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2022 BMW C 400 X Scooter Review Specs

Be impulsive. Explore urban areas once again. While moving, staying connected. The updated Ride by Wire 2022 BMW C 400 X Scooter. A mode of transportation plus. Thanks to optional BMW Motored Connectivity, you can dominate city traffic while listening to your audio. Your city is your field of play. You have been “Plugged to Life.”

2022 BMW C 400 X Scooter – Features and Price

2022 BMW C 400 X Scooter

Choose your color

The 2022 BMW C 400 X Scooter exudes a sense of sporting personality. The numerous color options also reflect this. Jarring or understated? Which color option are you choosing?

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Style Sport with Black Storm Metallic 2/Racing Blue Metallic Matte Paintwork; this vehicle is nimble, quick, and agile. Silver Storm Black 2 The primary color is excellent and vibrant, with a matching black and grey seat. Metallic granite gray subtle clarity: The athletic design is highlighted by the granite grey metallic finish.

Agile and with a strong character

The 2022 BMW C 400 X Scooter is agile thanks to its design. Narrow lanes, heavy traffic? The trim panel components’ proposed V-shape gives every line vitality and agility, giving the impression that the scooter is light and elegant.

With its lofty proportions, provocative front-wheel cover, sizable, asymmetric headlights with full-LED technology, and an optional horizontal, Y-shaped LED daytime riding light, the vehicle’s strong GS history is evident everywhere.

2022 BMW C 400 X Scooter


Enhanced ASC ensures stable traction on slick or rainy road conditions. An athletic windshield shields you from the weather while you go through metropolitan areas. Single-cylinder internal combustion motor fulfills the Euro 5 criteria and has no trouble driving in any alley.

LED headlights with a riding light for the day the optional, Y-shaped daytime riding light makes the front end seem sportier and is reminiscent of GS models. There is a USB charging port in the storage area. It ensures that the smartphone has enough power, ensuring you never run out of battery in a city.

BMW Motorcycle integration with many controllers. Making phone calls, playing music, and using GPS are all options. The smartphone and scooter are connected. Utilize the multi-controller on the handlebars to operate features.

You are riding the wire. The new Ride provides a better and smoother throttle response with Wire electromotive throttle controller. Flex case with better illumination. When parked, enjoy a ton of storage space that is wonderfully lit from the top.

Relaxed trips

Are you commuting in a busy city stressful? Not you; you will see your urban surroundings from a fresh angle with the 2022 BMW C 400 X Scooter. Vibration-free, stable ride on the straight and in the turns.

Dry road surface? ASC optimization ensures enough traction and improved power transfer. After work gathering with friends? When parked, the Flex case may be stretched to provide you with plenty of storage space. Helmets and gloves are conveniently stored. Do you want to leave again on your own? Simply climb up. The key may remain in your pocket if Keyless Ride is chosen as an option.

2022 BMW C 400 X Scooter

Networked mobility

You, your smartphone, and your 2022 BMW C 400 X Scooter. You all operate as a team thanks to the furthermore accessible BMW Motored Connectivity. What music is appropriate for traveling around cities? When you’re on the go, do you ask your buddies where they are? What is the shortest way to the meeting place? Choose and quicken. Utilize the multi-controller for simple access to all features. While moving about, you remain #PluggedToLife.

Made for urban environments

Quick maneuvering. Swift at intersections. Gliding in motion. The 2022 BMW C 400 X Scooter’s single-cylinder combustion engine was designed for metropolitan areas. Thanks to the innovative Ride by Wire electromotive throttle controller, it always responds with excellence.

Even at low speeds, it reacts to riders twisting the throttle lever smoothly. As soon as the traffic lights turn green, you start moving. The engine complies with the latest Euro 5 requirements while enjoying straightforward riding.

Equipped for you

Now it’s up to you to customize the 2022 BMW C 400 X Scooter with a wide range of extra features and genuine BMW Motored optional accessories. We recommend that you allow yourself to be inspired.

2022 BMW C 400 X Scooter

Sufficient Storage Space – Black Collection

Carry everything you need with you: the new Black Collection bags provide you with the room you need. They may be expanded or deflated for storage, and they are waterproof. Additionally, the redesigned bags now suit a variety of BMW Motored vehicles for the first time.

2022 BMW C 400 X Scooter – Technical Specifications


Type Water-cooled, four-stroke engine featuring four valves-per-cylinder, single-cylinder, overhead camshaft with rocker, and wet-sump lubrication
Bore x stroke 80 mm x 69.6 mm
Capacity 350 cc
Rated output 25 kW (34 PS) at 7,500 rpm
Max. torque 35 Nm at 5,750 rpm
Compression ratio 11.5: 1
Mixture control Electronic intake pipe fuel injection/digital engine management: BMS-ME with e-throttle grip
Emission control The closed-loop 3-way catalytic converter compliant with EU-5 emission standards

Performance / fuel consumption

Max. speed 139 km/h
Fuel consumption/100 km based on WMTC 3.5 l
CO2 emissions, according to WMTC 81 g/km
Fuel type Unleaded petrol (RON 95/90 AKI, max. 15% ethanol, E15); country-specific activation of OE 639 (RON 91, max. 15% ethanol, E15)

Electrical system

Alternator Permanent magnet generator with 316 W
Battery 12 V / 9 Ah, maintenance-free

2022 BMW C 400 X Scooter

Power transmission

Clutch Centrifugal dry clutch
Gearbox Stepless CVT gearbox
Drive Two-step spur gearing


Frame Steel tube construction with aluminum die-cast unit
Front-wheel location/suspension Telescopic fork with 35 mm diameter
Rear wheel location/suspension Double aluminum swingarm, adjustable preload, double spring struts
Suspension travel, front/rear 110mm / 112mm
Wheelbase 1,565 mm
Castor 81 mm
Steering head angle 63.6°
Wheels Aluminum cast wheels
Rim, front 3.50 x 15“
Rim, rear 4.25 x 14“
Tyre, front 120/70 R15
Tyre, rear 150/70 R14
Brake, front Double disc brake, rigid, diameter 265 mm, 4-piston calipers
Brake, rear Single disc brake, diameter 265 mm, 1-piston floating caliper
ABS BMW Motorrad ABS

Dimensions / weights

Seat height 775 mm
Inner leg curve 1,762 mm
Usable tank volume 12.8 l
Reserve 3 l
Length (over mark carrier) 2,210 mm
Height (over windshield, at unladen weight) 1,305 mm
Width (incl. mirrors) 835 mm
Unladen weight, road ready, fully fuelled 206 kg (dry weight: 195 kg)
Permitted total weight 405 kg
Payload (with standard equipment) 199 kg

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