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2021 Zero SR/S Deus X Electric Bike Review Specs

It is the first wholly customized Zero Motorcycles SR/S. Since its debut in February, the new 2021 Zero SR/S Deus X Electric Bike has received high praise for its improved design and a wider variety of features compared to the Zero SR/F. With this build, Michael “Woolie” Woolaway, a legendary custom fabricator, has completed his last Deus motorbike. Zero Motorcycles and Deus ex Machine have collaborated to produce the first wholly customized Zero Motorcycles SR/S.

2021 Zero SR/S Deus X Electric Bike – Features and Price

2021 Zero SR/S Deus X Electric Bike

SR/S Technology

The revolutionary aesthetic of the SR/S is founded in its all-new aerodynamic fairing, which draws inspiration from cutting-edge aerospace design. Form follows function at Zero Motorcycles. While comparing the SR/S to its award-winning sister, the SR/F, you’ll see a 13 percent increase in highway economy and range when leaning into the cockpit and getting behind the fairing. One will be shocked at how much better it feels to ride with his shoulders back and one’s back straight.

Elevated Design

SR/full-fairing S’s design draws attention to the passing lane and the parking lot alike. Wrapped tightly around the bike’s trellis frame, it encloses a forward-leaning rider in the cockpit for optimal aerodynamic efficiency and boosts overall range by 13% over the naked SR/F.

2021 Zero SR/S Deus X Electric Bike

Premium Comfort

Riders of the new SR/S will experience a more upright and relaxing riding posture due to the lower foot position and higher handlebar height. Ergonomically designed for two-up riding, its lower pegs and broader sitting space provide a comfortable experience for everybody on board. As a result, the journey becomes even more luxurious.

Effortless Power

In combination with the optional Power Tank, the SR/ZF14.4 S’s lithium-ion battery provides a maximum range of 200 miles. An aluminum heat-sink casing and thermal transfer interface work together to offer constant cell cooling and optimal long-term powertrain performance thanks to the battery’s outstanding power and energy density.

With 140 ft-lb of torque and 110 horsepower from the ZF75-10 powertrain, the SR/S can reach 124 mph with ease. Class-leading performance and efficiency are achieved by combining Zero’s acclaimed internal permanent magnet brushless architecture with a passively air-cooled compact design.

2021 Zero SR/S Deus X Electric Bike

When using a regular Level 2 charging station, our scalable Rapid Charge System may be set up to charge the bike using 3, 6, 9, or 12-watts of power.* The SR/S Rapid Charge System can recharge the battery pack to 95 percent capacity in one hour at 3 kW, 76 kW, and 12 kW, respectively, with a range of 38 miles per hour of charging (mph).

To provide continuous drive-belt tension and maximum torque distribution to the rear wheel, a novel concentric motor and swingarm pivot design are necessary. Custom-designed large-bearing swing arm pivots enable the high-performance motor to fit in a tight chassis waist while enhancing rider ergonomics and bike handling.

Zero’s proprietary operating system, Cypher III, serves as a central hub for connecting the motorcycle’s many functions. It consistently and flawlessly offers accurate performance for a better riding experience.

Effortless Control

An extensive array of riding modes, accessible through a simple next-generation software and dash interface, come standard on the SR/S. With Street, Sport, Eco, Rain, and up to 10 customizable custom modes, the SR/S navigates the road no matter the weather.

Because of Bosch’s MSC System’s dynamic acceleration and enhanced stability, the SR/S performs well on any road surface. For best-in-class straight-line ABS cornering, traction control, and drag torque control, combine the MSC with Cypher III, and the MSC’s full powers will be released.

Incredibly light

Extremely powerful. Steel-trellis frame, unique swing arm and Showa suspension provide an agile and intuitive ride. To keep the weight down and the bulk in the vehicle’s center, the power plant is distributed correctly and the front brakes have a dual-radial design.

2021 Zero SR/S Deus X Electric Bike

Effortless Connection

Customize your dashboard. The 5″ TFT LCD in full color allows you to choose the bike information you need to view easily. On-the-fly riding mode switching, cruise control, heated-grip control, and a slew of other features are all possible with multi-mode navigation.

The SR/S is always linked to the app through cellular networks and transmits data. There is always access to ride information, including the bike’s current state and position. Ride data sharing, battery charging, and system upgrades and updates are all made possible via this connection.

2021 Zero SR/S Deus X Electric Bike – Technical Specifications

Specs \ Features Standard Premium


City 161 miles (259 km)
Highway 99 miles (159 km)


Peak torque 140 ft-lb (190 Nm)
Peak power 110 hp (82 kW) @ 5,000 rpm
Top speed (max) 124 mph (200 km/h)
Top speed (sustained) 110 mph (177 km/h)
Type Z-Force 75-10 enhanced thermal efficiency, passively air-cooled, interior permanent magnet AC motor
Controller High efficiency and power-dense, 900 Amp, 3-phase AC controller with regenerative deceleration


Powerpack Z-Force® Li-Ion intelligent integrated
Max capacity 14.4 kWh
Nominal capacity 12.6 kWh
Charger type 3.0 kW, integrated 6.0 kW, integrated
Charge time (standard) 4.5 hours (100% charged) / 4.0 hours (95% charged) 2.5 hours (100% charged) / 2.0 hours (95% charged)
With 6 kW Rapid Charge option 1.8 hours (100% charged) / 1.3 hours (95% charged) 1.5 hours (100% charged) / 1.0 hour (95% charged)
With EVSE cord and standard outlet 8.5 hours (100% charged) 8.0 hours (95% charged)


Transmission Clutchless direct drive
Final drive 90T / 20T, Poly Chain® HTD® Carbon™ belt

Chassis / Suspension / Brakes

Front suspension Showa 43 mm Big Piston Separate Function forks, having adjustable spring preload, compression, and rebound damping
Rear suspension Showa 40 mm piston, piggy-back reservoir shock having adjustable spring preload, compression, and rebound damping
Front suspension travel 4.72 inches (120mm)
Rear suspension travel 5.51 inches (140mm)
Front brakes Bosch Advanced MSC, dual J-Juan radial 4-piston calipers having a radial master cylinder, 320 x 5mm discs
Rear brakes Bosch Advanced MSC, J-Juan single-piston floating caliper, 240 x 4.5mm disc
Front tire Pirelli Diablo RossoIII120/70-17
Rear tire Pirelli Diablo RossoIII180/55-17
Front-wheel 3.50 x 17
Rear-wheel 5.50 x 17


Wheelbase 57.1 in (1,450 mm)
Seat height 31.0 in (787 mm)
Accessory, low 30.3 in (770 mm)
Accessory, tall 31.9 in (810 mm)
Rake 24.5°
Trail 3.7 in (94 mm)


Curb weight 505 lb (229 kg) 516 lb (234 kg)
Carrying capacity 495 lb (225 kg) 484 lb (220 kg)


Equivalent fuel economy (city) 430 MPGe (0.55 l/100 km)
Equivalent fuel economy (highway) 219 MPGe (1.08 l/100 km)
The typical cost to recharge $1.61


Standard motorcycle warranty Two years
Powerpack warranty Five years/unlimited miles

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