes of 2019 after reviewing our first looks from the second half of 2018. Some of the items on this list may surprise you.

Top Ten Best Street Bikes of 2019 – Top Rated

Aprilia RSV4 1100

Top Ten Best Street Bikes of 2019

You guys are also very excited about this new superbike, judging by the feedback we received when we posted this first look back in November. Here at Cycle News, the RSV4 has long been one of our favorite superbikes, but this one will be slightly different. Despite the smaller engine, Aprilia claims its unusual V4 has 217 horsepower, three more than the Ducati Panigale V4S’s 1103 cubic centimeter power.

Ohlins suspension, Brembo Stylema brakes, and updated electronics in the Aprilia Performance Ride Control system—already among the best electronics suites available for a standard superbike—will be added to 1100.

KTM 790 Adventure

Top Ten Best Street Bikes of 2019

When we initially learned about its concept, we immediately recognized the potential of the 790 Adventure. A KTM development rider, Quinn Cody, told me that more riders are discovering the thrill of off-roading and don’t need 1090 underneath them to do it. It has only increased expectations for a bike KTM feels is sure to become their best-selling ADV weapon.

The 790 Adventure will be available in two versions: the standard 790 and the 790 Adventure R. Both versions will be powered by the same 799cc parallel-twin engine, which produces around 95 horsepower. The base model will feature WP’s 43mm APEX Open Cartridge upside-down fork and WP APEX shock, while the Adventure R will feature WP’s heavy-duty 48mm XPLOR shock.

BMW S 1000 RR

Top Ten Best Street Bikes of 2019

Next year will be the first complete overhaul of the S 1000 RR since its launch in 2010. An astonishing nine-year run for a platform with only the occasional update shows how brilliant the original S 1000 RR was.

But everything from BMW is brand new for 2019. They are also severe. They claim that the motor in their new superbike, which uses BMW ShiftCam variable valve timing technology to vary valve timing and valve stroke on the intake side, produces 207 horsepower and 83 lb-ft of torque. Will do. Additionally, the system includes an all-new chassis and electronics system, weighing in at 434 lbs and ready to ride.

Indian FTR 1200

Top Ten Best Street Bikes of 2019

It’s beyond incredible how the Indian has destroyed the AMA Flat Track Championship in the last two years. Now that Mees and company have destroyed their Milwaukee-based competitors, it’s our turn to find out what all the excitement is about.

Not at all. The FTR 1200 is a beautiful tribute to the man and machine that now appears to hold the GNC number one plate, although it is no longer Mees’ championship weapon.

Even before I had a chance to ride it, the FTR 1200 was the first Indian I could realistically imagine buying. Indian, a Dark Horse-built bagger/cruiser, is my favorite product in the United States.

Suzuki Katana

Top Ten Best Street Bikes of 2019

Okay, so it’s not a 2019 model, but Suzuki has said the new Katana would be introduced in the summer of 2019 as a 2020 model, so I’ll take it now.

I have a bit of a quibble with the katana. I raced one of the original 1100 Katanas in Australia, which was bored to 1170cc with 150 horsepower at the tires, modern suspension, and 17-inch slicks. It was fantastic. So, I have high expectations for the new Kate. This legendary brand of sportbikes will be released and based heavily on the GSX-S1000, itself based on the 2005 GSX-R1000, one of Suzuki’s biggest superbikes.

Moto Guzzi V85 TT

Top Ten Best Street Bikes of 2019

When I first saw the V85 TT, I believed MG had gone mad. However, as soon as I thought about the Stelvio (remember that monster?), the V85 TT stopped sounding ridiculous.

Then, last week, I saw one at Piaggio headquarters in Costa Mesa. One of the most confusing motorcycles I’ve seen in a while is the V85. Although ugly, it has good shape. Boring, but with a personality that brings room to life. I can’t solve the problem.

The more I think about it, though, the more I like it. At first, I thought the yellow paint was ugly, but it looks fantastic in metal when paired with the red tubular steel chassis.

Ducati Diavel 1260

Top Ten Best Street Bikes of 2019

It is undoubtedly the most unusual and un-Ducati Ducati that Ducati makes now.

I remember it originally debuted in 2011. It was a breakthrough. No motorcycle I’ve ever ridden had a rear tire with 240 parts, and none went as well as the Deville. Deville’s main flaw was that it didn’t understand its target market. Cruisers and vice versa sport bikes abound. It’s undeniable that the Diavel belongs in the Ducati lineup, so for 2019, the Bologna brothers gave their most giant brute the same engine as the Multistrada: the 1262cc Testastretta DVT (Desmodromic Variable Time) engine with 159 hp and torque.

Kawasaki Z400

Top Ten Best Street Bikes of 2019

I love the Kawasaki Ninja 400 motorcycle. However, I prefer naked bikes (after all, I own a 2015 KTM Super Duke). So, when Kawasaki responded to the global clamor for a small naked bike based on its Ninja 400 sportbike, it was a good day.

The Ninja 400 is very popular because it is a bike everyone can ride and enjoy. While the Ninja is the most comfortable sub-600cc sportbike on the market, the Z400 aims to make that fun a little more accessible daily. The naked bike game is getting better every year.

Honda CB500X

Top Ten Best Street Bikes of 2019

The 500X is close to being a proper, lightweight ADV bike. The bike’s charming little 471cc parallel-twin engine, 19-inch front wheel, good road tires that will go somewhat off-road, and a decent 5.3 inches of suspension travel help it reach places that would otherwise seem impossible: front and 5.9 inches rear.

No one is fooling themselves into believing that the CB500X will win any ADV shootout this coming season, but that’s not the goal. The 500X serves as a starting point for light ADV riding, which should appeal to riders who have been thinking about trying it or have never considered it.

Yamaha YZF-R3

Top Ten Best Street Bikes of 2019

Yamaha decided against going in the direction many wanted and increased the displacement of the YZF-321cc R3 to 399cc capacity, which challenges the Kawasaki Ninja 400, but that doesn’t mean trying out a new bike. It still shouldn’t be enjoyable.

Yamaha has given the new R3 a facelift for 2019, with improved suspension in the 37mm KYB fork and triple clamp, a new gas tank, and a redesigned riding position with a new tank and handlebar. Dash, new LED lights, and Dunlop tires. Finish the picture.

Yamaha has made the R3 look remarkably similar to the R6 and R1, which fosters important brand loyalty manufacturers seek.

Top Ten Best Street Bikes of 2019 – Top List

Sr. # Top Ten Best Street Bikes of 2019
1 Aprilia RSV4 1100
2 KTM 790 Adventure
3 BMW S 1000 RR
4 Indian FTR 1200
5 Suzuki Katana
6 Moto Guzzi V85 TT
7 Ducati Diavel 1260
8 Kawasaki Z400
9 Honda CB500X
10 Yamaha YZF-R3

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