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2021 SH Mode 125 Honda Scooter Review

2021 SH Mode 125 Honda Scooter offers the latest SH version, features a four-valve, water-cooled SOHC engine with styling upgrades, LED headlights, and next-generation improved Smart Architecture Frame (ESAF) and improved Smart Power Plus (ESP +). New wheels have been fitted with fuel-saving tires. A glue box with a USB Type-A plug, extra under-seat storage, and innovative operation are also included in the details.

The enduring popularity of Honda’s SH Scooter Series has made it a brand within a brand that people across Europe have relied on as an integral part of their daily lives since the early launch of the SH50 in 1984.

During this time, the SH family developed and matured, with excellent engine performance and fuel efficiency and active on hard roads, undoubtedly due to handling and comfortable stability since its inception. A total of one million units have been sold so far—16 inch wheels.

The SH Mode 125, which has been on the market in Europe since 2014, has expanded the SH family’s appeal to younger audiences. With on-trend aesthetics, confidence, impressive performance, and cheap racing costs. The bike has proven to be an intelligent scooter in every way.

A brand new SH mode 125 for 2021 is designed to meet the changing goals, aspirations and expectations of a growing audience of young Honda riders.

2021 SH Mode 125 Honda Scooter – Features

2021 SH Mode 125 Honda Scooter

Styling and Equipment

2021 SH Mode 125 Honda Scooter update enhances the elegance and appeal of the SH Mode 125; the crisp LED headlamp enhances the road appearance while the practical improvement has not been forgotten. The flat floor of an SH Hallmark with a built-in hook to hold a shopping bag between the knees is extended 10 mm, increasing the legroom. The seat height is still a very reasonable 765mm.

A glove box on the left now includes a USB Type-A connector for charging the smartphone. The volume of the under-seat storage compartment increases from 0.5L to 18.5L, and luggage hooks are added for load security.

An intelligent key has also been added to the SH Mode 125. When pocketed, it controls ignition and seat locking providing absolute ease in a busy metropolitan lifestyle.

2021 SH Mode 125 Honda Scooter

The meter panel is designed to display all relevant information instantly. In the center is a sizeable dial-shaped speedometer surrounded by an Idling Stop signal and a turn signal warning light. The fuel gauge is in the center while the odometer, trip meter, and clock are all included in the main LCD. Buttons control the information presented.

The primary stand is carefully placed in a contact area suitable for the rider’s feet on the ground making it easier to operate. A side stand is also included as standard equipment. Passengers are not forgotten either. They cover a large area and fold footplates and grub rails built into large diecast aluminum racks.


2021 SH Mode 125 Honda Scooter improved Smart Power Plus (ESP +) four-valve, water-cooled SOHC engine produces 8.4kW at 8,500rpm and 12.1Nm at 5,000rpm. Bore and stroke dimensions are 53.5 x 55.5mm, and the compression ratio is 11.5: 1.

The development goal was to enhance and refine the previous design formula to build an engine with a well-balanced easy-to-use power delivery that delivers flat, linear torque from low rpm – to urban areas and different rides. With ideal experience for riders and better engine fuel efficiency of about 50km / l (WMTC mode) and with new tires and a 5.5L tank, the filling range is about 275km.

2021 SH Mode 125 Honda Scooter

Honda’s ESP low friction technology is prominent throughout the engine. Clever packaging of elements such as oil pumps (included in the crankcase) helps to ensure further performance. The use of small combustion chambers and PGM-FI fuel injection improves combustion speed and cooling efficiency.

An offset cylinder reduces the friction caused by bore contact with the piston, allowing combustion energy to be more efficiently transferred to the crankshaft. A’spiny ‘cast iron sleeve prevents distortion of inner bore diameter with small surface expansion. This design reduces friction by reducing the tension in the piston ring.

A high-performance radiator built into the proper side crankcase uses a small, light fan to reduce friction losses and drag. The use of three low friction main bearings each designed to handle the load received from it reduces the rolling resistance inside the transmission unit. The drive pulley is an art design that reduces wind resistance, and the follower pulley reduces the pressure on the drive belt which reduces transmission losses.

The brushless ACG starter is an integrated component mounted directly on the tip of the crankshaft that acts as both a starting motor and a replacement. It rotates the engine, eliminating noise caused by gear engagement or meshing.

2021 SH Mode 125 Honda Scooter

When the scooter is stopped and braked, the idling stop automatically prevents the engine from working after idle for three seconds and immediately restarts it when the throttle grip is turned. Easy to operate thanks to the ACG and swing back system, which restores the crank to its pre-air intake position, as well as a decompression mechanism that eliminates crank resistance from compression. It can ‘read’ the battery charge and shut itself off to avoid overcharging. The eSP + engine is fully compatible with EURO5.


The previous model’s tubular steel underbone has been replaced with an upgraded next-generation improved Smart Architecture Frame (eSAF). It is made of pressed steel so it is 8% lighter due to the carefully calibrated hardness balance. It has the best sense of handling, as well as better durability, the comfort of ride and longevity. ۔

The rack is set at 26 ° 30 ‘ with a tail of 69.5mm and a wheelbase of 1,305mm (from 27 °, 68mm, and 1305mm). Overall dimensions are small: 1950mm x 670mm x 1100mm (LxWxH) with 150mm ground clearance. With a curb weight of 118kg, the Total Impact is an exceptionally agile and user-friendly city scooter.

2021 SH Mode 125 Honda Scooter

The telescopic forks have 89mm travel, while the rear suspension has 75mm travel and a 5-stage adjustable spring preload. The new 16-inch cast-aluminum front wheel accepts 80 / 90-16 tires while the 14-inch rear wheel accepts 100 / 90-14 tires. Both tires are new and engineered to minimize drag and increase fuel efficiency by 4%.

The 220mm, hydraulic disc brakes on the front are attached to the rear 130mm drum via CBS which ensures smooth and evenly distributed braking force, including complex and emergency stops.

2021 SH Mode 125 Honda Scooter

2021 SH Mode 125 Honda Scooter – Technical Specifications


Type Liquid-cooled, 4-stroke SOHC
Engine Displacement (cm³) 125 cc
No. of Valves per Cylinder 4
Bore x Stroke (mm) 53.5 x 55.5mm
Compression Ratio 11.5:1
Max. Power Output 8.4kW@ 8,500rpm
Max. Torque 12.1Nm @ 5,000rpm
Oil Capacity 0.9L

Fuel System

Carburation PGM-FI electronic fuel injection
Fuel Tank Capacity 5.5L
Fuel Consumption 50km/litre

Electrical System

Starter Electric
Battery Capacity 12V7Ah
ACG Output 570w/5,000rpm


Clutch Type Automatic; centrifugal
Transmission Type CVT
Final Drive V-Belt


Type Tubular Steel Underbone


Dimensions (LxWxH) 1950mm x 670mm x 1100mm
Wheelbase 1,305mm
Caster Angle 26° 30’
Trail 69.5mm
Seat Height 765mm
Ground Clearance 150mm
Kerb Weight 118kg
Turning radius 1.97m


Type Front Telescopic 33mm – 89mm travel
Type Rear Dual-damper unit swing arm. 5 stage adjustment


Rim Size Front 16M/C x MT2.50
Rim Size Rear 14M/C x MT2.75
Tyres Front 80/90-16 inch
Tyres Rear 100/90-14inch


System Type CBS

Instruments & Electrics

Instruments Honda Smart Key, USB charger
Headlight LED
Taillight Bulb

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