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2021 PCX150 ABS Honda Scooter Review Specs Price

The new 2021 PCX150 ABS Honda Scooter is the perfect solution for those riders who are looking for an ideal transportation ride. In addition, the rider can park it anywhere he wants, easily zip through narrow paths and it is highly affordable. The rider will get all the above features with Honda engineering and quality.

The new 2021 PCX150 ABS Honda Scooter is better than the previous 2020 PCX150 because the Honda brand has introduced several updates in it. The PCX has got an all-new and larger engine strong frame structure and wrapped it all in some tasty new styling. The engine features are four-valve design that makes it cleaner and highly economical.

2021 PCX150 ABS Honda Scooter – Features and Price

2021 PCX150 ABS Honda Scooter

Engine and Drive Train

The new 2021 PCX150 ABS Honda Scooter comes with a larger cylinder bore of 60mm and a shorter stroke of 55.5mm resulting in 157cc displacement. The new engine is not only freeway-capable but the short-stroke reduces sliding friction and enhances compression ratio for better power. Additionally, the engine features a four-valve layout, improving intake and exhaust efficiencies for more power output.

The inlet system has been entirely redesigned and comes with a higher capacity of 4.9-liter air cleaner while the throttle body diameter increased from 26mm to 28mm for better efficiency. The exhaust system has been entirely redesigned, with the catalyzer repositioned for cleaner exhaust gases, allowing good power while protecting the environment.

The low-friction Honda V-Matic automatic transmission offers smooth and predictable acceleration while bolstering fuel efficiency. The overall layout of the crankshaft has been redesigned to be robust, and roller bearing was adopted, lowering the crankshaft flex generated by inertial force and combustion energy at high rpm. It results in low vibration and noise.

The piston-cooling oil jets technology has been used, which was used in high-performance models like the Honda CRF450R motocrosser. All-new engine oil is sprayed on the underside of the piston, helping maintain temperature and preventing knocking while enabling ignition timing advance for better power output.

The number of friction-minimizing technologies improves engine efficiency, i.e., a new hydraulic lifter operates the cum-chain-tensioner so that the tensioner lowers the chain vibration and mechanical noses while increasing fuel efficiency. The HSTC has been added for more excellent safety in a situation with limited traction and it monitors wheel-speed sensors and throttle opening. At the same time, the slip is detected, intervenes by limiting engine torque. An indicator on the meter informs the scooter rider that HSTC is employed. In addition, it can be turned off as well.

The diameter of the brand new pulley has been increased, and its shape optimized, resulting in a reduction of friction and notice.

2021 PCX150 ABS Honda Scooter

The clutch shape has been altered, and the transmission shaft upsized, enhancing the clutch’s vibration characteristics for smoother acceleration from stops. The PCX Honda engine has friction-reducing features like a roller rocker arm, an offset cylinder sleeve, and a double-cog belt.

Design and Styling

The new 2021 PCX150 ABS Honda Scooter has intelligent LED technology to ensure all lighting. The headlights are now mounted in a horizontal line for low and high beams, producing a line that flows to the rear section of the bike. The taillight design features the three-dimensional effect while still retaining the X shape that distinguished the previous 2020 Honda PCX150 model.

The scooter comes with a more expansive meter to ensure a high-visibility LCD in the center and displays a more comprehensive range of easily readable information. The new low-battery voltage warning light and V-belt replacement time indicators have been added along with the standard fuel-consumption readout, speedometer, odometer, fuel gauge, and trip meter. The meter shape matches the overall design’s relaxing image and the three-dimensional bezel structure appearance even when the meter is not lit.

The most recognizable feature of the new 2021 PCX150 ABS Honda Scooter is its chrome handlebar, but the clamp cover has been entirely restyled with a square shape to match the motorcycle design. The engine cover has been redesigned to fit the scooter’s design lines. In contrast, the handy under-seat storage compartment has been redesigned for a two-liter increase in the volume of 30 liters, offering plenty of storage capacity to store a full-face helmet.

The front section storage compartment is now easier to access from the seated position, while the compartment features a USB-C socket for charging electronic devices like smartphones. It has sufficient space to store a plastic bottle in it. Additionally, the fuel tank door was added and its underside includes a convenient holder in which the fuel cap can be placed when refueling.

The brand new rubber-mounted handlebar holder minimizes vibration and hence improves hand comfort. The footrest area was prolonged forward and outboard by 30mm each, resulting in a riding position adaptable to rides of differing body sizes.

Chassis/ Suspension

The new 2021 PCX150 ABS Honda Scooter features updated styling with significant changes aimed at lowering weight, improving handling and enhancing the comfort for which the scooter was famous.

The simplified frame gives an extremely comfortable ride and fantastic cornering performance by optimally balancing weight reduction and rigidity. With the help of CAE analysis, engineers optimized pipe diameter, material selection, thickness, and joint locations. The changes resulted in a reduction of weight for over a tenth of a pound helping vehicle handling and maneuverability.

An all-new and entirely reshaped rear grab rail comes with new thickness to ensure better passenger handgrip and low weight of just 0.44 pounds. By reducing the weight of components that are attached far from the scooter’s core engineering further centralizes mass for better handling and maneuverability.

2021 PCX150 ABS Honda Scooter

The brand new aluminum wheels have been completed redesigned with five Y-shaped spokes for optimum rigidity balance, contributing to a safe, comfortable and smooth ride. The tires have been redesigned with a broader profile i.e., 100/80-14 in front and 120/70-14 in the rear, and an increased air volume helps in good linear handling performance and comfortable ride. On the other hand, strong brakes front and back deliver powerful and controlled stopping performance and one-channel ABS is available as a standard feature. Furthermore, the rear-wheel travel has been extended by 0.4 inches to 3.7 inches for the more excellent rides on rough roads. The sizeable 2.1-gallon fuel tank is positioned under the floorboard, which helps in a low center of gravity and better riding traits.

2021 PCX150 ABS Honda Scooter – Price

The new 2021 PCX150 ABS Honda Scooter is available at $3,799 only.

2021 PCX150 ABS Honda Scooter – Technical Specifications


Type 156.9cc, liquid-cooled, 80-degree single-cylinder, four-stroke
Bore and Stroke 60 mm x 55.5 mm
Induction PGM-FI; 28 mm throttle body
Ignition Full transistorized ignition
Compression Ratio 12.0:1
Valve Train SOHC; four valves

Drive Train

Transmission Automatic V-Matic belt drive

Chassis Suspension Brakes

Front Suspension 31 mm of a telescopic fork; 3.94 inches of wheel travel
Rear Suspension Twin shocks; 3.72 inches of wheel travel
Front Brake Hydraulic with single 220 mm disc and CBS
Rear Brake Mechanical with single 130 mm drum and CBS
Front Tire 110/70-14
Rear Tire 130/70-13


Rake (Caster Angle) 26° 30′
Trail 3.1 inches
Seat Height 30.1 inches
Wheelbase 51.7 inches
Curb Weight 288 pounds
Fuel Capacity 2.1 gallons


Model ID PCX150
Available Colors Pearl White

Factory Warranty Information

One Year Included Transferable, unlimited-mileage limited warranty
Optional Extended coverage available with a HondaCare Protection Plan®

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